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8 years ago, BC Rail is up for grabs

British Columbia selects four-firm short list for BC Rail privatization bid

From: Progressive Railroading 
Freight News - 7/15/2003

On July 14, British Columbia's government released a short list of companies invited to submit final proposals on assuming BC Rail Ltd.'s operation and management.

Out of five submissions received from a request for proposals issued May 15, the province selected Canadian Pacific Railway, Canadian National Railway Co., RailAmerica Inc. and OmniTRAX Inc. in partnership with Burlington Northern Santa Fe to submit final bids.

"This process was designed to allow the government to select the submission that best meets the needs of British Columbians as spelled out in the request for proposals released May 15," said province officials in a prepared statement. "The government is responding to the requests of communities and resource industries for revitalized, sustainable and strengthened railway service, and more competitive rates."

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revitalized, sustainable and strengthened railway service, and more competitive rates

So if it turned out that CN's plan was to downgrade service on the BCR mainline, who is that "revitalized...and strengthened"?

Lies, lies, lies, lies, from day one to now and beyond.

Beware the Ides of November: (enter at your own risk)

Well, Guy Fawkes Day isn't exactly the Ides of November, but you get the idea.....guessing either the Guy Fawkes mask is gonna be a best-seller this Halloween, or it will be made illegal by then....
I have been trying to determine how long David McLean has been associated with CN Rail.

I would suggest that the reason he 'sought' Campbell in 1996 (then mayor of Vancouver, I believe), to entreat him to vie for provincial leadership, was for no other reason than to facilitate the transfer of BC Rail into CN's hands.

It is inconceivable to me that a megalomaniac like McLean would want to 'befriend' a sociopath like Campbell for other than manipulative reasons.

One should wonder what fabulous 'reward' befell Campbell to compel him to betray his province, his integrity(if he had any to begin with), and his family name for such an unholy alliance.
Somebody told me Campbell was a realtor. If this is true, it explains everything to me.

There's loads of stuff about David McLean ... I jus had a quick look ... and he does sound like the perfect sandbox pal for Gordo ... into everything.


You got that right. Look up Marathon Realty. Then look up the excellent piece Laila did on how real estate explains everything about Gordo.
Hi Mary,
ith the current scandal surrounding the media baron, Rupert Murdoch, I can't help but think that there is a parallel situation with the mass media here in BC. My hunch is that there is a great deal of hanky-panky going on. No one can doubt that the BC Libs are extremely cozy with Postmedia, another media empire.

Oh how I wish we had our very own scandal exposing the intricate links between the gov't. and the mainstream media. Did I just hear the word "bribery"?

Yes Mary, Laila has lots on information regarding "land deals". Very interesting, informative and let's you see some of the connections.

We must not ever let this go until a full, public inquiry is held.
It's even simpler than that word "bribery"....fluffing of government advertising contracts into the media; ads that don't need to be any more than 1/8 page as full-page, overbilling, largesse in various ways....gravy train stuff; add in the blackmailing of the Georgia Straight a while back, which wasn't just punitive for them carrying anti-government articles, but also favoured the big papers who, if the Straight had gone down/lost, would have left the media empires as the sole recipients of those advertising dollars; they still receive the bulk of it and IMO if examined closely a lot of those ads are unnecesary, or unecessarily large/expensive. Add in that the ad companies are all tied to the the political powers, it's all too much like the so-called "sponsorship scandal". And consider how much money was paid to what feeble genius for tacky slogans like "the Best Place on Earth" (gaaaah!). Just for that slogan alone some Liberal apparatchik got enough money to buy a house in Caufield or Dunbar - probably more than one.....

Actual bribery and slush-funding no doubt; it's not just Dave Basi that got free game tickets in return for a favour or two.....goes on all the time. The media don't investigate because....well, nobody investigates themselves, do they?
Ron, a larger question might long have McLean and Tellier been associated? They've been in the same circles for a very long time, rather like vultures hovering over a kill.

The privatization issue started with Tellier/CN...and on from there. As far as I can see, no one has benefitted more than McLean...but we don't, and likely will never, have access/leaks to the worth of one GMCampbell either. Mind, Gates hasn't done too badly with his 32% ownership of CN either - even if it was after the fact.
@Leah - 32% now? It was 23%, or so I thought....

It's really too bad the Seattle Post-Intelligencer is just a 'zine now...they used to have good investigative reports, this would be right down their alley, what with the Washingtons involved in all this, plus Gates....
Skookum - yes, his investment in CN is now 32%. I expect it to climb much higher when the lines are set for major billions to start pouring in.
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