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BC Mary finds warning, warning, warning ... when looking for details on the powerful new Ministry of Natural Resource Operations

Go to:

and, if you can, have a look at this:

Ministry of Natural Resource Operations

Search engine

A long list begins with:

* Warning: explode ()  [function - explode]  Empty delimiter ...

and it goes on like that. For some reason, I began to copy it in longhand. Almost impossible, of course. Ridiculous thought. So I resolved to cut-and-paste the long list onto my blog. Ha.

First, however, I would take a copy of the URL for my draft. Did that.

Next: I returned to the site of the URL.  This is what I found:

... everything has vanished


Ministry of Natural Resource Operations

Search Engine

that's all.

I kept trying. No luck. Then I went looking for answers. But even University of Waterloo (centre of Geek Universe where Stephen Hawking is hanging out) identifies this important BC Government list as a problem. So how come I saw such a full list, on the first try?

What do you think?  Me, I think my clever readers will have better luck. I hope so. But even the list I saw isn't totally helpful ... it consisted of warning after warning after warning ... or?... maybe that's the whole point.


BC Mary adds: To certain strange readers who believe that everyone operates on orders from nasty people who wish to control the world:  I may be wrong, I may be on a different wave length from you, but just so you know: I am not willing to take orders from anybody ... not them, and not you. 

The Legislature Raids is my own creation. I certainly couldn't have done it without lots of help, input and encouragement from others; but the fact remains: it's my concept, my work, my blog, so my editorial choices. 

You might be interested in the math. I've spent almost 5 years at a minimum (often more) of 10 hours a day reading, reading, communicating, and preparing posts before you ever see them.  My gift to a beloved home province is like this: 

10 hours a day x 365 days a year (the first,  worst assault came at Christmas 2006 - so I guarantee, it's been EVERY day) for 5 years = 18,250 days which, if charged out at a modest $25. a day = a gift of $456,250.00. 

That's not including the purchase of two new computers, the Internet fee, paper & stuff, or any research and travel costs.  OK? Them's my credentials in this matter. Yours?

There is more to running a blog than certain commenters realize. And I highly recommend that if it bothers you that you see the world differently than I do -- and you're sure that some very nasty people are in a big Air Traffic Control Headquarters somewhere on the planet giving Gordon Campbell his diabolical orders -- well, start a blog of your own. 

And when you do, I can report in advance that you'll receive messages which should be buried in the back yard with quick-lime: weird prescriptions, prostitution, pornography, and lots of messages (on a daily basis) in Chinese, Russian, and I forget what else. That's in addition to people who try to promote their own game-plans. On my blog, they are all deleted without apology. All. And don't get me started on the barbaric suggestion that I must publish all destructive rubbish in the name of "Free Speech" because,  for cryin' out loud, nobody is preventing you from setting up a blog of your own.

Think about that. 


what words were you looking for at
Hi Mary, I went to the site using the link you provided and all seems well. All subsequent links work as well.
What words?

Heck, I googled BC Ministry of Natural Resource Operations.

That big list popped up ... and the rest is as I said.

Got any ideas??
BC Mary I went to the link you provided and put in, with quotes, "BC Rail" and got something called GATOR..... I don't have a clue what it means, nor was there a definition offered either.

Hi Ho Silver, Craig James to the rescue, its an acronym which means

"What is Tantalis GATOR?"

"GATOR is an acronym for "Government AccessTool for On-line Retrieval". It is an easy to use tool that allows registered users to use the Internet to interactively view, extract and print information from the Crown Land Registry. For more information, click the link that interests you. A link labelled Top will return you to the table of contents."

What were you looking for?
Exceptionally fine comment you've added at the end here Mary. I,for one,consider my indebted to you as a daughter of this province.I also agree many people have no inkling of what goes into blogging and writing, although I do beleive our dedicated fans, readers and helpers do! I have worn out two monitor,looking towards a new computer when budget allows,and have also spent many hours working on various posts,via research,etc.

And to think,I am but a babe in the woods at this,compared to you! There are no words to thank you enough,for what you have done for this province, in chronicling this most egregious period in our provincial history. Those who know, care deeply for this, and for you,Miss Mary.
Hi Mary, thanks again for everything. I knew you had been hard at work for years but had no idea of the time it took you.

I visited the link and everything works OK. I get hits from a few different key words I tried. Maybe it was your computer having a blond moment. :-)

Take care.
Hi Mary.

I think you just saw a bit of PHP debugging info. PHP is a programming language that is used to create database driven web pages, and is used in the search feature on that page.

explode() is a function in PHP. It's used to break a string in to an array. Basically, you put the delimeter you want to use (like " " to indicate a blank space, or "," to indicate a comma) and the string (like "this is my string of words") within the brackets, and it returns an array made up of the elements of the string.


explode(" " , "this is my string of words")


[0] => this
[1] => is
[2] => my
[3] => string
[4] => of
[5] => words

Since that page accepts a string as input and searches a database for words within the string, they're probably using the explode() function to break the string up in to an array so they can work with each word individually.

Sometimes when a page barfs it spits out code so you can figure out what went wrong (that's called "debugging"). It's unusual to allow that to happen on a live web page. Usually you only allow that sort of output in a development environment, and turn debugging off when the site goes live.

I may be wrong, but I think what you saw was the results of a bug in the database code.

It looks to me like perhaps there was an issue with what was delimiting the data. For example, he data could have been separated by colons, but the database code was looking for commas.

Thanks, everybody ...

You know ... incredibly, that sorta makes sense to me.


Wish I understood what you've so kindly told me,

it's so impressive!

Many thanks, as I know others will pick up on it.
I think what I got from what You wre saying is the link You provided there was info there, you were typing something apparently interesting? Then when You returned it was gone, and only the page with the search thingy was there?

I got the same thing, I didnt search anything, but I tyook Your URL removed some of the stuff at the end to get

I expected to get info on the new Natural resource Operations.

The Integrated Land Management Bureau
ILMB's mandate is to provide British Columbians with access to integrated Crown land and resource authorizations, planning dispositions and resource information services. Many of these services are provided to, or on behalf of provincial natural resource and economy ministries.

Who is our Minister?

Honourable Pat Bell, Minister of Forests and Range and Minister Responsible for the Integrated Land Management Bureau, has ministerial accountability for delivering ILMB's mandate and for ensuring that British Columbians receive maximum value for Crown resources within the government's social and environmental frameworks.

Assistant Deputy Ministers' Committee for Integrated Land Management oversees the effective provision of services from ILMB to its client agencies.
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