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BC Mary nominates Michael Smyth's Hallowe'en column as the worst of the 21st century

BC Mary comment: this is my nomination for the award of worst column ever seen in the West Coast's Big Media.

The biggest problem is timing. If Michael Smyth had written it 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 years ago, he would have been fulfilling the mandate of a free press, which is to keep the people fully and fairly informed of what's going on in our world.

But no ...

Smyth never "gets it" himself that CanWest was the reason why Campbell ever became "the most successful yadda yadda" and stayed that way through three (3!) provincial elections.  Here's the quote:

It's astonishing to see Gordon Campbell, the most successful politician of our generation, become the source of the Liberals' problems. But it seems to happen to every premier, and every governing party. See that? Smyth doesn't "get it". Smyth even stops the flow of his thinking to fulfill the old CanWest mandate: always slag the NDP, if you must mention them at all.

Smyth waited 9 years, until there's scarcely any part of British Columbia left undamaged by this premier, and then begins telling us what we the people know too painfully well ... and that's why I call it the worst-ever piece of media connerie to date.  The Province's  headline says it all:

Campbell is the problem and he doesn't get it

Premier has become pariah, and party insiders - as well as voters - want him gone

By Michael Smyth
The Province - Hallowe'en 2010

Read it HERE.

Somebody pressed the Victoria Times Colonist alarm button, too ... also 9 or 10 years too late:

It takes money to help students

Times Colonist - Oct. 30, 2010

Read their editorial HERE.


I wonder is the guy who stopped Smyth as he was walking near the legislative buildings is the same guy that the Premier was talking to about his truck and the HST?
Smyth is just like most of the MSM columnists and reporters,people have finally caught on to the fact that MSM reporting (or lack thereof) has basicaly been the reason the Liberal Crime Family have been governing this Province for as long as they have. You woke up and smelled the coffee Smyth but guess what? There's only coffee grounds left in the pot and nobody takes anything you Liberal Lackeys say or print serious anymore, so just go back to bed with Rip Van Winkle. When you finally wake up just maybe you'll see the mistake you made in the past by being a Liberal mouthpiece instead of real reporter.
What will the newspapers, radio stations and TV media, do for listeners and readers, when Campbell is gone? They won't get one dime out of me. I refuse to buy any goods from their ads. Is it not amazing, what some are willing to sell their souls for?
I was disgusted by the whole article, even now he had to bring up 2001 at the end, and comment that Campbell has sunk as low in popularity as previous premiers. In fact Campbell has sunk lower than any other politician in Canadian history. Smythe should be fired.
I highly recommend people read this as an antidote to the silliness coming from Michael Smyth. Campbell's disposable, but that ain't gonna solve our problems.


Or, a brief history of the many manifestations of the Business At All Costs Party in BC.

By Crawford Kilian, 25 Oct 2010,
Finally, we are getting it on mass. Plutocracy. It doesn't feel good at all to be screwed over and over again.
"BC Mary comment: this is my nomination for the award of worst column ever seen in the West Coast's Big Media."

Perhaps you remember when I used to award the "Leaden Gyros" for pieces such a the column in question here. However with such a surfeit of crap coming out of the Lamestream Press, I was notified by Teck-Cominco in Trail that they couldn't supply enough lead for me to be fair and give one to all the CannedWaste/PostMedia/Black Press drones that deserved them.
Laila Yuile has got a great, hard hitting expose over on her blog

In the past few days I've been assisting Laila.

On my blog I've revealed another hidden feature of the Concessionaire, hidden by the BC Liberals on the law that they wrote to protect consumers, and supposedly written by them to answer any questions the public might have on PPP.

Instead the public got a feeble reply from Communication chief Dave Crebo for the M o T.

"BC Liberals wrote into law PPP Concessionaire Website, but don't enforce it"



"Concessionaires’ websites

25.1 (1) The concessionaire under a concession agreement referred to in section 2 (1.1) (a) to (c) must establish and maintain a website that is accessible by the public without charge."
Anon 8:50 AM

This link doesn't work. Maybe VSun hiding again?

Doesn't work for me, either.

Campbell resigned today?
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