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Wiretapped talks: Basi, Virk, and Bruce Clark

Wiretap tales of sex trysts, bribes, and kickbacks reveal Basi Virk's sliminess [and more wire-tap conversation Basi + Bruce Clark]

By Michael Smyth
Regina Leader Post - Feb. 19, 2011

"The case for a Public Inquiry has never been stronger."

Read about it HERE.

With more about Bruce Clark ... 

And this, from The Province, Vancouver: 

... But if there's anything more disturbing than these new wiretaps, it's the realization officials in our criminal justice system knew the tawdry details, and still decided to give $6 million of the public's money to Basi's and Virk's lawyers anyway.

The Basi-Virk plea bargain reeks to high heaven.

With their criminal trial just under way, and a long list of powerful politicians and corporate insiders set to take the witness stand, the government suddenly announced it would pick up their $6-million legal tab in return for guilty pleas ...

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the Basi Virk plea bargain may reak of high heaven, but D-uh!

There is reason to suspect that Basi would have hear/discussed some private dealings.

Basi/Virk have had 7 yrs to say what they know, but havent. Instead, they had their 7M+ taxpayer funded lawyers go on a fishing expidition for emails, documents, etc, none of which have been presented that would point fingers away from their own selves.

If IRAQ had weapons of mass destuction, they would have used them.

If BASI had info that exonerated him he would have used that.

He doesnt and he didnt.

Still, I want to see ALL the evidence, all the emails, all the wire tap evidence so we all can decide for ourselves ifour Govt is responsible to US.

I beleive they are NOT and should be fired at once.

I do not recommend they be replaced by the NDP, they would, I suspect, be worse that the crooks we have now, if only becuase of their own well meaning but utterly miguided incompetance.
More damaging evidence pointing to the involvement of senior BC government officials, in what has to be the biggest corruption trial in British Columbia's history. From the premier (Gordon Campbell) down through various cabinet ministers to the civil servants employed to "look after the best interests of British Columbia". Revelations of sex for favours, hired prostitutes, monetary bribes, kickbacks, favoured bidders and top government elected officials directly involved.

One wonders why the case ended abruptly with the two accused getting their legal fees paid by the (corrupt ? ) government to save the embarrassment of senior government officials having to appear in court?

Canada waits to see what unfolds next - while the premier Gordon Campbell quietly exits and disappears into the sunset through an enforced retirement ! Alarm bells should be sounding off in Ottawa, the Supreme Court of Canada should be looking at what has the potential to be tearing British Columbia apart !

See links below for more details:

Your willful ignorance on this matter is quite astonishing.....

You do understand, do you not, that there are police wiretaps of a conversation over dinner that Mr. Gary Collins had with one of the failed bidders, a company that was very likely angling for the BC Rail consolation prize that another company, a company represented by Mr. Bruce Clark, was also allegedly angling for?

Importantly, both of the companies referred to above were working the refs, through their lobbyists, using Mess'rs Basi and Virk as the go-betweens.


In May of 2007, through HIS lawyer (ie. not the defense or the prosecution lawyers), Mr. Gary Collins called for the release of the wiretaps referred to above so that he (i.e. Mr. Collins) would be vindicated, or some such deflector spin.

Funny how those wiretaps were not released by the prosecution to the Globe and CTV last week, eh?

And funnier still, don'cha think, that there are no longer any calls for the release ore even a mention of said wiretaps from either Mr. Collins or his lawyer (or in public rehabilitative puff pieces from people who should now better, including Mark Hume, given that it was the latter reporter who wrote the original spring 2007 story referred to above).

The following sentence (from above) is an error of mammoth proportions: "Basi/Virk have had 7 yrs to say what they know, but havent."

Homework time, jj.

I have, I believe, been respectful of others points of view on this forum. To call me willfully ignorant is insulting and the condesending import of your response I take offense to.

In respect of your comments about wiretaps of Collins, I share your apparent bewilderment about the silence respecting those wiretaps.

If Collins was asking them to be made public though, it would seem that they do not contain any self incriminating evidence you appear to so desperately desire.

as for Just saying, I dont understand what you are saying. Basi and Virk have uncovered NIL in respect of their defence, and in fact, plead guilty.

How and why the Crown was able to authorise relief from paying his legal bills, when at the same time the AG goes out of his way to claim he had no imput, is something I would hope every investigative reporter will chase after and fully disclose
JeeJim - the NDP left with a budgetary surplus that was pillaged by the lying, corrupt and ideologically driven "Liebearals". These guys have ruined the province, given away public assets to their friends and have ravaged town and country.

The NDP would be a God-send after 10 years of lies and corruption.

Remember that Glen Clark was driven out of office by an RCMP "investigation", re coup, that lasted 18 months and resulted in NO charges. What was that about. Do you remember the night of the raid? The media had been advised and was on hand along with some private security "commentator". How as that arranged?

How can you trust the system when corruption runs wild. Your distrust of the NDP is misplaced...
jj Nothing presented by the Special Prosecutor/RCMP or Crown has been tested. Given the flawed investigation and obvious bias (the RCMP is in the midst of negotiations over policing BC) it is way to early to declare anyone "cleared". The jury is out and only an public inquiry can get to the bottom of this sordid mess. Even Michael Smyth of the Van. Province called today for an inquiry.

And, in the same vein, why would Basi and Virk tell their story when they were paid millions to "forget about it"!!! Open your mouth and risk everything - I don't think so.

Wake up JJ...
Annonymous. I have no axe to grind in respect of the OLD ndp, ie glen clark. My distrust is with Carol James and her band of useless cadavers who made zero political hay out of:

1. raw log exports. These isnt ONE NDPer I am aware of that has any business savy. But if there is, he or she would be drowned out by the socialist hoards and bleeding hearts that haunt those digs

2. privatisation of hospital services, BC hydro, BC Ferries, etc and so on. Where was the NDP when contracts were being ripped up?

3. the sinking of the queen of the north. No one in jail to this day! The NDP are too in bed with the Union to get to the bottom of this, GROSS DERELICT OF DUTY

4. secondary sewage treatment that will cost Greater Victorians 1.3 Billion Dollars and cause more harm and green house gases than it will cure all while diverting tax payer resources away from new schools, transit, health care, you name it. The NDP actually are in hysterical favor of secondary treatment, even in absense of a peer reviewed comprehensive analysis!!!!! OUTRAGEOUS AND IRRESPONSBLE TO THE CORE!!!!

5 Gordo's drunk driving. HELOO?

6. Increased crime. StatsCan is a fib. It indicates crime rates are dropping. That a LIE. StatsCan's Report doesnt include drug crimes or crimes commited by those on probation. DONT BE FOOLED!! But the NDP are against locking anyone up, never mind those who are blowing their minds on Meth or crack, killing themselves and ruining eveything that comes near.

7. Needle distribution centres, crack pipe distributon. WHy oh why are we cattering to drug addicts? Becuase the NDP keep reminding us that they are someone's brother sister uncle aunt. Well so was Willy Picton!Run them out of town!!

8 expanasion of gambling when the Fiberals said they wouldnt. Setting up gaming houses to take every last nickel from those who can least afford it. HOW EVIL IS THAT??!! How many broken homes, bankrupcies can this sickness endure? What caring govt would provide for such evilness?

9. failure to share gaming receipts with sports and charities when they said they would 1/3
10 raising the drink drive to .05 which has decimated the Hotel/Restaurant industry. Even if you agree with Gaming, how can you agree with the House that says it will share the receipts and then plows them into general revenue so it can keep taxes low for their rich friends?

11. Class composition and teacher/student ratios are out of control. Where is the NDP this time? No where. The teachers union half-heartedly intervened, then made nice with the province, and its back to same old class compostion, autism and behavoir kids jamed into classes. How would YOU like it if your kid didnt get proper instruction because the teacher had to spend a great deal of his/her time stopping little Johnny from throwing chairs across the room? NDP where are you??

12. Spending millions on legal trails that go no where. Basi Virk BAsi, WIlly Pickton, Air India. The list goes on. We need judicial reform and we need it now. Langford cannot get a new school becuase our govt has spend god knows how many billions on lawyers fees that end up with NO MEANINGFUL jail time!

Will the current NDP fix this?

No. They dont even understand whats broken, never mind have any sense about how to fix it.

...the list goes on and JAMES and the current NDP, not the past NDP, have FAILED to hold the Fiberals to account.

Anonymous 10:28 has not been "tested?"

Does a thing have to be tested before you are willing to accept it as fact?

And let me guess, after such "testing" is the result differs from your opinion, then the "test" would be flawed/biased?

And I dont buy it that the RCMP are clearing anyone to get their contract renewed. Thats just daft.
JeeJim said "Does a thing have to be tested before you are willing to accept it as fact?"

Of course, everything must be subjected to rigorous testing before anyone can accept something as fact. That's what life is about - someone makes a claim, its tested, then we know if the claim is true, or not. To accept something as true without even trying to test its validity got us to where we are now.

"And I dont buy it that the RCMP are clearing anyone to get their contract renewed. Thats just daft."

That's hypocritical. Because you don't accept a claim of fact, you don't even try to test it, you just call it "daft" because it does not fit with your preconceived notions.

It may very well be that the RCMP are above such mundane matters as contract renewal. I sincerely hope so. But reading the research on this blog and several others, I certainly wonder about both the special prosecutor and the RCMP.

There is more to be said, but this is not my blog.

Have a good day and maybe read a book on scientific methodology when you have time.
"But reading the research on this blog and several others, I certainly wonder about both the special prosecutor and the RCMP."

I hate to say this, but the so-called research on this blog and others that you form your opinions on, have not been tested.

JeeJim Great. You get it! If it is not tested, you don't know if it is true. So, clearly, the stuff we get from the RCMP and the special prosecutor needs to be tested because there appears to be research based on documents signed and witnessed that 'appear to show' that there is much more to the "story" about BC Rail.

And, JeeJim, THAT is why we need a public inquiry because without testing, we do not know what really happened.

I don't want to confuse you, but one of the real issues here is why a Judge would allow entertainment companies access to the very documents that need to be tested but not the public. Don't you think it is weird - a travesty of justice - that we paid 6 million to Basi and Virk and now the documents from that settlement (read pay-off, hush fund, etc.) are 'given' to for-profit entertainment companies who then sell it back to us!! So, JeeJim, we pay twice and still don't get 'our' documents, unless they are leaked.

I'm a little upset. I would have guessed it, but to do it to me so openly makes me a little upset.

So, because I'm a little dubious, I want everything tested and dragged out into the public. The entertainment companies have a lot to answer for. But we should have known.

Finally, try to read some of the other blogs on the BC Rail scandal (google BC Rail) and see what they have found -- and want tested in a court of law.

Let's also sue to get all the documents released to the PUBLIC.
No OutSourced, we dont need to spend another 10 million dollars just to convince you that it is what it is.

I and many other british columbians are fine with the outcome, expect for hte part about basi and virk not having to pay their legal bills, and for the ridiculous amount of time their budgetless lawyers spun this through the courts, and the percetion of conflict in the appointment of the prosecutor.

Other than that, I and many others dont need any so-called further testing. In the end, the evidence is what it is, and I dont trust the courts to interpret it any better than I can.

Actually, I expect them to do a worse job at that.
Listen up:

the next time somebody cites Michael Jackson or O.J. Simpson as their interpretation of


they get deleted. OK? It's a howling offense to be given the impression that MY country and OUR laws aren't in effect.
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