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BC Rail Political Corruption Trial was beginning to reveal Gordon Campbell's deadly legacy when it was shut down. But in the Court of Public Opinion, the trial continues, with evidence like this ...

Province made "exceptionally" fast decision on BC Place casino, says NDP critic Spencer Chandra Herbert.

By Emily Barca
Vancouver Observer - Nov. 4, 2010

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In March 2009, the BC Pavillion Corpration (PavCo) sent out a call for proposals to develop the land west of BC Place.  16 weeks later, PavCo selected a proposal from Nevada-based Paragon Gaming Inc. ...

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In a standard land deal, the government starts the process by putting the land on the market and asking bidders to set out uses, bid price, and terms and conditions, said SFU professor McArthur. "In the tender call, the government would set out any terms and conditions it expects to be met."

"Abnormal in the extreme," is how McArthur describes the length of time it took PavCo to select Paragon Gaming.

The three-step process involving the preparation of tender documents, followed by the public annoucement of calls for proposals and finally the return of proposals by bidders can take up to one year, he said. "It would not be unusual."

The BC Place project took 16 weeks, said Crosley.


Gordon Campbell's legacy is written here.


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