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Why keep asking? The answer is staring us in the face. It's the same question as: why did "they" elect Gordon Campbell? Why do "they" continue to protect his clique?


By BC Mary - June 16, 2011

I was born in Vancouver. I love the whole wild province more passionately than I had ever realized until the day police carrying Search Warrants marched into the BC Legislature and seized the information they needed. Then ... when the man they were tracking (Jasmohan Singh Bains) was put on trial in Victoria, found guilty of serious drug trafficking, and sentenced to 9 years plus heavy fine ... Big Media (for whom I also have a passionate affinity) turned rogue itself and published nothing about that. Nothing. Six silent months went by, until I broke the story on this blog.

Instead of acting as the responsible arm of government, with a duty of keeping citizens informed -- the Media were behaving like poor farmers -- share-croppers -- raising a sickly crop of poisoned voters. That's when I got mad. Big Media was treating us like a crop to be weeded, pruned, and changed to suit the needs of others. Harvest time was Election Day, and our votes were harvested as "they" wished. So there's no point asking why B.C. voted 3 times for a Campbell government ... any more than there's any point asking why 100,000 of us went nuts on June 15, 2011.

Sad and sorry as I am, that my countrymen have been shown to the world as looters, rioters, drunks and (dare we mention it? Big media didn't) druggies, the thing is: we must stop asking why 100,000 people went crazy in downtown Vancouver on June 15, 2011, as if it had something to do with the Stanley Cup. It doesn't. It had very little, if anything, to do with hockey. 

British Columbia has been dragged through this psychiatric horror-show time after time ... and ... it's people from somewhere else who are asking the questions today. Lady with British accent was first to arrive with her broom and dustpan. Mark Kelley on CBC "Connect" was asking: "What made Vancouver go crazy over a game?"  The question is echoing around the world.  Harming B.C. even more. Because why? Because of the stupidity.

It's no use telling us how nice we were (once upon a time), and that The Vancouver Olympics were us. Like hell. Most of B.C. was opposed to the Olympics, but nobody listened. "They" wanted the publicity, "They" wanted the big money opportunities (which "they" couldn't handle), "They" needed the distraction, the wild-eyed premier, the fake circus. The Vancouver Olympics was a done deal ... the best show money could buy ... and British Columbians sat like crash-test dummies and let them sink Vancouver  deeper into debt so "they" could find enough cash to pay the going rate.

The Vancouver Olympics would've happened if every British Columbian had simply gone to Tonga or Tasmania for a year and enjoyed themselves.

That was us in the June 16, 2011 riot, all right. The blind rage, the urge to get even, the animal-impulse to scream back at what  was being delivered to us once again ... a close brush with victory which in reality  was contrary to the hype. In the Stanley Cup Play-Offs, we were allowed to participate in an event which, once again, would only end up proving we were not The Greatest, not the Golden Era, not the Best Place in the World, not any of that cheap and dreadful publicity foisted on us by our own government, paid for by us. 

And no, no, no, not the Stanley Cup ... not even the H.S.T. ... but all those things stacked and stacked until it became impossible to avoid saying right out loud: "It's too much. We're mad as hell" ... knowing that nobody is really and truly going to want to know "Why?" much less wait for the answer.  My guess: even if you love British Columbia, most people can't handle the truth ... the corruption ... the gangs ... the infiltration of Organized Crime.

Why? We know why not. We're not stupid. We know that it might be tough-going for a while, to deal with the answers. We want our sacred forests back. They sold our rivers, we want our rivers back. We want our sacred salmon back. We want BC Rail back, and BC Ferries, and BC Hydro. We want our jobs, our small businesses, our schools and hospitals back. Fools, they gave away these priceless things to show how well B.C. was doing!

Indeed, there will be a lot of screaming when we find ourselves in a position to begin that conversation as to why 100,000 people can suddenly go berserk as they did on the night of June 15, 2011. But it's important to remember that it had very little to do with the game. Granted, hockey supplied the costumes, the National Hockey League supplied the production values, but brutal head-bashing politics has been going on throughout British Columbia for 10 years before June 15, 2011.

People do not riot for nothing.

As I was writing this, Kootcoot in the Kootenays must've been writing his column. The thoughts are similar, but Koot carries his diatribe to new heights. Don't miss reading today's column which he justifiably calls

 June 16, 2011

Excerpt ...

... Last night's riots weren't an anomaly, but just a vivid illustration of the lawlessness and lack of respect for the law or decency that has become the norm in our province starting at the top and going right through the government, the justice system and the law enforcement establishment. Increasingly over the last decade or two it has become clear that doing the right thing isn't the route to success and honesty is a quality either of no use or totally lacking.

We just said goodbye to a Premier who captured control of his party, and turned it into a virtual criminal organization, by personal attack on the former leader for behaviour that he himself might be guilty of, but doesn't have to answer for thanks to a wholly compliant (and dishonest) media. Then he launched another specious attack on the Premier of the day, Glen Clark, to gain power. Add in a heavy dose of lies, to win elections, whenever your agenda would cost votes if one was honest about it, things like vowing not to sell a railroad, or the HST isn't on the radar, to name but two BIG lies. The only thing one can count on being true with a BC Liberal, including the new Gordon in a Skirt, is that the only time they aren't lying is if their lips aren't moving AND their fingers aren't typing.

But it isn't just the former King Gordo or the current Queen Christy, it goes right through the movers and shakers like lobbyists who lobby both or all three sides of an issue, but mainly working for the goals of the Campbell/Clark Crime Family and when caught out for breaking the LAW, suffer the onerous sentence of writing a god damned essay. Drinking and driving, no problem! If you, say, drive a logging truck (to get raw logs to the dock or border) you might lose your job. But if you are Premier, or an MLA, no problem, after all, the taxpayers will be happy to provide you with a driver, or cab fare, or a free chopper ride to work.

Do you want to steal an election (Kash and Karry Heed), pull off a land scam or two (John Les(s) than honest), rig a bidding process to sell a railroad that isn't for sale? No Problem, that's what the oh so Special Prosecutor system is all about, why don't they call the SP what they seem to be, government paid defense attorneys for members of government and their friends ...

Please visit House of Infamy to read 'UNLAWFUL ASSEMBLIES" in its entirety. It's Kootcoot flaming at his best.


Hooligans had no trouble finding accomplices

By Daphne Bramham
Vancouver Sun - June 17, 2011


... But what kind of a community destroys itself when its hockey team loses?

The same one that needed $1 billion in security to stop it from happening during the 2010 Olympics.

Beneath the shiny surface of Vancouver's glass towers which have so recently sprung up, is a rough-and-tumble city barely past adolescence. It's unsophisticated and raw, driven by barely papered over differences ...

Read more HERE:

Don't miss this!


Anonymous comment dated June 20, 2011 to be considered:

Further proof, that the system is totally screwed, no matter what "they" can never get it right.

Too much policing at the G8/G20, too little in Vancouver at the riots.
Government, police, courts and media all just a mess
Only months later does the truth come out.

Hopefully there will be an investigation of the government-funded/media-hyped Canucks' Riot!

Read more HERE

And, o.m.g. it goes on ...  "Anonymous" reports as follows:

...  Vancouver amateur film-maker was there for the entire "Christy Event" and says everything was a grossly stage-managed photo-op starting about one-hour before she even arrived, complete with her RENT-A-CROWD and army of fart-catchers.
Christy shows up in a mini-skirt, high heels and a push-up bra to sweep up broken glass, also no gloves or eye-protection . . . A Real Hero of the People!

See it HERE




Right on Mary. The Vancouver 'ruckus' is the response of disillusioned and frustrated youth who instinctively know the promise was false and their future hopes, dreams and aspirations have been compromised by greedy and dishonest 'leaders' who have sold their souls to foreign corporate interests.

This relatively minor 'scuffle' on the streets of the city should be a warning to those who betrayed them and us. A warning they are too blind to see.

The battle lines are forming and the voices are being heard. It is only a matter of time.
You are right B.C. Mary; there is so much under that frustration that is seething below the skin of a good portion of the "hooligans"(media label) that did the damage to businesses and private property and looting as well, while "spectators" cheered them on.
Did they know or did they care that they would be recorded in public space more than any other place or time? It seems not.
Well then why did they not care?

Did they buy into the line that we are only worthy and valuable( through our representative sports team) if we bully and threaten the other team successfully? It seems so. I know that I will never watch another Stanley Cup that has as much brutal hitting that started right at the first game from the Bruins and soon reflected in Canuck play as well. To me that brutal kind of hockey play was not what I saw at the Olympics. I don't want my grandson to ever play professional hockey or think that money earned that way is worth it.

Have these people who set fires damaged property and looted stores bought into the corporate value system that getting stuff is the way to self esteem ie; what advertisers are brainwashing us to feel in the latest i-stuff gadgets, video, violent games etc. etc. etc. It seems so.

Have provincial gov'ts over the last few decades provided sufficient support and money to Public Education to have kids learn the importance of Critical Thinking ? Certainly not to the extent that Scandinavian countries have done.

How amazing to see university kids recently grab onto the excitement of voting and listening to what's really going on in politics in the last election. I have read that young,educated people in Mediterranean countries (Greece in particular) have had enough of getting their degrees and then only able to drive cabs or wait tables. They are fed up.This is part of Arab Spring, no doubt. Status Quo of any society needs to be challenged to truly be responsive to economic health and well being of citizens. This is a struggle that the middle Class needs to educate itself about to handle effective engagement.ESPECIALLY IN THIS PROVINCE.

What happened after the Game 7 of the S Cup Playoff shows a lot of pent up anger among a sector of our disenfranchised youth, mostly males it seems. Are they angry and scared that the margin of opportunity is pretty thin for them to build successful futures and are they just living out video violence?? I'm kind of wondering...

But one thing I do believe is that bread and circuses are not enough to maintain a civilization. The Roman Empire tried this strategy to hang on...It didn't work.
I too agree with Mary.

The future for the young in BC, is very bleak. To come out of university, thousands of dollars in debt for student loans, for what? An education, they can't even use?

There is a deepening anger, all over this province. BC citizen's have been lied to, deceived and taxed to death. The HST is a tax grab, to thieve from the people, to give to big business. Harper is in on the HST scam too.

We see our mills, being shipped to China, along with our raw logs. BC mill workers have had 36,000 mill job losses, and more lay offs on the way.

BC has vast natural resources, given away to giant corporations. Campbell thieved and sold our BCR and our rivers. An out and out monster, that deliberately killed BC.

What do our kids and grandchildren have to look forward to? A huge debt in the billions, and no future.

I am sick of Christy's family's first b.s. Christy has put the HST first, as we can plainly see. The HST has caused, a serious number of job losses. The food bank is now seeing, working parents who have to rely on the food banks, to feed their kids.

I'm not young, yet, I am furious too. Our kids, have a lot more to be angry about than I.
Perhaps folks like the Bank of Montreal and that once Canadian, now American firm, Hudson's Bay should provide their own security to protect their ASSets after hockey games. Why should the "taxpayer" supported police have to protect the corporate interests, when the corporate interests don't believe in paying their share of taxes.

Oh yeah, I forgot, it's already headed that way and we are farther down that road than most folks realize. Private cops (from mall security guards to Blackwater style black ops teams) already outnumber the public equivalent in the USA, if not Canada as well. In Southern California rich suburban/inter-face residents contract with private fire fighting firms who will drive past miles of burning or threatened homes to protect those of their rich clients.

When those on top have no respect for the law and believe in Darwinian social policy (or dog eat dog and to the winner goes the spoils), eventually neither do the underclass. Bullets, projectiles and IEDs don't discriminate between rich and poor and even a poor man with a sharpshooter's skill can overcome kevlar vests with head shots. Of course we'll all just die from radiation or other forms of pollution if the corporate greed pigs aren't forced to factor the environmental concerns into their bottom line, because air and water don't respect jurisdictional boundaries either. (Somedays over half of the particulate matter in Los Angeles smog has its origin in China, mostly its burgeoning coal plants providing energy to manufacture cheap crap with cheap labor.)

The law and the justice system is ultimately unsustainable unless it treats all members of society equally. Today only the rich have access to the justice system and the left behinds will eventually take justice into their own hands, it's only natural. Hopefully things get re-balanced before it gets to the point of home grown suicide bombers with nothing left to lose - cuz as Uncle Bob Dylan once said, "When you ain't got nothing, you got nothing left to lose!" That was way back when Bob had virtually nothing but a guitar and a poet's imagination and wanted little more than a new motorcycle and a couple of couches for his porch.
"Be aware of the military industrial complex"
This has been going on since the 50's this is why the un-media is useless and why our dishonourable politicians or border of treason
you are right on bc mary, bc is organised crime, drug dealers, are taking over our youth and why not? the bc govt is taking everything away from them/us, and the media rarely says a bad thing about druggies, drug dealers, gangs or casinos. go figure.
CBC article today about BC Rail trial:
Peculiar how quickly the Basi-Virk article disappeared from CBC BC stories.
No extradition either.
thanks Hugh,

I saw this in the times colonist web site yesterday. of course if was one of those that no comments could be posted to, just like CBCs.

wonder why?
geez, I'd say that audito-general is bucking for a new job....because doing what he's doing, he's going to get replaced awfully quickly huh?

Now, if only he'd audit the actual BC Rail/CN Rail contracts (if they can be found).
You know Mary, the tab that gets picked up by the government means that one is not guilty? We assume that this trial/case is closed, closed when it comes to Basi-Virk. Question now is, who are/is the guilty party?
Harper appointing Campbell to the UK, reminds me of when Paul Martin sent Alfonso Gagliano and Chuck Guite out of the country right before they got sentenced/wrist slapped, for the sponsorship scandal!
I wonder how Sgt. John ward feels towards the gov't for making him look like a lying fool when telling the truth.
IE:"organised crime has reached every corner of BC".(para phrased)
Mary, where are you? You haven't posted in a while. Should we be concerned? I have been kind of worried, for more than a few days now. You are being missed.
BC Mary, what is it with Ian Mulgrew and this morning's front page opinion in the Vancouver Sun newspaper? It seems that every time he does an article regarding bloggers, their names turns out to be "Mary". Mary Reynolds

"District government settles pricey suit against citizen blogger"

By Ian Mulgrew, Vancouver Sun June 30, 2011


As to the "Unlawful Assembly", hope you haven't forgotten about Wally Oppal's Apology Act from 2006, which I've taken the liberty of writing about over at my blog.... It turns out that an Apology is not an admittance of guilt!


And, something else to add to your blog regarding the BC Rail Trial:

"Judge grants auditor-general’s request for details on $6-million payout"
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