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Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) raid Ontario government ministries

BC Mary comment: When Dalton McGuinty was first elected premier of Canada's biggest province, he seemed young and nervous as he faced one of his first press conferences.

He was trying to impress the newsmen ... chatting about how well he was getting along with other premiers (like whistling in the dark to keep up his courage).

And I so well remember him making special reference to having met "Gord" Campbell and was planning some new initiatives with the BC premier.

First thought: McGuinty, you're faking; nobody calls that bozo "Gord".

Then I thought "Run, Dalton, run as fast as you can ... and stay away from the man who can take a province and ruin it."

And now this, from today's Globe and Mail, spotted for us by E.M.

Ontario O.P.P investigates Ontario government ministries.

Ontario Energy Ministry staff face criminal probe

OPP raids government complex after allegations of irregular business dealings; investigation includes other ministries

Karen Howlett and Adam Radwanski
Toronto — 
Globe and Mail -
Staff at the Ontario Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure are under criminal investigation as part of a probe involving government employees' financial dealings with private-sector firms.

Government sources confirmed on Saturday that employees in the sprawling Energy Ministry are under investigation by the Ontario Provincial Police. The probe includes other ministries, though it is unclear which ones.

Craig Sumi, a spokesman for the Ministry of Government Services, would say only that “a few” ministries are part of the investigation.

Government sources stressed that the probe is confined to employees in the public sector and that no MPPs or their political staff are swept up in it.

OPP Constable Lynda Cranney confirmed that the force's anti-rackets division is investigating allegations of “irregular” transactions between government employees and suppliers of goods and services.

OPP officers equipped with search warrants raided government offices in the Macdonald Block, near the provincial legislature, on Thursday.

The Macdonald Block is a large complex that houses 13 different ministries, including the offices of senior bureaucrats and cabinet ministers.

Government sources said the Health Ministry, which has its offices in the complex, is not part of the probe. A source close to the government also said that Ontario Realty Corp., another resident of the complex, is not under investigation.
The Ministry of Government Services is responsible for employees in the public service. Ron McKerlie, Deputy Minister at the ministry, issued a statement on Saturday, commenting on the ongoing OPP investigation that he says “concerns individuals” working in the Ontario government.

“We take these matters very seriously,” he said in the statement. “The Ontario Public Service is deeply committed to upholding the public trust, and providing high-quality services to the people of Ontario. Should any wrongdoing be found as a result of the investigation, we will take immediate and appropriate action.”

Even though no political staff are involved in the investigation, it likely will be difficult for the McGuinty government to distance itself from the brewing problem.
The spending scandal at eHealth Ontario last year involved an arm's-length government agency. Nonetheless, it dogged the government and ultimately led to the resignation of former health minister David Caplan.

All calls to government ministries were referred to Mr. Sumi. He would not say how many employees are involved or whether any of them have been temporarily suspended during the investigation.

Comments have been disabled, but readers can always write a Letter to the Editor. In fact, this may be an opportunity to draw The Globe's attention to the BC Rail issue, which started off just this way ...
almost seven years ago,
and is still in BC Supreme Court.


Ontario Police Raid Building Housing Government Offices, Toronto Star Says

The Ontario Provincial Police’s so- called anti-rackets division raided on July 14 a Toronto building that contains offices for several government ministries, the Toronto Star reported, citing unidentified sources.
There is an investigation into “irregular transactions” between staff in some government ministries and private companies, the Star said, citing OPP spokeswoman Linda Cranney.
Ron McKerlie, deputy minister of government services, said in a statement, “We understand there is an ongoing OPP investigation that concerns individuals working in the Ontario government,” and “staff are fully cooperating.”
The OPP raided the building that contains offices of provincial ministries of health, energy and infrastructure and the Ontario Realty Corp., the newspaper said on its website.
To contact the reporters on this story: Chris Fournier in Montreal at

BC Mary comment: Let's send what we can from British Columbia.

While reading this good newspaper, I saw a tantalizing headline:

Why the railroads are still important

It may not be exactly what you'd be expecting but worth reading all the same. Here are only the concluding paragraphs:

This is where we get our non-confirmation of the technical breakdown of the Dow Industrials because the trend break of the Industrials (a lower low) was not confirmed by the Transports which posted a higher low.

The bullish transportation signal also extends into Canada with Canadian Pacific Railway Limited (TSX-CP) and Canadian National Railway Company (TSX-CNR) both trading well above respective February troughs.

Bill Carrigan, CIM is an independent stock-market analyst. He can be reached at:

Might be good if a few of us wrote to Carrigan, too, and tried to connect some of the dots in the corruption and railroading cases.  - BC Mary

Here are the latest Google Alerts for OPP raids on Ontario government ministries:

The Legislature Raids: Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) raid ...
By BC Mary
Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) raid Ontario government ministries . BC Mary comment: When Dalton McGuinty was first elected premier of Canada's biggest province, he seemed young and nervous as he faced one of his first press ...

The Legislature Raids -
Provincial police investigate several Ontario government ...
Officers from the Ontario Provincial Police raided several ministries Thursday as part of their probe into these activities, but a senior government source said the investigation did not involve elected officials. ...

Breaking News -
'Irregular transactions' prompted Queen's Park OPP raid ...
By TNews
'Irregular transactions' prompted Queen's Park OPP raid. At least two Ontario government ministries are under criminal investigation. A senior government source says the probe involves irregular financial transactions involving outside ... - Toronto News At A Glance -

The news is getting around. Didn't I hear rumours a short while ago  that Ontario Hydro would soon be offered for sale? And Eastern folk were not very pleased by the idea ....


"This is the result of too much privatization of the delivery of government services. It was begun under the previous government and continues under the present one."


Here in BC its called by Gordon Campbell as PPP Private Public Partnership

or Tolls on Bridges
Hey BC Mary, isn't it strange that the Vancouver Sun News alert hasn't sent me a notification that the Ontario legislative buildings have been raided.
"Government sources stressed that the probe is confined to employees in the public sector and that no MPPs or their political staff are swept up in it."

Suurrrre. I wonder what relationships will turn up on this one?

Even Better, I wonder if McGuinty will resign? That move would sure make Campbell look good. NOT.
"Government sources stressed that the probe is confined to employees in the public sector and that no MPPs or their political staff are swept up in it."

They must have the same guy writing the press releases as they used after the Raid on the Ledge in Victoria. Ontario too must have its own Basis and Virks to throw under the bus!
Did Fadden not mention, BC and Ontario both, are being watched by CSIS? Another corrupt Liberal province? All Liberal governments, need to be wiped out of Canada. And, Campbell should take Harper with him. M.P's in the east, say Harper is a fascist, and too stubborn to work with. Some say, Campbell is a communist, with close ties with China. However, as long as we have, Liberal and Conservative governments, this country will regress. Campbell has regressed BC back to, a third world province. Every Canadian, has the right to good government. Well we aren't getting that.
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