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Wednesday Morning Update


According to the VLCSCL (Vancouver_Law_Courts_Supreme_Court_List),  for this morning, both Basis and Mr. Virk will be appearing in front of Justice MacKenzie to deal with case 23299 - the legal NON-brief that just could last forever.

Not much can apparently be said (or imagined?) about yesterday's super secret jury absent session. This jury must feel like the understudy to a really healthy and motivated star - they've been seated about half of the sessions since they were empaneled.   However for those interested in seeing how much less than Citizen Journalist from 54 a real professional can say see Neal Hall's scintillating coverage:
The only other item of particular interest to BC Rail cultists was the news that "oh so" Special Prosecutor William Berardino was found faultless and a very "good boy" regarding allegations of conflict of interest because of his donation to Wally Oppal's campaign while serving as SP. The findings were no surprise, just as the fact that the fact that Mr. Berardino was law partner with the sitting AG for many years previously and was partner's with Allan Seckel, the man deciding what requested evidence in this very case is protected by privilege, or not - wasn't even considered as a potential conflict. According to these rules if Gordon Campbell is ever investigated by a Special Prosecutor, may I suggest appointing his mother to the task, after all, what bias could she have? Actually, she knew him before he has his very own Public Affairs Bureau. The Sun's coverage is here and that of the Globe and Mail, there!

Thank you, BC Mary.

You've said it all.

Secrecy and political protection of the Circle is alive and well.

All too familiar to the citizens who have had the misfortune o suffering under this sham before.

Our justice System is under attack with the highest levels in collusion who put British Columbians best interests into oblivion.

Morning sitting - June 23, 2010


Bombshell allegations were under discussion during the last two days but I believe that I can only write on what was said in front of the jury.

Justice Mackenzie told the jury members that a man approached 2 members of the jury at a Skytrain station. She then advised the 12 person jury that this person has absolutely no connection to the 3 defendents, their counsel, their supporters or any witness. The man in question is the father of one of the Crown Counsel prosecution team. (One member of the Special Prosecution team was not present at court today - Andrea Mackay.)

This shocking revelation caused the gallery to stir and forced the Judge to tell the jury that this "Won't happen again!"

The jury was asked if they can continue and they all agreed. This type of situation could not be dreamed up.

Any contact with a jury member risks the allegation of jury tampering.

This is outrageous behaviour and I beleive that the Special Prosecutor and his team need to be held accountable.

Unfortunately, nobody in the accredited media will ask the tough questions of Mr. Berardino. For example, what did the Special Prosecutor know and when did he know it? I can assure you that if a blogger approached a member of the jury there would be howls of outrage from the Crown and the RCMP and a full investigation would take place.

Another shameful day for so called "justice" in BC.

Citizen Journalist from 54
Accolades, Citizen Journalist - the putrid stench just keeps getting stronger.

Thank you very much.
This is BC Mary checking in briefly.

I want to thank Kootkoot especially ... it's a generous gift of his time, to bring us the news from Courtroom 54.

As for Citizen Journalist from Courtroom 54, was there ever a better example of someone bravely holding up the virtues of a free press in a difficult, preposterous situation.

I totally agree with the call to LIFT THE BAN ... it's sheer craziness to keep this kind of information away from the public.

And how good it is, that the Public Gallery is filled to the point where gasps, murmurs, mutterings can actually form an opinionated statement all its own.
Hi BC Mary,

Did you (or anyone else, for that matter) happen to notice that the Berardino article was published with any sort of byline? Same with the hard-copy too - I was surprised when dad passed his paper over to me on page A8 to see the article without a single name attached.

Who's so embarrassed writing the article that they didn't didn't want their credit?
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