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Call girls, cronyism and corruption in the BC Rail sale

BC Mary comment: I wish I had a better explanation for why I draw your attention to this column. Certainly, there are reasons. One is that this kind of raw sensationalism will rarely be seen in the Mainstream Media ... and that's because (Reason #2:) the MSM seems to be going flat-out in an effort to paint the Campbell Gang as lily-white, angelic creatures "more sinned against than sinning". 

Ian Mulgrew's report must be factored in ... because of Reason #3: it reveals something important about the nature of those early years of the Campbell administration -- when 77 MLAs on the government side, hooted and bawled at a 2-person Opposition; the Campbell trademark was stamped on those early years when they voted to deprive the BC Opposition of regular office space or staff, such as an Opposition requires. 

Those must have been fiercely wild times in the BC Legislature, and the Mulgrew column provides the background picture against which the Basi-Virk activities must be considered. It's a picture which, we now know, has been vividly described by the actual trial documents. We shouldn't be lulled by the "accredited" MSM into thinking such things never happened.


Call girls, cronyism and corruption: backroom dealings in B.C. Rail sale revealed in B.C. Supreme Court

There are no major revelations in terms of the breach-of-trust charges in the newly released documents, but the sleaze drips off hundreds of pages, as does the profanity

By Ian Mulgrew,
Vancouver Sun -- February 17, 2011

Premier Gordon Campbell was called "Caesar"; his chief of staff Martyn Brown "the Little Dictator"; lobbyists Bruce Clark "the Mexeecan," and Erik Bornman "the Baron."

Seven years after an unprecedented raid on the legislature and an aborted trial, the public finally received an uncensored view of the backroom shenanigans that occurred in the controversial $1-billion sale of BC Rail assets in 2003.

It's not a pretty panorama.

The transcripts of thousands of intercepted telephone conversations, interviews with key witnesses and police investigative reports released by B.C. Supreme Court on Thursday read like episodes of television's Boardwalk Empire or The Sopranos.

Need a prostitute? How about a celebratory big-ticket dinner, hot tub, cigars and wine -- all on a corporate client who doesn't know any better?

How about a political job?

"Who's your daddy? Do I come through?" disgraced bureaucrat Dave Basi crowed.

There are no major revelations in terms of the breach-of-trust charges in the newly released documents, but the sleaze drips off hundreds of pages, as does the profanity.

Only two men were convicted -- Basi, 44, and Bob Virk, 36, pleaded guilty Oct. 18 to two counts each of breach of trust and accepting benefits in exchange for leaking confidential information about the railroad bidding process. They were sentenced to two years less a day of house arrest.

The audacity and hubris of the convicted former civil servants and their lobbyist pals as revealed in the four thick volumes of material is staggering.

The erstwhile ministerial aides gave not a second thought to their oath of office or government confidentiality.

"You sure you don't have any documents, man?" Basi said in one intercept toward the end. "You wanted me to seal the deal, I've sealed the deal now. You must have some other papers beside the paper you already gave me."

Virk had provided so many private documents he replied: "I can't even remember what I gave you, seriously."

They schemed and talked of manipulating federal and provincial ministers, revelling in a breathtaking culture of political cronyism and unethical behaviour.

In fact, those who thought politicians such as former finance minister Gary Collins or Liberal leadership hopeful Christy Clark (the lobbyist's sister) might have been involved may rest easy for no other reason than that these fellows had too much disdain for politicians to cut them in.

They didn't even have that much respect for each other if they weren't in the room -- they misled each other as easily as the people they were playing.

There was no honour among this crew.

The police investigation dubbed Project Everywhichway began in May 2002 as a drug investigation but quickly morphed and sprawled to include anti-corruption and breach-of-trust cases.

It climaxed dramatically in December 2003, when the Mounties raided the legislature, lobbyists' offices and other locations.

The investigation captured calls between Basi and drug-dealing friends along with a treasure-trove of Victoria gossip and hearsay.

Just about everyone hated lobbyist Clark.

"You're the one that got in bed with him," Virk complained.

"Yeah, well it's better me than you," Basi replied.

There was little beneath them.

Basi even lined up a prostitute as a political favour.

"She'll be putting out like you wouldn't believe, pal," he boasted. "I'll say, 'Look, keep that guy happy.'"

Lobbyists Brian Kieran, the "fat little buddy," and Baron Bornman, who both were to be Crown witnesses had the trial proceeded, figure prominently.

Bornman started making monthly cash payments to Basi in April 2001 for referring clients and other help for his firm Pilothouse.

Basi considered him his "best friend" and when you have read the transcripts of their tight connection, it's easy to understand his bitterness at Bornman's betrayal.

Nevertheless, the audacity and hubris is unbelievable -- these men blithely talked of manipulating provincial and federal ministers.

They cherry-picked their own federal political posts and put together a list of their friends who should receive plums from the incoming administration of former Liberal prime minister Paul  Martin. They called themselves the "Punjabi World Order."

{Snip} ...

A police wiretap caught Basi crowing: "What a, oh, what a web we weave, man."

He was still telling Virk "the gravy train" had arrived only days before police kicked in the door and that web ensnared them.



A discouraging word ... from Kootcoot's corner of the Best Place on Earth, where his popular blog House of Infamy has been wiped out:

Canada  and British Columbia have now joined the ranks of " Government Controlled Internet Access "  with countries like China, North Korea, Egypt.

Click HERE for further details.

BC Mary comment: And then there was Prime Minister Stephen Harper last evening, telling Canadians that it's OK for one of his Cabinet ministers (Bev Oda) to lie ... unbelievable!  But it goes on ... 

Yesterday, one of Prime Minister Harper's closest confidantes, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney let the cat out of the bag when he blurted out to the Canadian Press that "the CBC lies all the time".

Ever since Harper became Leader of the Opposition, and particularly since becoming Prime Minister, FRIENDS has tracked his statements and those of his colleagues on public broadcasting and cultural sovereignty. A disturbing pattern of double-speak has emerged.

We believe that Kenney's February 16th comment reflects his boss's opinion, and betrays a sinister and hostile view of Canadian public broadcasting – a view completely out of sync with Canadian public opinion...

As you know, since November when the Parliamentary Secretary to the Heritage Minister mused publicly that "maybe it's time we get out of the broadcasting business", FRIENDS has been working flat out to remind Harper that Canadians value public broadcasting and want it to be preserved and strengthened.

Already almost one hundred thousand Canadians have signed the I LOVE CBC petition. Tens of thousands have written their MPs. Scores of meetings have been arranged locally with MPs and nominated candidates in closely-contested federal ridings. On Monday, FRIENDS placed a full-page ad in the Hill Times, the Parliament Hill newspaper – a Valentine's Day message to the Prime Minister carrying the message that "78% of Canadians use the CBC each week", "81% believe that CBC is one of the things that distinguishes Canada from the United States", and that "Canadians of all political stripes love the CBC".

Jason Kenney's comment that "the CBC lies all the time" strips away all camouflage, exposing for all to see the Harper government's real attitude to Canadian public broadcasting. It is a clear warning that there is a grave threat to the future of public broadcasting in this country, a warning we would be unwise to ignore.

If Kenney had made his odious comment about an individual, and could not prove that it was true, he would be found guilty of libel in a court of law. In the case of our national public broadcaster, that finding can come only from the court of public opinion. FRIENDS' fundamental priority in the coming months will be to hold the Harper government to account by demonstrating audibly and visibly how much its true intentions fly in the face of Canadian public opinion. In other words – an ounce of prevention!

Standing up for CBC is standing up for Canada!


Ian Morrison
FRIENDS of Canadian Broadcasting
Box 200/238 - 131 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON M5S 1R8


Rest assured, there's Fight Back. The Laughingly-named GREAT SATAN has left a new comment:

According to BC's main-stream-media all of Basigate was going on and "know" one in elected-government knew?

First they steal from us, now they insult our intelligence with this cheap cover-up.

Campbell and his fart-catchers in the BC legal system had almost seven years to destroy or alter evidence . . . so this "truth" really calls into question society's intelligence if we sign on to this Grit BS.



According to BC's main-stream-media all of Basigate was going on and "know" one in elected-government knew?

First they steal from us, now they insult our intelligence with this cheap cover-up.

Campbell and his fart-catchers in the BC legal system had almost seven years to destroy or alter evidence . . . so this "truth" really calls into question society's intelligence if we sign on to this Grit BS.

That's Campbell's politics. He thieves the BCR from us, and the tax payers pay him to do so. De Jong thieved the tax payers, to pay all of Basi and Virks expenses, and who knows how much more they got. Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR, was the dirtiest, most corrupt deal, in the history of Canada.

There sure is something, that is tampering with the internet. The FOI was tampered with. Campbell and the BC Liberals are corrupt. The Judicial system is corrupt. The RCMP are corrupt. Elections BC is corrupt.

The media is, Campbell's propaganda machine.
Hansen is making a hell of a mess, out of health care. Our education, is becoming as a third world system. BC has regressed back to the dirty thirties, for the every day citizen. Campbell's two election lies, the BCR wasn't for sale. The HST wasn't on his and Hansen's radar. We forgave the drunk, for his criminal charge of, a DUI, and Campbell kicked us in the face for doing so. Campbell is a very evil, ugly criminal. He belongs in prison.

of our health care
Isn't it amazing that with a premier called "Caesar" and with that same premier's chief of staff called "The Little Dictator" that the msm still insist on placing all blame and accountability at the feet of those who were hired by the controlling Caesar and Co. for the job?

Just like we are supposed to believe that Oda acted all on her own - when it is well-known how controlling and all-encompassing the PM's office is.
the public finally received an uncensored view of the backroom shenanigans

Really? "Uncensored"?? Uh, well, OK, but remember that this is only the calls between Basi and Virk. NOT the calls between Vasi and, say, Campbell or Dauphinee. And not the calls between David MacLean and Campbell, or between, say Brian Kenning and Patrick Kinsella.

What we are faced with here is the RCMP's and the Crown's selective cherrypicking of materials used to indict Basi and Virk, and them only and very specifically and conrtrivedly NO ONE ELSE. What we see here evidence of a culture of contempt and deceit, indicative of norms within the governing circle, but here narrowed tonly focus on these two - partly, and in no small measure, meant to discredit what they have always said, and want to say at a public inquiry, about what ELSE went on with BC Rail. And with everything else this sham of a government has done, with the knowing complicity and looking-the-otherway-ness of the RCMP and others who should be monitoring politicians for criminal activity, not helping them to get away with it but setting up smear campaigns ("their specialty") against scapegoated party loyalists who were, after all, only doing what they were told, and in a style and displaying personality traits and skills that helped them get to where they are.

We have been given an "uncensored" view on their personalities and activities; but we have not been giving an uncensored view of the party/government machine they were highly-placed and promoted within. All THAT remains censored (what has not been already destroyed, that is).

The media are portraying this as though Campbell and crew have been exonerated, just in time to launch an election campaign to place one of his lieutenants into power, with him remaining as "senior advisor" and really still in charge.

the media aren't dupes here, they're willing collaborators. They know what they're doing, and who they're doing it for, and what it's worth to them. And what would happen to them if they don't do as they're told.

The self-serving venality of this establishment is shocking; and what's most disappointing is the number of people, from bureaucrats and lobbyists to bureaucrats authorities of various kinds who willingly maintain and construct the deception of "legitimacy" to the wreckage of our political system, or what's left of it.

I'm still waiting for Dave Basi and Bobby Virk to write a tell-all book......I think it's going to be a lot more revealing, and much more "uncensored" than the trial-by-media we're being shown here. They know they're been thrown to the wolves, and they know who they wolves are.

Dave, Bobby - are you listening? You know how to play dirty tricks, time to play them back on the people you used to do it for. Time to spill all, boys. You didn't get a chance in court, but you can always do it in print. If it has to be published in another country because no Canadian publisher will touch it, so be it, it will only underscore the dishonesty and cowardice of the Canadian publishing establishment and media and their role in helping our country become overrun by carpetbaggers, liars and thieves.

Show us the money, boys. Show us the money trail. We want our railway back; if it's gonna take the SEC or the World Court to do that, so be it......
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