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BC Rail "privatization not reversible"? How can you be so certain of that, Mr Palmer?

NDP trio sour on private sector, but say job creation top priority

By Vaughn Palmer
Vancouver Sun - March 30, 2011



Horgan drew one of the more satisfied laughs of the evening when he quipped that under his leadership, [BC] Ferries’ boss David Hahn “is going to be cleaning washrooms real soon.”

Only on the subject of BC Rail, sold by the Liberals to CN Rail in defiance of one of their own election promises more than seven years ago, was there any acknowledgment — by the ideologically determined Dix, no less — that privatization was probably not reversible at this late date.


BC Mary comment:  This statement in Vaughn Palmer's March 30, 2011 column needs challenging. Who's being kidded here? Seriously ... who's getting the wool pulled over their eyes again? And why?

Although the BCR-CN deal has never been fully opened to the public (complaint #1), we do know that there are RE-POSSESSION clauses in the contract AND we know that there have been breaches which could trigger re-possession, such as (a) CN's failure to maintain certain BCR lines - and -  CN's failure to purchase 600 new centre-beam rail cars; (b) we also know that any contract which is entered into by illegal means is not a valid contract. Palmer, Dix, Horgan, and Farnworth must know this, too. Grown-up, responsible people know these things ... and they should be prepared to acknowledge these truths before shooting off their faces about how best (?) to handle this tragic situation!!

So is this statement in Palmer's report today simply the NDP turning belly-up again, like dead fish? 

Or is this Mr Vaughn Palmer being unable to hold his own hopes in check? I hope others will send him a reminder that the BC Rail issue is still very much alive. His e.mail address is (Vaughn Palmer).  

Maybe send copies to remind the other three, as well: 

Oh yes: and let's remind them that what we absolutely do need right now is a full Public Inquiry into how we, the citizens of British Columbia, lost control of this vital link in the BC economy apparently by means of a rigged auction (CP said so, and objected, in writing). 


Our Beautiful BC Media Celebs long ago gave up on being journalists and became fart-catching servants of the Fraser Institute and the Vancouver Board of Trade.

Actually I wonder why the NDP even bother giving interviews or even allowing these media-of-ill-repute to even cover them . . . since we know what's comes out the other end the next day has more corn in it than truth.

Palmer, Baldry and Good (why would a twit have a name like Good?) want this to disappear as quickly as possible. Their sanctimonious smiks can then remain on their faces along with their "I told you so" BS. Let's keep this sale alive and well until we once again own our railroad.
He says "probably not reversible". To me that means "possibly reversible".

I don't see why not. And doesn't BC still own the BC Rail tracks?
And another thing:

"NDP trio sour on private sector"

what kind of crap is that?
'Privatization is probably not reversible at this late date.'This is not a comment from someone who is ideologically determined but someone who is ideologically bankrupt. When someone steals something from you, you don't just say 'oh well, I guess it's his now'. Hugh,in stead of "possibly reversible" I would substitute "for goddamnsure reversible". By the way, if you want to see real journalists at work, watch RT.
I worship The GREAT SATAN, the king of analogies.
Hugh: what kind of crap? More of the same.

And in your previous post you hit the mark on my initial reaction: this is an admission by them that de-privatization is even on the political table. Implicitly the reversal of the illegal sale of BC Rail and a cancellation of its secret contracts. And so much more.

Socialism on the rampage; correcting the illegal abuses and illegal activities of the "business-oriented small-government" extremists. Ever notice how small-government mouthpieces use the weaponry and power of Big Government to get their means accomplished, while doing anything but running the government as a business (which was their touted credential as to why only they should be allowed to do it).
In a town hall meeting by phone, John Horgan promised unequivocally, that he will have a FULL and OPEN public inquiry with no limiting parameters, and consequences for those caught breaking the law.

He then went on to state all the reasons why one is needed (for the same reasons you've given Mary), and that it would also be one of the first things on his agenda should he win a general election.

I believe him.

side note*

He also stated that the sale of BC Rail and the tactics used to sell it, are the same tactics being used on BC Hydro...with the same end result no doubt.

That should tell us who among them has been paying attention, and who hasn't. None of the others have come close to those statements.

Mr. Horgan - You have my vote.
the ndp are fricken IDIOTS!

the ndp tried this same scheme yrs ago, i think was called the FAIR WAGE scheme:

-contractors went on the payroll temporarily to give the illusion that govt funded jobs (ie the Inland Island Hwy, painting contracts at the Ledge, FastCats, etc), were creating employment.

In reality, they werent. After the project ended, the employee contracts were terminated, and the workers when back to being self-employed contractors.

AND GET THIS!!! a direct result of FAIR WAGE scheme, costs soared on ALL govt funded projects this scheme was used, and projects were not proceeded with, or where done half-assed, ie the Inland Island HWY, for prime example.

As a result of budgets overruns, stop lights were installed instead of overpasses, and the Inland Island HWY failed to provide the non stop speed it was designed for.

When will the ndp ever learn?

FastCars, Inland Island Hwy, etc and so on.

Just how short are BCers memory?

Dont let the NDP FOOL YOU AGAIN!!

I will be NOT be voting npd, not provincially, not federally, not ever.
ok Cal - now tell us, in detail, what this corrupt bunch of idiots (your term) has done for the citizens of this,our, Province. And be sure to include the fact Gordo, the lordo, has a criminal conviction. Joey
V Palmer is twisting the message. The NDP is opposing the privatization of public services, it's not opposing the private sector.
Well, Japan is now looking at privatizing the nuclear power company because of their lax regulations and operations.

So, if that can happen, I'm sure we can privatize a little 'ol railroad that was stolen from us.
That statement by Palmer is a little bit like saying, my Toyota has 100,000K on it so it's probably on it's way out. in reality that Toyota will be far from on it's way out at 300,000K on it!
I don't think these people realize how the corrupt sale of BC.Rail went right into everyone's souls only to linger and fester there. Trust cannot ever be restored without a reckoning.It's like adultery in it's effect or a rape!
Mr. Palmer as should Mr. Good and Mr. Baldry should understand that every time they choose to play cheap with the words only they will suffer for it as we have had quite enough and are wise to your ways, far too wise!
Does anyone care to remember the deal that was made with Robert Dunsmuir? The government gave his company a swath of land along the eastern coast of Vancouver Island. Which is how we ended up with all this private forest land that now exports all the logs cut from them. The deal was that a rail line would be built from Victoria to Campbell River and operated in perpetuity. The rail line never reached Campbell River and operated to be a money loser which has been a virtually useless mode of transportation. Under the Campbell Government they relented and finally let it be sold. The economic benefit has been nil yet none of the lands were given back to the province. The legacy of corruption continues unabated.
Don F your analogy is way off.

Hugh, the ndp have proven time and again that they are incompetant to run the province. Dont take my word for it, look at the lack of talent in their ranks for proof.

The ndp were utterly useless at holding the Fiberals to account for the Rail BC Fiasco.

Bill VanderZalm, who hasnt been elected in almost 2 decades, was the unofficial leader of the opposition in respect of holding the govt to account for the HST.
All Carol James could do is hold his hand and hoper her face got included in the media print, becuase be darned if she understood a how and what VanderZalm was doing.

The ndp are so woefully out of their league, its not even funny. If they were a Toyota, they would have 500,000 klicks on their clock, not 100K, and they would be the toyota that was scorched by the disaster, not the one in your cozy, safe garage.
There is ample evidence that the NDP were trying to focus attention on the theft of BC Rail before the last election. (Do a little homework Cal)

There is ample evidence that CTV,CKNW, Global, Sun , Province etc failed to cover the NDP reports.

To his credit, Mr. Palmer recognizes that deliberate deception by himself and his colleagues and the only way he can rationalize his failure is to be defensive and antagonistic to those who now know the real story.

As every day goes by the reality and the audacity of the theft becomes more apparent to more British Columbians thanks to bBC Mary and company and no thanks whatever to the same lame main stream media.

Mr. Palmer could regain his former reputation by acknowledging that he really does know what the rest of us know and are telling others on a daily if not hourly basis.

For his sake and his legacy, I hope he does, because we all know the difference between right and wrong.

Vaughn, it is not between Liberal and NDP. It is the difference between Right and Wrong.
As I've always felt, Vaughn was mediocre as a music critic and he was at the top of his game then. I can remember ONE column he wrote in that incarnation that wasn't crap and it's been downhill since he became Gordon Campbells personal P.R. flack.

BaldryDash and not so Good are beneath contempt.
Thanks for bringing this article forward, Mary.

Palmer has hit a new low by saying that an asset that was fraudulently/illegally sold cannot and should not be recovered by its owners. That's like saying a burgler can enter one's home and steal your great-grandmother's precious china, and you witness it but you cannot get the perfectly useful china back because those complicit in the illegal selling of your china say it wasn't brand new.
al, when using the word "competent" it's best to spell it right - c-o-m-p-e-t-e-n-t. One thing that hasn't changed in decades from anti-NDP rabblemongers is their lack of education.
Good one, Skookum!

Here's another one, taken from one of CAL'S weird contributions (more about that later). He/she was trying to say something halfway nice about the NDP and he/she wrote

"At leased they didn't ... blah blah"

I think that was a composite comment, really. And so DIFFERENT from the person he/she was pretending to be, that I began a few enquiries.

Fake, fake, fake ... so the TRASH bin is filling up. Pity. I don't even do partisan politics on this site, so why are the PABsters agitated enough to pull stunts like this?
Yes, seems that the PAB is reaing it's ugly head again, in a desperate bid to try and head off any cries for a public enquiry.

A crooked and corrupt regime will eventually expose itself for all to see. Clark and Campbell are both so ddeply involved with the corrupt sale of BC Rail, they would do anything to prevent the public from knowing what happened. To get the recognition of corruption and a full enquiry, I feel, will need more than just an internal investigation. Someone not in the pay of the BC Liberal party (loosely Clark and Campbell support staff) would be the only way to get satisfaction.

Without the public pushing and asking, nothing will get done.

The 250 employees at the Public Affairs Beureau will be tryong to earn their keep even more. Ten times the number of people in the US administration in Washington, devoted to propaganda - way to go BC !! If that isn't corruption I don't know what is - just like the third reich.

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