Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Law Society of Upper Canada licensing hearing on Erik Bornmann application: April 26, 2011

BC Mary comment: It ain't over until it's over ... and I have it on good authority  (from the Law Society of Upper Canada) that Erik's 2nd hearing concluded today, and the hearing panel has reserved its decision.

The Communications advisor very kindly invites us to phone, if we have questions. I'll do that tomorrow. Today I spent in a very big hospital and, as a result, I am taking the evening off ... bathrobe, slippers, and watching some happy drivel about two attractive young people who are getting married on Friday.

And I'm thinking, Ha! Dogs and cats have licences but Bornmannn doesn't. Yet.

See story by Neal Hall April 26, 2011:



Dont give up BC Mary, hang in there!

There is no way Borman should get his licence. But there is no way Basi and Virk and Basi should have not had to pay their legal bills either, and that, a far far worse crime, imho.

BVB went on for years about their innocence. The wire tap evidence clearly proves they and they alone were at the root of the leaks to Omnitrax, and while the fix may well have been in from the git go, there was no need to leak confidential documents to Omnitrax other than to line Basi's pockets.

Basi and Virk were going to have their day and court then decided against doing so. They could have stuck to thier guns if truley innocent. Then watch out for the biggest wrongful dismissal suit f all times. But that didnt happen. Basi and Virk plead guilty.

There is also no way Campbell should have not been impeeched for lying; saying one thing then doing the exact opposite. He said he wouldnt sell BC Rail. Well let me tell you, a 990 yr lease is a sale. The banks consider anything more than a 40 yr lease to be a sale!!! The nerve!! Calling it a lease? Do they really think we are that dumb, or are they that dumb?
Good heavens, Rosemary. How you have changed since we last saw you!

Much appreciated, of course.

As for BC Mary ... who said anything about "giving up" or made even the remotest suggestion about NOT "hanging in there"?

Your two distinctly different voices coming from the same "Rosemary" user name, causes concern that you may be a figment of the Public Affairs Bureau's imagination!

So may we deduce that the PAB-machinery has slipped effortlessly into the Christie-Clark-LINO costume to resume work? (on behalf of BC citizens, of course).

I would find it hard to believe, that the LSUC would allow a self admitted "briber of government officials" back into the supposedly, responsible position of a practicing lawyer - charged with upholding the law.

It would seem very foolish to allow Bornmen another chance - especially when the courts usually prosecute the ordinary citizen pretty severely.

In my humble opion (for what it is worth), the LSUC has wasted enough time and money on "crooked lawyer" - the evidence speaks for itself. He may not have been found in guilty in court - but that was because of a deal to help in the BVB trial. It still doesn't make Bornman any more reliable or honest - probably the very opposite.

We will have to wait and see what the decison is - I sure hope he is refused in his quest to break more laws !!! After all, he is accountable for all of his actions - no one else.

Mary, Rosemary's voice hasn't necessarily changed so much. She is only trying to promote the meme that BVB were bad and were the extent of the rot involved in the BC Rail sale.

With six million in legal expenses built up so far and Annie Mack parachuted into the trial to countenance non-responsive and perjuring witnesses in the cause of the Liberal Crime Family, what chance did BVB of aquittal, no matter what the facts of the case, and indeed they were guilty undoubtably of relatively minor crimes compared to their superiors, on whose instructions they were, I still believe, acting.

Their bosses, Kinsella, Campbell, Collins, MacLean and Reid, had to use them to keep at least somebody in the rigged bidding process (CP and BN&SF had already smelled the fix), in this case Omnitrax and of course it had to appear they were acting on their own to line their own pockets with what amounted to pocket change compared to what Kinsella and Maclean got out of the deal.

How folks can think it is all different now with Crusty as the fake smile in front of the same old gang of mobsters is beyond me!

BTW,the BC Ledge is actually starting a sitting TODAY and of course the smile from hell has to sit in the gallery or watch on TeeVee. It would be soooooo cool if she got her ass handed to her in Kits-Pt. Grey.
I don't think they could stand the negative Blogosphere publicity that Bornmann's getting a licence to practise law would generate. I know I would spend hours and hours, day in and day out, publishing the tradgedy on every conceiveable blog and in every possible newspaper. I would link it to CC every time. I would link it to the BC Libs and CC, CC to Gordo, and then Gordo to the Federal Conservatives. I would endeavour to do my very best writing.
Hi Mary, Just a correction cats in BC do not have licences. They can do their buisness anywhere and no one has to pick up after them. I susbect Bornmann might fit the category of the feline species.
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