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If Basi & Virk get a complete explanation as to how that controversial $6million defence fee was arrived at ... the people of British Columbia should have that same freedom of access


Auditor gets access to details of $6-million payout in BC Rail political-corruption trial

But John Doyle won't be sharing data about Basi-Virk deal with the public

By Tracy Sherlock,
Vancouver Sun - July 1, 2011

VANCOUVER - B.C.’s auditor-general will have access to documents outlining details of the deal that saw the government pay $6 million in defence costs in the BC Rail political-corruption trial.

B.C. Supreme Court Justice Bruce Greyell granted the petition of Auditor-General John Doyle, who wants the information as part of his audit of the provincial government’s financial statements. The statements usually include the auditor-general’s opinion and are normally released June 30; however, this year they are delayed. Doyle’s petition said that he could not properly assess this year’s statements without the details of the $6-million settlement for former government aides Dave Basi and Bob Virk, who pleaded guilty in the case after the government agreed to pay their legal bills.

Greyell’s reasons for the ruling said that Basi and Virk had waived their solicitor-client privilege only so far as to allow the auditor-general to perform his duties.

Both men had agreed in correspondence presented in court that they were not opposed to the auditor-general viewing the documents, as long as he maintained their right to confidentiality.

Basi and Virk will also have the opportunity to review and challenge in advance any auditor-general’s statement that pertains to them that may break their solicitor-client privilege.

“Our system of justice could not operate without a full and effective solicitor-client privilege and the confidentiality arising there from,” Greyell said in court Thursday.

{Big, horrifying SNIP} ...

Basi and Virk entered surprise guilty pleas last Oct. 18 to two counts each of breach of trust and accepting benefits.

The charges were related to the leak of confidential information about the BC Rail bidding process in 2003.

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Wow. Don't miss this!


B.C. Rail scandal back on centre stage

By Les Leyne,
Times Colonist June 25, 2011

It was startling to see auditor general John Doyle forsake the usual accounting treatises and dive into a genuine scandal. His office is better known for eye-glazers like the one released earlier this week on "Status of Enterprise Risk Management."

But just as that one was out the door, another intriguing piece of work came to light. It was a petition filed with the B.C. Supreme Court seeking an order compelling the government to provide all the information on the questionable payment of B.C. Rail duo Dave Basi and Bob Virk's legal costs.

Up to that point, the Liberals were winning the battle to put the story behind them.

Doyle's writ shows the struggle isn't over yet. Until now, it's just been people on the sidelines clamouring for some explanation of the terms under which $6 million in taxpayers' money flowed to their defence lawyers over the years.

Now there's an official with some clout getting into the argument.

{Snip} ...

That's the clearest indicator yet that the case spun completely out of control. Everybody was so busy insulating each other from the toxic case and maintaining "solicitor-client privilege" and erecting "screening walls" that no one in government was counting as the money flowed out the door for years on end.

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This is obscene.

But then that's not surprising, is it? The whole affair has been noxious since it began, even the little bits we're "allowed" to see and the stuff we've managed to find out on our own.

The Crown in Canada has become like the Thai monarchy, or rather always was.....a legitimization for banditry by the elites. What I mean by that is that the authority and prestige of the Crown is used as clout and veil at the same time; a way to not have to answer to the public for gross travesties of justice and maladministration.

Secrecy in government is a weapon of tyranny, not of democracy. I don't suppose Christy's mouthing that magic word "transparency" as much and as loudly as Gordo used to, is she?
The answer to all the crap going on in BC, and the entire country...Is in a speech Harper gave, at the Council of Foreign Relations, in New York, Sept. 25 2007. This has been Harper's and Campbell's evil agenda, from then on, and probably even before that.

Has it mattered a damn, when the crimes of politicians are exposed. When their corruption, thefts and dirty tactics, are in our faces obvious. The corrupt courts, corrupt judges, corrupt police, corrupt Elections BC, and the disgraceful media. No, it hasn't mattered one iota.

We were warned, if Harper wins a majority, we can kiss Canada good-bye, and say, hello to the N.A.U.
Reliable contract attornies get self-billing. As noted before, the BVB Special Prosecutor, Bernardino, was defending the Frank Paul cops, 1 week after the sweetheart deal was made. How much money will Hunter Litigation donate to the NDP? Zero!
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