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Paul Nettleton: "I am very concerned, as every British Columbian should be, who care about clean, affordable public power!"

BC Mary comment: I'm 99% certain that it's OK for me to share Paul's comments with you. But I have removed the law office from his return address, so that if you wish to send him a message, it will go directly to Paul personally. Remember: Paul, as the BC Liberal M.L.A. for Prince George-Omineca during the early Campbell regime, was the leading spokesperson warning of future dangers to BC Hydro (as well as BCRail). Paul didn't give up. Later, the full power of the Campbell Gang was turned against him ... 

so what he says today, means that his worst fears are coming into focus. We dare not overlook his meaning -- or allow ourselves to be bamboozled into misreading what he says.


----- Original Message -----

From: Mary Mackie
To: Paul Nettleton
Sent: Saturday, March 19, 2011
Subject: BC Hydro

Paul ...

I'm sure you've seen this ... if not, I'm truly sorry to be bringing you bad news.


My first thoughts went to you, after reading it. Clearly, people (myself included) don't know what to do ...

or how to lodge our protests fast enough to slow down the proceedings so that our fears can be expressed.

If you have suggestions, I'd be grateful ... and I'll gladly pass them along.

Very best wishes,


BC Mary
The Legislature Raids


Paul Nettleton replies:

Hi Mary

I very much appreciate your sending this link.  I am very concerned, as every British Columbian should be, who care about clean, affordable public power!

Kind regards,
Paul Nettleton - Lawyer


  Here it is again ... the source:



Would a investigation of the B.C. Rail scam lead to a judicial investigation? This is some scary stuff!
Typical of dirty Campbell and his, corrupt Liberal crime family. Campbell never could pass up a buck. Dirty or corrupt money, was no never mind to him.

The run of the rivers is an abomination, on the face of BC. The photo's show the damage this is causing. This will ruin the eco system. Fish, birds and wild animals delicate balance, will be severely compromised. They are creatures of habit. When their habitat is disturbed. They don't know there is another river twenty miles away. That is if, that river isn't raped as well.

Campbell is such a disgusting monster, in so many ways...His sanity is suspect. He belongs in prison for, his evil thefts and sales of the BC citizens, assets and resources.

May the fleas of a thousand camels, infest Campbell's jock shorts.
If he's all that concerned, I really have to ask why he supported the liberals in general and Christy Clark in particular? Especially after the way he was treated by them as a whole.

I never thought I'd laugh over such a terrible topic,

but the fleas of 1,000 camels might just defeat the White-Haired Monster and send him running ...

and I laughed.

Thanks for that. I imagine Lara will be pleased, too.
Anon 5:07

If you really want some insight into the mind of our 'nearly departed' premier, I suggest you 'Google' sociopath. Click on the first item "Profile of a sociopath'.

I wish I could copy and paste it here, but I'm too incomputerit(?) to know how to do that.
if your not outraged
you are not paying enough attention.
Anonymous 9:59,

I don't know who you are (using my blog as a bulletin board)

but I thank you for alerting us to Harvey Oberfeld's column today.
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