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BC Mary comment: Fascinatin', isn't it,  the way Big Media lately has been using the Citizens' letters-to-the-editor as hard news? This one, by Keith McGuiggan of Coquitlam, raises a good point: that the law should apply equally to all citizens:

B.C. pursues Malik's legal fees but not Virk and Basi's

By Keith McQuiggan
Vancouver Sun - April 28, 2011

Re: Court allows B.C. to pursue Malik for $5.8 million in legal fees, April 22

Barry Penner pledged "all our available means" to collect $5.8 million in legal aid fees from acquitted Air India bomber Ripudaman Singh Malik.

Yet Penner refused any effort to recover $6 million in legal fees from the only two men, David Basi and Bob Virk, convicted in the BC Rail scandal.

{Snip} ...

Penner won't do anything that further tarnishes his government's reputation or what's left of Gordon Campbell's political legacy.

Keith McQuiggan


IT's an interesting parallel Mary.

Malik signed affidavits promising to reimburse the crown for his legal defence and is now doing everything he can to avoid the efforts of the Crown to identify and seize his assets in order to satisfy the bill - which is ironically about the same size as Basi and Virk's account payable...Of course his deal didn't come about because he was a civil servant who was covered by a policy which applied in Basi and Virk's case.

A policy which has been ignored despite the registered charges against property that the crown could have legally attached.

The world is a funny place - I understand Lara Dauphinee got almost $200,000. in severance from Ms Christina's government today.

Nice work if you can get it.
"Nice work if you can get it."

Compared to what? Working the stroll on E. Hastings? Really good work, if you can get it is being a rogue cop, upwards of $80,000 per annum for not showing up. Ask Monty Robinson or Geoff Mantler, or countless others on "paid" leave for months or years. It certainly doesn't seem like much of an incentive for proper police behaviour if doing it right means you have to show up for work to get paid and if you screw up you get an extended paid holiday with maybe a light slap on the wrist (like giving back a day or a week's pay) down the road, someday, maybe.

Mind you, being an MLA in BC is pretty sweet too, recently seemed to be paying about $30-40,000 per day - I wonder if they feel hard done by, having to come and spend time acting like juveniles in Victoria this month (with travel expenses, living out etc. paid of course - even your lunch even if you live in Victoria like Ida Chomp Chomp Chong.

Election News Flash from the Kootenays:

PsuedoCon candidate sightings ALMOST as frequent as Sasquatch sightings, but creepier!
There is no recession, for the province and the governing officials.

BC has absolutely, billions of dollars for corrupt and greedy politicians. It's just the BC people that are, forced to be in a recession.
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