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by Robin Mathews

some strange similarities.

A few surprises come out of the Thomas Braidwood Inquiry Report (just
released) on the death of Robert Dziekanski at the Vancouver, B.C.,
International Airport in 2007. The first surprise is that Mr.
Justice Braidwood appears to have done a good and honest job.

That is not what one expects from B.C. government (Gordon Campbell)
appointed Inquiries, Reviews, Task Forces. (see below - the Special
Prosecutor Review sham).

There are similarities – already shaping – between the Dziekanski
Affair and the BC Rail Scandal (and the case against Dave Basi, Bob
Virk, and Aneal Basi arising out of the larger Scandal). We will
look at them.

“Cover-up” people have jumped on the Braidwood Report to show how
clean and pure and righteous they are. Take Attorney General Michael
de Jong who refuses to act on the scummy reputation of the Special
Prosecutor appointment system (because it so useful to the Campbell
group?) And he refuses even to discuss the wrongful appointment of
William Berardino as Special Prosecutor in the huge BC Rail Scandal
and particularly the case – arising out of it - against three order-
in-council appointed aides, now before the courts.

And then Michael de Jong (almost no one looking) appointed – in
conflict of interest I insist – Stephen Owen, a UBC vice-president,
to look at the Special Prosecutor system, both men already saying
there really isn’t much that’s wrong to look at (!). Stephen Owen
being the man in charge for UBC of good relations with governments is
asked to (if necessary) chastise the Gordon Campbell group for
wrongful governing. Fat chance.

Now de Jong wants to look like an angel of light bringing reform to
British Columbia – because he is under the gun and can’t do anything

The appointment of Richard Peck as Special Prosecutor in the case of
the RCMP officers who confronted Robert Dziekanski MAY BE a good
choice. Richard Peck (rightly) refused - not long ago - to bend to
the wishes of then Attorney General Wally Oppal and begin a trial
against the alleged Bountiful bigamists. To show his contempt,
apparently, for the Special Prosecutor process, Oppal went on
shopping for a supine lawyer to prosecute the Bountiful people – and
found one, it seems, in Terence Robinson. Oppal’s little game was
only stopped in court when Madam Justice Stromberg Stein halted the
whole thing as wrongfully initiated. Expensive.

That sparked the present civil case against Wally Oppal.

But Attorney General Michael de Jong thinks there is little wrong
with the Special Prosecutor appointment system! And so does Review
appointee Stephen Owen.

Similarities are huge and daunting between the BC Rail Scandal and
the Robert Dziekanski Affair.. The noisemaking of CanWest Press to
obscure real issues floods on. Smoke and mirrors are fuming and
flashing– the CanWest specialty when the big rotten boys are involved.

Ian Mulgrew, law and justice columnist for the Vancouver Sun, weighs
in on the Report by Thomas Braidwood (June 19 2010, A6). Six-shooter
in hand, Mr. Mulgrew leads the posse full force against the four RCMP
officers (still being paid!) who did the dirty deeds against Robert
Dziekanski. Indignation flows from Mr. Mulgrew’s pen. “That these
four officers are still drawing public pay is an absolute disgrace” Wow!

Who does Ian Mulgrew think he’s kidding?

Does anyone think the four RCMP officers could have even tried their
cover-up, their testimony at the Braidwood Inquiry that Thomas
Braidwood rejects almost out-of-hand,
their continued (apparent) attempts to fog the issue - without the
support of senior officers all the way to Ottawa? Does anyone think
the first pack of (alleged) forged stories the four officers told was
not approved of by senior officers?

And didn’t William Elliott, RCMP Commissioner in Ottawa telephone the
men to show his support for them when their actions were shriekingly
in doubt? And didn’t Gordon Campbell cosy up to B.C. Deputy
Commissioner Gary Bass to express his warm sympathy for the force in
the matter while it was still steaming with suspicion?

Mr. Mulgrew doesn’t say Gary Bass, top RCMP officer in British
Columbia should be replaced … now. He doesn’t say the clutch of top
officers around Bass should go with him. He doesn’t say William
Elliott – Stephen Harper’s highly dubious appointment as Commissioner
of the RCMP (national) - has fudged every step of the way – and
should be removed. Now.

He doesn’t say that such randy, inappropriate, and untenable
behaviour as the four men engaged in would NEVER HAVE HAPPENED if
there had been anything like decent administration, supervision, and
expectation by senior officers of the Force.

He doesn’t say that whatever is done to the four RCMP officers will
be meaningless unless senior heads roll all the way to – and
including – Ottawa. He doesn’t say those things, I suggest, because
CanWest is a private corporate giant that works with other private
corporate giants to shape government by corporations in Canada. And
since the top RCMP “boys” are in the pockets of the corporations –
get the little guys, protect the big ones.

Do a Basi, Virk, and Basi on the bad boys of the Dziekanski affair!
Get them. Pretend the way they acted has nothing to do with the rot
above them. Pretend they acted wholly on their own – a bunch of guys
going rancid all on their own. Pretend they never were part of a
rotting organization of cover-up specialists who made the policy that
the actions of the little guys. Pretend. Smoke and mirrors.

Basi, Virk, and Basi – rubbing up against the Big Guys – Martyn
Brown as well as Campbell, Collins, Clark, Reid … cabinet ministers
… somehow, all by themselves, began (it is alleged) to do dirty
things in the corrupt transfer of BC Rail to the CNR. Who believes
that? Who believes they weren’t directed in very much of what they
did? Probably the only person who believes that is the man I call
“Gordon Campbell’s personal representative at the Vancouver Sun”,
Vaughn Palmer.

Another CanWest’er columnist Miro Cernetig wrote the same day that
Gary Bass – this very week – was discovered to have semi-denied the
apology he made publicly to Robert Dziekanski’s mother. The
(internal) e-mail Bass wrote said “we are not apologizing for the
actions of specific members or saying anything about specific actions”.

Miro Cernetig doesn’t say: “That’s the last straw. Gary Bass has
got to go. Out! Out! Get rid of this robot!”

No. No. Being a solid CanWest’er, Mr. Cernetig says, in effect, that
“gosh, gee, that doesn’t look very convincing in the ‘apology’

Why not finish with Vaughn Palmer in the same day’s Vancouver Sun?
What has the Vancouver Sun’s very finest ‘smoke and mirrors
specialist’ got to say?

It’s not on Dziekanski. It’s not on the BC Rail Scandal. It’s the
HST. Furrowing his brow, Mr. Palmer asks where the province can go
for money if it doesn’t tax ordinary people? In effect, he says
‘there just ain’t no money, there ain’t no sources of money. The HST
has to happen. Period. That’s all.” Smoke and mirrors.

We don’t have to talk about the two billion dollars in taxes
corporations will be relieved of in order to ‘make B.C. economically
competitive’ (which means ‘run by the private corporations’). Though
we could talk about that it’s such an obvious boondoggle.

But let’s talk about what Vaughn Palmer pretends doesn’t exist. How
about the one million a year paid to the U.S. import David Hahn, B.C.
Ferries CEO – (and what are his favourites paid?) What about the
obscene salaries paid to BC Rail executives who have almost no
employees? What about the obscene salaries of Campbell favourites
all through the system?

What about the money that should be flowing into General Revenues to
cover governmental needs from a B.C.-owned BC Rail? From a gored and
blasted and castrated and privatized BC Hydro? From a river system
being handed to private corporations urged to gouge ordinary British
Columbians – with legislation set up to help them do so? From a
highly profitable BC Gas chopped up into unrecognizable pieces,
privatized, opened to U.S. takeover … and … gone! Why isn’t Vaughn
Palmer saying: “Get them back! Get the people’s revenue creators
back in the people’s hands?"

Because we know who he is, who pays him. We know who pays him. We
know, as well, that the credibility of the Mainstream Press and Media
is sinking out of sight. And we know the corruption that haunts
British Columbia public business is shielded behind the smoke and
mirrors of the Mainstream Press and Media. That’s why the Dziekanski
Affair is beginning, already, to look like the BC Rail Scandal.

Could the BC public be convinced to walk to work and back (from their cars) carrying a stapler? On masse?

Could all the BC public that is sick of corruption from the top down, the thieves and liars be damned, and carry a stapler? Could this stapler be the symbol we have all been looking for?

Will this stapler be a reason to taser us? Will the heavy hand of the RCMP thugs take you down?
I wonder, when BC Mary returns to her Blog, will she recognize the contents.

Kootcoot, as a Committee, pronounced Com-ma-tee, guided by the rules and regulations of the Public Trustees Office of British Columbia, have you assumed control of BC Mary's blog, illegally?

BC Mary may have sought you out to assist her in her daily "banking" duties, that is to set up this blog account, to assist in maintaining the difficult parts in presentation to the public, which only goes so far as to give you the power, the power attorney.

As a Committee, your power can only be granted by the Public Trustee Office. Power of Attorney only exists while BC Mary is able to discern the difference between a Toonie and Billion dollars; the difference between her published outrage of what the BC Liberals have done to her BC Rail and the BC Liberals failure, their failed promise of being an Open and Transparent Government.

Never have I heard these use of words by BC Mary in one paragraph, let alone side by side to one another: "randy", "untenable".

Will BC Mary recognize her "own" writing or the writings of others. And that's the crux here:

How is BC Mary, without invading her privacy, is BC Mary in good health, is she on the road to recovery, how may we assist her, for its BC Mary's Health that we all wish he enjoys for many years to come.
"BC Mary may have sought you out to assist her in her daily "banking" duties, that is to set up this blog account, to assist in maintaining the difficult parts in presentation to the public, which only goes so far as to give you the power, the power attorney.

As a Committee, your power can only be granted by the Public Trustee Office. Power of Attorney only exists while BC Mary is able to discern the difference between a Toonie and Billion dollars; the difference between her published outrage of what the BC Liberals have done to her BC Rail and the BC Liberals failure, their failed promise of being an Open and Transparent Government.

Should I (or Mary) be expecting to receive a bill for legal advice from Master Snarf Esq.?

".....Never have I heard these use of words by BC Mary in one paragraph, let alone side by side to one another: "randy", "untenable"."

Snarf, as well as giving the appearance of being an asshole, you also give the appearance of being relatively non-observant or stooopid. If you notice the above piece, which you are so critical of, it is written ENTIRELY by Robin Mathews, who is regualarly published on these pages BY MARY herself. I, kootcoot, in the case of Robin's piece didn't even provide an introduction, feeling that the piece speaks for itself, w/o further explanation. If you weren't so retarded, you would have noticed that I give indication when I express MY OWN IDEAS here at the Ledge Raids, by means of and indication that kootcoot had contributed, submitted or otherwise pointing out when the ideas expressed are mine - just as I do when the ideas are from Neal Hall, North Van Grumps, Bill Tieleman and so forth!

But there's no accounting for ignorance and sure as sh*t someone like yourself comes along to prove my point.

I considered, out of consideration for Mary's sensibilities, publishing this piece ONLY over at the House, but then decided that would not be fair to Mary or Robin and seem like I was trying to hog all the good stuff for my own blog.
So until I hear otherwise from Mary, I will continue to try my best to keep the Legislature Raids happening and relevant and do my best to ignore idiots such as your self and derive the amusement which is the only value provided by PAB bots.

If anyone else has issues like Mr. Snarf please feel free to express them by comment, by comment marked "Not For Publication" or by email........

But when all is said and done, I think Snarf is a pretty dumb name, yet somehow very appropriate!

It's difficult enough to try to look after the House, and keep Mary's going here for the moment, but I refuse to suffer ignoramuses gladly, Snarf_U!
she enjoys.....
Its the layout Kootcoot, of how you have presented Robin's contribution to BC Mary's blog. BC Mary has never done it like this. It takes forever to scan on down to her other posts.
Kootcoot, I hadn't noticed this insert provided by you, WAY down at June 15th:

Message to Citizen Journalist from Club 54 (and others) - from kootcoot

Your eyewitness accounts from the courtroom are highly appreciated by BC Mary and all her readers. Mary has some unsual things affecting her life at present and cannot at all times be on top of the Ledge Raids for a temporary period of time. I have agreed to help monitor the blog, moderate comments and such, when I have the opportunity, my plate having other things on it as well.

My apologies to you and to BC Mary.

I wish her well and a strong recovery.
It really amazes me how some fools come to these blogs with their armchair lawyers questions and spout off about things which they know absolutely nothing about.

The Snarf fool is a prime example. And I allege he is just a paid lackey of, either the present dick tater or the wannabe mainstream media.

If people came here to spout off like that and had credible evidence and not innuendo it would make for good discussion.
As a Committee, your power can only be granted by the Public Trustee Office.

I worked at the Public Trustee Office long ago, albeit only in a stenographic capacity. This claim by Snarf seems a wild reach, like so much else he's said. The Public Trustee has no relevance or jurisdiction over blogspace, or over individuals. Ad hoc committees are not subject to its powers; nor are, so far as I am aware, any constituted under the Societies Act......
Back to Mr.Mathews keen observations...,
there has been, for s long time now, a systemic problem within our policing. It ia the job of the federal governement to oversee police corruption, and the will of those who not only live by the law, but, up hold the law!

if the feds don't want the job, then we, MUST, call on the United Nations!!!
Thanks again Robin and Kootkoot. I checked this morning and Richard Peck donated $1000. to Wally Oppal's campaign in 2005. Vaughn Palmer and Less Leyne have both been spouting off in this vein, providing free advertising to their buddies. Strangrly, I am unable to access my account password to comment and they have neglected to send me a temp password. How convenient for them, since I had my list of ways to recover the money all ready. Shame about democracy here...
Snarf (definition) A guy who goes around smelling older women's bicycle seats.
Koot, Robin ...

A million thanks.

Back later,

BC Mary
Thanks for keeping things going kootcoot.

It is very much appreciated.

A powerful piece by Robin....that explains exactly why the spineless msn has no spine.

All the best to you, BC Mary.

And yes, thanks very much, kootcoot, for keeping things going while Mary is away.
Life doesn't always have the best timing, does it? Best wishes with whatever you're dealing with Mary. I hope it's not too terrible because we need you and you deserve nothing but the best. Many thanks to you kootcoot for keeping things going here during such crucial times.
yeah Mary best wishes, we know you're strong and a fighter, and thanks to koot for not letting the heat up on the gangsters known as the BC government....
Great job Koot. Mary, my prayers are with You, and I miss You, your strong spirit is with Us here and @ room 54. xo
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