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So ... hoot ... ItDoesn'tMatterWho is BC premier

BC Mary comment: Sorry that I don't feel like congratulating the interim premier of my beloved home province ... because it doesn't matter a damn, does it? I've said all along, partisan politics cure nothing. It's working together, addressing the issues, that works. So ...

Itdoesn'tmatterwho is the current premier of British Columbia. So what. Nothing a new premier can say, will logically explain how partisan politics can heal a  province so grievously wounded. This new premier won't even try. She knows it was her particular brand of partisan politics which got B.C. into the mess. She knows exactly how B.C. got into a state of poverty and prevented the citizens from knowing about it. No surprise there, that's what the new premier's ideology is all about. Rape, pillage and making profits is an ideology which can cross oceans, cross continents, cross political borders. And that's why ItDoesn'tMatterWho is the new BC premier ... elected not by the citizens but by her own particular brand of partisan politics: centrist, indifferent, corporate, anti-union, anti-worker, ideologically driven, lame, boring, anti-family, petty politicians that avoid real human issues.

I assume (but am not sure) that the recent tiny session of the BC Legislature is over and done with. So no questions can be asked there, where they should be debated and agreed. Questions such as the ones a Tyee commenter is asking today:


"Where the hell was the environment, social programs, water privatization, corporate responsibility, government accountability, carbon tax, casinos, BC Place, BC Rail, BC Hydro, BC Ferries, salmon farms and all the other other things that I hear British Columbians talk about every day? Politicians do not want to talk about these things, be it so-called left or right wing in political stripe. They do not want to talk about it because they all know that they have sold this province down the river. It is easy to talk about accountability over and over but this government has been in power for a decade and I feel that they are the most unaccountable bunch of arrogant toads I have ever seen ... " End of quote.

Comment - New Premier
Andrew MacLeod
The Tyee - Feb. 26, 2011


But perhaps National Post has a healthier, happier "To Do List" of things the new premier (Itdoesn'tmatterwho) can do: 


... 3) Commission a full inquiry to examine the compromised BC Rail sale. A very messy affair, the BC Rail bidding process resulted in a political corruption trial; it ended abruptly last year in B.C. Supreme Court when two senior Liberal government bureaucrats pleaded guilty to charges of breach of trust and accepting benefits in exchange for leaking confidential rail bid information. What? How? Too many questions linger. End of story? Not on your life. The whole business stinks — including that $6-million fee payment the BC government agreed to give lawyers for the guilty parties — and everyone in the province knows it. The scandal remains great fodder for the NDP opposition.

Ms. Clark has already shunned calls for an inquiry, perhaps not surprising since her brother, federal Liberal fundraiser Bruce Clark, and her ex-husband, Mark Marissen, a federal Liberal party strategist, were among those approached by police investigating corruption around the BC Rail sale. But they were not accused of any wrongdoing, nor was any elected Liberal government member. Ms. Clark is now in a position to help clear the air, demonstrate openness and commitment to her promise of “change.” Forming an inquiry would be a courageous and creditable move. [End of quote]

From Full Comment
By Bruce Hutchinson
National Post - Feb. 27, 2011


BC Mary comment
: exactly how much faith can we put in any premier, and ItDoesn'tMatterWho? Consider the lady who occupied the BC Deputy Premier's chair throughout the pillaging of BC Rail -- she's now Premier -- is this the Hero who will chase down the villains, reveal the carefully-guarded secrets, and set the BC Rail record straight? I mean, she above all is wishing all those issues would go away, isn't she? She's the one who keeps saying "Just keep movin' along, folks; ain't nuthin' to see here now."

The other BC Liberal candidates fit this description too. They did the dirty deeds. Or they helped do them. Or they looked away while treachery was being done. It doesn't matter a damn which one of them became premier.  It really doesn't matter ... perhaps not until the next election, and perhaps not even then.  So ...

Citizens have work to do. Every day, we must do something -- no matter how small -- to push our M.L.A.s into action. To bring the issues to the public. 

BC Rail was, i.m.o., the first and the worst outrage perpetrated upon a wealthy province. I chose to get my teeth into that particular issue and to not let go until BC Rail gets the defense it has always deserved. You may feel equally  passionate about the rivers ... or BC Hydro ... or BC Ferries ... whatever it is, seize the issue and don't let go until the issue is brought into balance again. 

It's no good to moan and groan. In fact, that's worse than useless because it demoralizes everybody. Trying to do everything, that's also a bad idea because it's overwhelming. Pick your passionate favourite and stand by it day by day ... bit by bit ... if we all keep trying, it adds up.

Listen to me, cripes, you'd think I knew all about being an activist. Well, I don't know much about it at all ... all I know is that, deep in our hearts, we know perfectly well how to protect something we love. We know perfectly well that we'll go the extra mile for something precious in our world. And I'm pretty sure that the deep affinity I feel for the landscape of my home province, is amply shared by others. We can do this, y'know. We can put this chaotic, corrupted mess right again. The rightness of our project will carry us through. I know this. And I bet you do too.  Courage. Trust. Good cheer. 


Quote from Powell River Persuader today:

I can`t help but feel very dirty this morning, we go from hated Government to illegal Government with no mandate from the people....

BC Mary comment: This Province editorial just popped up like the answer to a prayer. It's describing one good thing people can do right away. 
Remember that what is happening to BC Hydro is almost identical to the careful crippling which was deliberately administered to BCRail in preparation for selling it off.
This Province editorial is a welcome change of media attitude ... and they're asking us to respond with what we think.  Their address is at the end, for people to write in with their opinions. Please do it. 

Editorial: Hydro needs to get back to its roots


... something is terribly wrong with the way the company and the B.C. Liberals are managing power generation in this province.

{Snip} ...

A large part of the problem at Hydro is the government insistence that it pursue costly private, run-of-river projects and other so-called "green" initiatives. A look in Hydro's 2010 annual report shows the folly of this approach.

It cost Hydro $7.19 to produce a megawatt hour of electricity with its large dams last year when power from independent power producers cost $63.85 -nine times as much.

{Snip} ...

Hydro should revert to its traditional role, the reason it's always been the jewel of B.C. Crown corporations, by providing the lowest-cost power that will drive prosperity in B.C.

What do you think? Email a brief comment, including your name and town to:

Read the full editorial HERE

Unfortunately, environmental issues are on the Liberal Agenda, if only to take the wind out of the NDP's sails. And its a disaster of epic perportions, an irresponsible waste of taxpayers money. Shamefull, really.

They have imposed secondary sewage treatment on Victoria in absense of a cost benefit analysi and enviromental analysis.

The cost is expected to surpass 1 Billion Dollars and cause most greenhouse gases and polution than it will cure, all the while diverting scarce taxpayer resources away from needed projects and infrastructures.

The liberals AND THE# NDP have to be stopped. The two are corrupt of incompetant. We need real govt. We need something other than these ying yangs.
Interesting comments on Laila Yuiles website and also this link on Laila's site - check it out.

Indicative of the standards now employed by the BC Liberal party leader - whoa, I think someone just "hexed themselves". Intelligent, informed, articulate and very smart - I think not !

Thank-you, B.C. Mary for bringing the threads of truthful observation to the table every day this past while.
Every day forward I will remember what has been taken from the people of B.C. and I will do something small or large to witness for truth in this province.
If those in North Africa can stand up for justice at such great cost to themselves and their families, I know I can surely do something.
To Anonymous 3:42,

Bravo !!! And thank you.
Well, the one thing Campbell can count on. Christy Clark will never allow any further investigation of, the corrupt sale of the BCR. Keep hammering Mary. We want to make sure Christy Clark knows, she will never win the confidence of the BC people.

That PIN vote really stinks. Elections BC, had the RCMP investigate seven people who, had duplicate signatures, on the HST petitions. There were also letters sent out by Craig James, threatening people with a $10,000 fines. Now, are these 6,000 illegal PIN votes, that were thrown out, going to be investigated? Are they going to be getting letters to say, they could be facing $10,000 fines, including the cat. We don't have a clue, how many more votes were illegal. We don't even know for sure who has really won. Or will this, also fall into, the two tiered justice system? The one system for corrupt politicians and the other tier, justice for the citizens?

While I'm at it, the media really reeks, as usual.
RE PRP's "mandate from the people" comment:

You'll hear them extol both the virtues of the parliamentary system and also the now-fixed election date; Christy says she'll hold one before that, but only after a by-election for her and the HST referendum (which by saying that she's indicating she's not going to try and stop it).

But does she want an election-weary electorate with a third vote before Christmas? Campaigning has started now anyway, doesn't matter when it's called; her regime is anything but stable for the moment.

Worth noting that it was the Point Grey federal riding where Kim Campbell ran, and already has an anti-Campbell element; are they pro-Christy around Kerrisdale and Dunbar and Arbutus Ridge and SW Marine? The UEL? Be hell of a something to lose what's supposed to be a safe-seat in a by-election. Probably not....might depend a lot on who the Tories ran against here there, huh? I'd laugh, if that weren't so dark rather than funny. Couple of persuasive phone calls, y'never know who might wind up as leader of the BC Tories. And, if not already having a seat (ahem), then needing one, too.

My main point about her getting a mandate, rather than from one rich-folks' riding, emblematic of who the party serves but also a sure thing; she might not win in her home turf in Coquitlam-Westwood given the NDP history there, and well it's just not Kerrisdale.

Is Vancouver-Point Grey technically vacant? Campbell hasn't stepped down as an MLA - is he doing that when he steps down as Premier? Presumably, but with an open seat available, it behooves Christy to call the by-election on it immediately.

This was in fact constitutional practice in the old days in BC and federally also; by-elections were held to affirm cabinet posts, or to bring those just appointed/selected to the House, as in this case; usually it meant there was a by-election right after the general election, once the cabinet was announced. If Campbell's seat is empty when she assumes power, the pressure on her to take the seat legitimately, instead of just pose next to it saying "see, I'll win this to, once I bother to make it mine...nice upholstery, huh?".

The grandiose power she now holds, from a membership of 90,000-odd, only 60k-odd of whom took part, is out of all proportion to the exclusive and manipulated nature of that party. Premier-designates who have no mandate does happen every so often at party leadership-change times historically, not the same as opposition-leader changes at all; usually they have the decency to run for the first available seat as soon as possible. But "decency" is something we've pretty much come to discount from BC's political-professional class....this is one of those situations where the L-G should have independent power to enable/enact various constitutional provisions (if there's to be any point to that office at all).

I still wanna know the full scale of the pet store you could probably open from the stock of new Liberal members; must be some dogs and horses, maybe more than one cat and who knows a python or lizard or two, even some bunnies. And when you read by their account whole offices / companies were signed up, you have to wonder about corporate influence over their employees' political choices/profiles....

'tis an increasingly strange age we live in....
The most important thing about the Post editorial, other than it demonstrates a clear fracture on the right in relation to business/government misconduct in BC (as we've heard nothing like that from, say, the Fraser Institute or other in-BC voices of the right), is who wrote it. Bruce Hutchinson is old-guard BC, the long time chief sage of the Vancouver Sun and nationally-respected.

Certainly quite a different tone than that Mark Hume fellow, no? If hutchinson is on-side about the public inquiry, and it certainly sounds like he is, there is a voice on the national stage talking some sanity about all this, instead of pretending that it's not even news, or now over and done with if it ever was.

Makes me wonder who else of the old guard in BC is gonna speak up about this? The establishment isn't just party/coalition loyalists/zombies, no, not at all.

Think I'll send him (Hutchinson) a thank-you note. Makes me wonder what else he might say as the carnival of BC politics opens up wide for the next few months (at least that long).
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