Monday, October 25, 2010


"Stop, thief!" as BC Rail Political Corruption trial continues in the Court of Public Opinion


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BC Liberals could destroy records before RCMP

By Ian Reid
The Real Story - Oct. 25, 2010



Fat ass Coleman is back as BC's top cop, you bet the evidence will be destroyed!
Jonathan Fowlie of the Vancouver Sun writes:

This will be the fourth time Campbell has taken to the prime-time airwaves to reach out to voters.

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Voters???????????????????? This isn't an election speech, this is a speech to all British Columbians, and if it is an election speech where is the equal time being provided the news media to respond, in equal time, and time spots.
hello is someone screwing with Norms web site just like how bad is the record?both those sites freeze when you click links anyone else having the same problem?
$18,000,000 to cover the costs of the Special Prosecutor team of Lawyers AND the Defense.

With one bold movement this morning, El Gordo has spent another $18,000,000 to have all of the business cards, PAB rewriting their government websites, to present to the world the NEW Ministers..... which includes Deputy Ministers as well. I betcha Martyn Brown will have stacked up his embossed gold business cards for the next seven years squirrel away in a locker, but with his faulty testimony at the BC Rail trial he'll have them shredded and new ones delivered within a week.... with SILVER embossing. Not a great day at owning the podium Martyn.
Anon 11:38,

Gary E has had his site "compromised" ... and has decided to shut it down for 2 weeks and get it cleaned up again.

I'll try to find out what's going on at Norm's ... sometimes it's just that editing is going on.

Thanks for the tip.
I am having the same problem with my computer. I thought it was just my computer.
Yes, I've experienced lengthy freeze when I've logged on to Norm's website....was wondering about that too! I'm a regular, daily reader of all blogs posted on BC Mary site and was happy to learn Gordon Wilson and Brian Kieran will be putting forth their views.
VICTORIA — Premier Gordon Campbell shuffled his cabinet and senior staff this morning, including a key move to his inner circle.

Campbell announced his long-time chief of staff, Martyn Brown, will leave his post, being replaced by former ICBC CEO Paul Taylor. Brown will become the new deputy minister of tourism.
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Is he totally out of his mind??? Again the arrogant BASTARD.

Reminder from RCMP watch webpage.

McCullough argued police failed to properly investigate the relationship between Brian Kieran, a lobbyist with Pilothouse, and deputy finance minister Paul Taylor.

He asserted that despite Taylor’s close relationship with Kieran, RCMP never questioned Taylor whether he gave any documents or information about B.C. Rail to Kieran or another Pilothouse partner, Erik Bornmann.

“They don’t talk to Mr. Taylor about his relationship with Pilothouse,” the lawyer said yesterday in his sixth day of legal arguments for more disclosure of documents from the special prosecutor.

“Where’s the investigation of Taylor? It’s not done,” McCullough said. “The RCMP should have asked Taylor if he gave any information to Kieran.”

McCullough read in court yesterday an e-mail dated Aug. 23, 2003, sent from Kieran to another Pilothouse partner, Jamie Elmhirst.

Kieran said he had been fishing that day with “Paul” — McCullough told the court it was Paul Taylor, then deputy minister to finance minister Gary Collins — and he “got the real goods” on the B.C. Automobile Dealers Association.
Somebody from a North Van IP changed one of my profile pics at Wikipedia to a not-bad one of Ludwig Wittgenstein. Not exactly vanadlism, and there's people monitor that page for me, but it was curious.

What struck me though was the last few nights I've been getting the "URL too large" message when trying to post to your blog, Mary....I gotta remember to copy-c all my posts before I hit send, in case that happens again. What I take it to mean is that the confirmation response being sent to my address has been re-routed and carries further code as a result of the re-routing....blogger just shouldn't give that message at all, for any post.

I've assumed for a long time that most of our communications, and certainly all these blogs, are getting screwed with one way or the other.
I thought Norm's site was just slow loading because of graphic content. It does happen from time to time to everyone.
If it is my blog that people have difficulty with, send me an email describing the difficulty.

I'm not aware of problems but the blog has been quite busy. I'll make inquiries if problems are confirmed.

Many PABsters working the last few days. A while back I counted 20 media monitors on staff at about $50 grand a year. I might apply and offer to read blogs all day for half that amount.

There are never dirty tricks in politics are there?
Maybe what you should be applying for Norm is a Shadow Tax on the Government visitors.
Ha! Good one, 11:28!

The thing is: how come the PABsters don't realize they're being watched?

Or ... are they too timid to report this to Mr/Ms Big?
Mary, propagandists partly operate on an intimidation agenda. That they are there, that we know they are watching is, has an effect on us in the way of what we say, how far we'll go. They're playing psycho-games with us, as you know from the twisted logic of many Anonymoosers and Trollkind. The watched watching the watchers watching the watched is an old, old game and is part of their whole point. When we got followed by CSIS during anti-pesticide campaigns in the Sea-to-Sky back in the '80s, also, we knew it was partly an intimidation tactic.

The way things are going, though, it's getting a bit too reminiscent of the way things used to be in the former East Germany and in the former Czechoslovakia - with half the population employed spying on the other half.....all to shore up corrupt and ineffective regimes....
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