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Auditor-General Sheila Fraser's last day in office is May 31, 2011. Is this beginning to sound like Gordon Campbell's timing or Stephen Harper's timing?


Many thanks to Prime Time Crime for providing 5 of the the following links to the story of allegedly illegal activities on the part of "The Harper Government" in parliament.

BC Mary has added Sheila Fraser's  Wikipedia biography.

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Wikipedia biography of Sheila Fraser

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Harper and Campbell work hand inhand on projects for BC. We know Campbell and Harper have, a very close relationship. Harper did chastize the BC people for, forcing Campbell to resign, when Campbell had done that himself.

Anyone opposing Campbell lost their jobs. I'm not in the least surprised Sheila lost her job. Harper is just as arrogant and vindictive as Campbell is. Just imagine if Harper wins a majority. He will do to Canada, what Campbell did to BC. Our country will be given to the, wealthiest giant corporations, in the world. Count on it.
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Corporatocracy: A government that serves the interest of, and may de facto be run by corporations.
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