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BC Opposition: before he departs, ARREST THAT MAN!


To: the British Columbia Official Opposition

Date: February 16, 2010 with only 1 more day of this Legislative session allowed by this tainted government.

There's no time to ask for a Public Inquiry. You must ask that the RCMP begin an immediate criminal investigation of all the major actors in the transfer of BC Rail to CNR. A criminal investigation.  Now.  Out of it may well come the need for a wider Public Inquiry.

A criminal investigation gets action on the spot.  People being investigated (remember Glen Clark) have to resign.  Everything is immediately in play. And the police investigators will tell things to a Prosecutor who says:  "This part requires a full Public Inquiry.  When charges are laid, I recommend a Public Inquiry to cover this and this and this...." Take this route to immediate action!

The blogger made a big booboo (to the benefit of the public).  The blogger had the police admit that Gary Collins took any deals off the table - meaning that illegitimate deals were on the table! Opposition: Demand -- immediately -- before the Campbell Gang escapes from this 4-day session -- demand that police investigate for criminal action. 

The blogger has Kevin Falcon stop any lease or sale of the Roberts Bank spurline (the Consolation Prize for OmniTRAX), saying that Campbell felt "chagrin" - meaning Campbell wanted the illegal deal to go on.  Opposition: Investigate for criminal action ...! 

Ian Reid brings up Krog's request for a criminal investigation into Dobell's violation of confidential material.  Opposition: Demand that police investigate!

There's Kinsella's almost-certain-to-be proved conflict of interest in working at the same time for BC Rail and CNR.  We could go on and on. And on and on.  But, for God's sake, make your formal demand for criminal investigation TODAY.

Final words to the BC Opposition: Never forget the breach of trust in the rigging of the bidding -- amply supported by Canadian Pacific's angry withdrawal (in writing) from the unfair bidding. Bid rigging is illegal under the Criminal Code of Canada. Opposition: Make an immediate demand that criminal charges be laid! Do it today, before Gordon Campbell makes his getaway.

Also: never forget that it was the RCMP and Victoria Police Department which courageously took the initiative on Dec. 28, 2003 when they entered the BC Legislature with Search Warrants.  How many multiples of WORSE it would've been, if police hadn't pushed ahead in their investigation of Organized Crime ...

Demand at least ONE criminal investigations today:   You then must ask that the RCMP begin an immediate criminal investigation of all the major actors in the transfer of BC Rail to CNR. 


I too, would liketo think that the NDP opposition had the wherewithall to demand n enquiry into all of your comments and more. I am afraid that just won't happen. We have a "toothless tiger too timid to try for the truth".

I don't know how we can do it - but do it we must. To let Campbell and his thieving band of crooks, remain free and unaccoountable would be catastrophic for this province.

Now is a great time for the independent MLA's to do good not only for their constituents, but also for British Columbia and it's future generations.

Absolutely, in total agreement.
DEMAND an investigation, now.
If the NDP were going to do something about Campbell's, theft of the BCR, and the corrupt sale, would they not have already done so? The RCMP had flatly refused, to do a further investigation. It is blatantly obvious, Campbell should be in prison, for fraudulently selling our BCR. We know it, Campbell and the BC Liberals know that too. The Liberal candidates, are no better than Campbell. The candidates, will carry on with Campbell's dirty work.
From CBC website this evening:

The province's Supreme Court released a host of documents connected to the RCMP investigation — dubbed Project Everywhichway — on Wednesday, less than two weeks before the governing Liberal party chooses a new leader to replace Premier Gordon Campbell.

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