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Precious moments with Lara

BC Mary comment: Despite the fact that I barely understand what they are talking about on their Point Grey Waterfront ... I enjoyed this little visit with Lara Dauphinee and her new friends. It's a game, really. Lara knows everything we need to know. Above all, Lara understands the importance of not telling us ... but she's so cute, she can't stop herself from leaving a few footprints in the sand. So let's play along. First, go back in time until you remember where Lara Dauphinee, our former premier's Deputy Chief of Staff and Executive Assistant who was never seen far from his side ... our former employee ... remember after Gordo resigned, Lara was busy rattling the tin cup to help finance her new life of riding a bicycle to cure cancer, or some such thing. She was disarmingly friendly, as we always imagined she would be if she ever spoke directly to her employers. Remember how she shyly confided how much she would really really need good luck, as she cycled? She even confided in us, providing the names we'd like to know more about but probably never will. A game. Don't try looking it up. Like all else about Lara Dauphinee, those stories are no longer available. Now, however, I do believe that our valiant Lara is working the game again to save the starving.  Also, the homeless.


Face the World pulls in nearly $1 million for the hungry

But attendees were starving as well, as Japanese-styled dinner was delayed to accommodate those arriving late from Canucks game

By Malcolm Parry
Vancouver Sun? June 11, 2011

ACTS FACED: The Face The World charity gala ran recently at Jacqui Cohen's Point Grey waterfront home, with Premier Christy Clark reluctant to face predecessor Gordon Campbell -in photos, at least. The event's 21st running raised a reported $900,000 for some who otherwise might go hungry.

Attendees sure were when dinner by David Aisenstat's Ki Modern Japanese + Bar was long delayed to accommodate heavy-billfold supporters' attendance at a Canucks-Bruins hockey game. They included Jamie King, whose wife Christie vamped in a raffle-prize Smart car with Sarah Arison of the Miami Heat team-owning clan.

A year's use of the tiny jalopy went to La Stella and Le Vieux Pin wineries principal Saeedeh Salem, who may no more drive it than shop at The Bay. That could change in February, when a 20,000-square-foot version of the Toronto Bay's The Room offers highfashion lines on our downtown store's second floor.

Cut loose with Campbell's demise, 10-year aide Lara Dauphinee soon got hired by mining mogul Frank Giustra, who had TV's Shopping Bags Anna Wallner and Kristina Matisic on each hand at FTW's late supper. As for emcees and former broadcasters Vicki Gabereau and Pamela Martin, Cohen cracked: "I can't imagine why the two of you are unemployed."

{Snip} ...

If interested, read Malcolm Parry's complete article HERE:



BC Mary comment: Cute, eh? Or maybe juvenile. Because the gamers are having the really big fun game knowing how many secrets are wrapped up in Miss Lara who still lives among us, still strolls through our lives so effortlessly, knowing the whole story of what went wrong in BC under Campbell. She's met them all, knows them all, yet not a word passes her lips which would betray them. Lara knows exactly who did what to whom, and who was on top.  And she's still protected. Just try looking up her record, even about the Ride to Cure Cancer. Gone. Wiped clean. But she still plays games, trying to mess with our heads. What is that? Why doesn't some red-blooded journalist take the bit in his/her teeth and find out? Rumour has it that in the stable of cast-offs which now includes Lara, is also included Christie Clark. Furthermore ... pssstt ... over here ... behind the potted palm ... because, if you ask me, Lara was Campbell's "aide" much longer than 10 years ... it included his years as Leader of the Opposition too, remember ...?

New chair looks to extend social agenda

Group seeks to bring talents of business community to bear in helping governments find solutions to problems such as homelessness

By Darah Hansen,
Vancouver Sun - June 14, 2011

Wendy Lisogar-Cocchia, president of the Absolute Spa Group, will take over the duties of chair of the Vancouver Board of Trade Thursday, June 16.

Photograph by: Stuart Davis, Vancouver Sun [Visit the article to enjoy the photo!]

If Wendy Lisogar-Cocchia needed any affirmation the Vancouver Board of Trade was on the right track, she got it on a recent trip to the Big Apple.

There to learn from the best practices of the various New York chambers of commerce, the hotelier and president of the Absolute Spa Group instead found herself responding to her hosts’ questions about “how the heck” the B.C. business organization was able to attract so many members.

“We have over 5,500 members, which, proportionately, is absolutely phenomenal,” she said. {Snip} ...

Joining her around the board table this year will be her two chair appointees, Lara Dauphinee, vice-president of the Fiore Financial Corp., and Bob Lenarduzzi, president of the Vancouver Whitecaps FC.

“I just really can’t say enough about both of those appointees. They are fantastic in their own trade, but they also have an excellent, wide scope understanding of other communities, other businesses and how they mesh together and, therefore, what forms Vancouver,” Lisogar-Cocchia said.

Eight new directors are also expected be named Thursday, including George Cadman of the Boughton Law Corp.; Cactus Restaurants president Richard Jaffray; Dueck Auto Group president Moray Keith; Blackcomb Aviation’s CEO Sacha McLean; Gordon Nelson, general manager of Rogers Communication Group; David Podmore, CEO of Concert Properties; Dr. Mark Schonfeld, CEO of the BC Medical Association; and Robin Silvester, CEO of Port Metro Vancouver.

In all, 37 directors — all volunteer positions — make up the Vancouver Board of Trade. All bring expertise in business leadership from a variety of fields, as well as a strong commitment to community building, a necessary combination for today’s board, Lisogar-Cocchia said.

Over the past decade, the board has made a conscious move to embrace and address a wide range of social issues that effect the region’s success and prosperity.

In recent years, the board has produced reports on everything from kids and the crime rate to Canada’s ailing health care system.

“We have realized that we can bring more value to our members by making the connection for them of a healthy community and their success,” said outgoing chair McLean.

“Rather than taking a narrow, parochial view of sticking with the HST or beating up governments on budget decisions — and we do that — we need to broaden our focus to long-term societal issues, where we can bring the talents and interests of the business community to bear in helping governments and other decision-makers find solutions,” McLean said.

Lisogar-Cocchia said she hopes to expand the debate this year to include homelessness and mental health.

The board has also added its voice to a national business initiative pushing for better job-skills training for prisoners to boost their employability after they serve their time.

“We are one of the leading chambers of commerce, without question, around the world and well-known within the professional community not only for providing a healthy economy, but also working toward having a healthy community and that is something to really be proud of,” Lisogar-Cocchia said.

{Snip} ...

According to Lisogar-Cocchia, all the applicants to date have ties to Vancouver. Many have lived and worked in the city, while others have business connections in the region.

Thursday’s AGM is promising to be a lively event, with U.S. journalist Lesley Stahl scheduled to make the keynote address, followed by an onstage “chat” with Premier Christy Clark.

“Things are going really well with the board of trade and they are going to get even better,” Lisogar-Cocchia said.

Read the whole amazing story HERE.


What's this??

Quote: After all those shared cozy nights at the Bayshore to turn her back on her "mentor," what's the world coming to?



Part 2
The Chamber is in effect saying: "force down workers' wages further and assure us more profit or we will continue our capital strike by sending our money to other nations."
Capitalists have to constantly devise ways to overcome the chronic problems of their degenerating system. One central source of these problems is the tendency for the rate of profit to fall. Another factor is the fact that capitalism undermines the conditions for its own (and everyone's) existence by destroying nature to accumulate resources.
The capitalist class has a number of organizations, usually identified as "think tanks" or "policy organizations," that undertake the system-managing tasks of advance planning — including idea generation, policy development, propaganda, and political action. One of the most central and powerful of these capitalist organizations is the little-studied U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which the Washington Post recently called "the largest advocacy group in the nation." It has been especially active during the current crisis of capital and its activities have amounted to a renewed war against working class interests at home and abroad.
Although it stresses its small business connections, the organization largely reflects the interests of its large corporate members.

The US Chamber of Commerce: The Chamber's current president and CEO (since 1997) Thomas J. Donahue — whose pay for one year's work (2008) was $3.7 million — is also a director of Union Pacific Corporation. Donohue's fellow board members include the retired chair of Conoco Phillips, a general partner of Brown Brothers Harriman, the former chair and CEO of Weyerhaeuser, and former executives with DuPont, Phelps Dodge, and Louisiana Pacific.
Part 3

The Chamber admits that it supported the stimulus and bailouts of top Wall Street firms, auto corporations, and American Insurance Group, paid for by the taxpayers. Its own CIPE program is also totally government funded. In its open letter to President Obama, the Chamber also demanded incentives and legal safeguards from the government. Yet, it wants cuts to Social Security and Medicare, leaving out the fact that those "entitlements" have been paid for by recipients through payroll deductions. The Chamber's hypocrisy is breathtaking as it is happy to take the government's corporate welfare handouts, but does not want other elements of society, especially workers, to receive a dime of benefits.
The Chamber is also mistaken when it complains about "job-destroying" regulations. Wall Street firms, British Petroleum, American Insurance Group, Massey Coal, Exxon-Mobil (just to cite a few examples), and numerous other death-dealing, job killing, and ecology destroying capitalist organizations have been and still are seriously under-regulated. These and other powerful corporations have been able to frequently kill working people with their safety violations, wipe out jobs with their speculation, and inflict serious damage on life-giving ecologies with minimal government interference.

Secondly, the Chamber's rule or ruin policies are class war from above. This includes its encouragement of a capitalist strike and export of jobs. The U.S. Chamber assumes that capitalism is an eternal order, not subject to challenge or change. It cares mainly about profit and little about human life, human development, higher culture, or ecological sanity. Believers in the divine right of capital to rule, Chamber leaders want to utilize the sphere of government as their own personal errand boy. The Chamber assumes that capital creates all value and the workers are only an expense.

Chambers of Commerce: Not for your average working person.
Not sure if Part 1 came through ...
Part 1
A chamber of commerce (also referred to in some circles as a board of trade) is a form of business network, e.g., a local organization of businesses whose goal is to further the interests of businesses.
The U.S. Chamber Of Commerce identified the government policies that it felt would set the "right conditions" for American business to end a capitalist strike. These include:
• tax relief for business
• "modernization of entitlements" (code words for gutting Social Security and Medicare benefits that retired workers have already fully paid for)
• full-scale drilling in "oil, gas, and shale leases" on government land
• full-scale timber harvesting on national forest lands
• opening foreign markets
• privatizing the nation's transportation and water infrastructure by removing regulations and legal and financial limitations on private investment
• stopping the Labor Department's "restrictive workplace policies" and forthcoming "sweeping changes" in "union-management relations" expected from the National Labor Relations Board
• incentives and "legal surety" for investment in "clean coal technologies, carbon capture systems, and massive expansion of nuclear power"
• an end to the "regulatory burden" on business that will cause jobs to "simply disappear or be sent offshore"
How nice it must be to hurl smears at somebody who can't fight back because she's bound by confidentiality agreements.
Now that it's been mentioned: Let me just say that i've always felt it was strange how the crafty folks are bound to remain silent in the face of great injustice, just as you would expect them to be, being pirates and all; and yet, this a-moral barrier (via their very own contract law) is then turned round and made into an disingenuous defense (of a cloying, emotional sort).

May the day come, then, when our friend--Lara--is hauled into criminal court, just like martyn was, and forced to relinquish all prior promises to employers et al., in order that she might tell the whole truth, just like martyn did (sic.).

gee, the gordon is taking his 'real' wife to london for his new gig as commish! poor lara missed her opportunity to rub elbows with royalty and hobnob with the useless. or did she?
George Cadman is the lobbyist for Paragon Gaming.
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