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BC Rail: The story of the Great Train Robbery

If you look at only one YouTube for the rest of your life, this is the one.

In a 5-part lecture, Peter Ewart tells the inside story of why BC Rail was so important to the province of British Columbia, how its enemies carefully ambushed this public asset and transferred it into private ownership, and how a tremendous provincial protest movement was developed.

And that protest movement is still there.

I highly recommend this lecture for two reasons:

* Peter Ewart explains the detailed plan of protest which was put into action as soon as the danger was realized;

* Peter Ewart makes it very clear that there are principled citizens who still believe that the 990-year lease (sale) to CN can be -- and must be -- cancelled.

Have a listen to Peter Ewart's report. There's quite a lot to this. My eyes  popped with astonishment as Peter began Part 4 with the detailed description of how they built the protest. This video is a tremendous gift to those who wonder what we can do, and how we can do it.

I'll try to find out where the video was filmed, and what those signs mean.

So the venue was SURREY, B.C., and the date was June 26, 2010, Peter said, when I asked, Robin Matthews and myself, said Peter, were invited by the CPC(ML) branch in Vancouver and Wake Up Discussion Society to speak at a meeting in Surrey on June 26 on the issue of BC Rail ...  as Charles Boylan, the MC of the "Wake Up with Co-op" radio show, knew I had been involved in the struggle from previous Co-op radio interviews he had with me, and he also knows Robin. 

Both Robin, who as you know is an independent journalist following the BC Rail Trial,  and I delivered a speech there; there was a lot of discussion afterwards.

BC Mary comment: Robin did mention a lively Co-Op Radio interview, so I hope somebody was filming Robin, as well, and that we may hear him lecturing, too. 

Many thanks, Peter. 


Hi Mary, here's an interesting story by Bill Tieleman

Where did the Vancouver Sun's Angus Reid poll go that shows BC Liberals would lose even by replacing Gordon Campbell with Carole Taylor?

Mystery solved - the Vancouver Sun story on the poll is now back online - 8 hours after it was first posted and then removed...

The full Vancouver Sun story is here:

AND an interesting posting to Bill T's story about the Sun pulling the story by Paul at 8:25 am:

Why did CANWEST (Vancouver Sun, Vancouver Province) donate $50,000 to the BC Liberal Party in 2005?

That’s the question Charlie Smith from the Georgia Straight was in the middle of asking Gordon Campbell about when suddenly an off-camera woman’s voice interrupted and objected to the line of questioning...

It turns out that the woman was Brigitte Anderson, the premiers press secretary.

Enjoy the clip

Thought these were very pertinent to the issues you have raised.

Canadian Canary,

Many thanks for putting that together ...

so it's Brigitte Anderson, eh? Right out in the open.


Those who follow Harvey Oberfeld's blog will also be reassured that Harv is beginning to notice things, too.
Good day,
looks like the youtube video has been removed...wonder why???
I've been having a hard time with being unable to pull up your links.
Peter Ewart also wrote this interesting and astute article on Terrace Daily,
Thanks again Mary, for all you do.
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