Monday, January 31, 2011


Brian Kieran reports that the post-Campbell goal of BC "Liberal" renewal ... is hanging by a thread


Liberals' post-Campbell goal of renewal hangs in the balance

The Kieran Report - Jan. 30, 2011

Liberal leadership candidate George Abbott – who calls himself “the honest guy who gets things done” – was brutally frank with supporters in Campbell River Sunday morning.

If the party fails to endorse new weighted vote provisions when it holds its extraordinary constitutional amendment convention on Feb. 12th, Abbott said his chances of becoming leader and premier are “slim.” He could have said “slim and none.”

He also said the party’s chances in the next election will be equally slim.

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Put this altogether with Abbott’s concerns and with Smyth’s revelations and you can make a case that the party’s post-Campbell goal of renewal and inclusiveness is hanging by a thread.

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Another interesting document which hasn't received much notice:

BC Supreme Court Scheduling System (SCSS)

It seems that on June 25-27, 2008 there was a presentation made in Australia on something called "Administrative and IT Environment."

"Canada, by contrast, now ranks as one of the last common law jurisdictions in which court administration continues to be controlled by the executive branch of government. In every Canadian province, notwithstanding a trend toward greater judicial involvement in court administration, courts are operated as a division of the attorney general’s ministry, rather than as a separate branch or even a separate department of government. Increasingly, voices from both the judiciary and the executive are asking: is there a better way forward for court administration in Canada?"

Well we know from the Basi and Virk trial that two Deputy Ministers should have kept out from using the Treasury monies to stop the BC Rail Trial in its tracks.

However the larger problem for the public was not being told the truth as to when the trial was taking place because there it appeared to be one scheduling list for those working on the inside of the Court and a totally different one for those visiting.

This Australian presented document is well worth reading. Its all about the BC Court system using the latest technology to keep scheduling times, and judges, in the right place at the right time.... and hopefully the public will be there in time to hear the sentencing in a trial ...
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