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If you intend to press charges ...

BC Mary comment:  Visit Laila's blog by clicking on her name in the left margin here.  That's what I do, every day. Well ... today Priscilla Judd left some very helpful information there, as a comment following Laila's report on catching a  mayor red-handed in the kind of act which BC Liberals seem to think is OK but BC Election law does not. What to do? Well, thanks to Priscilla Judd and Laila, here's some excellent advice which will surely interest many, many, many others in B.C. I hope this information is shared around the province ...

priscillajudd wrote:
July 14, 2011 - Laila's blog

If you intend to press charges – you can ask for the RCMP to forward the file to your local Restorative Justice program (RJ). As you have noticed – many public servants have charges dropped when a criminal charge hits the prosecutor’s office or the court room because no one wants to destroy the future for anyone in society – especially not a public figure who made the wrong decision – what we seek is a healthy community with the moral capacity to resolve conflict and live in peace. The ben[i]fit of RJ is that – the perpetrator makes amends for the harm that has been done and the victim finds closure. An RJ file does not result in a criminal record.

All that is necessary is the evidence that charges can be laid and knowing the name of the victim (the person or people who put up the signs) RJ deals with crime where it is committed – it is a healing process and in my opinion (as a trained RCMP RJ Facilitator) if you are truely upset this is what needs to happen.

In Canada justice is about creating healthy communities but as long as people want to use the justice system as a measure of punishment – we will see charges dropped because Prosecutors can’t manage the long process of convicting a Mayor of petty theft to punish him when punishment is not the object of our justice system. Other cases are more pressing – so we all lose. I urge you to start the process of re-thinking crime – embrace Restorative Justice whenever possible and take back your community. In that way, no one seems to be above the law – people are part of the law – the process and the outcomes are very healthy.


Hi Mary,

Hope you are well.

Sorry Mary off subject.

I wrote a small note over at Alex T.’s place on the subject of the NDP and L. Krog – NOT - being curious enough to take a trip down to the courthouse to seek the truth.

Has the BCNDP joined the cover-up machine, become an enabler?

My comment was placed after this story:

EXCLUSIVE BREAKING NEWS: Erik Bornmann Didn’t Meet Christy Clark at the Helijet or Anywhere Else: He was Her Friend and Knew Where BC Rail was Headed–From Her!

Hi Alex,

Alex, I’m hoping you (and others) may have some insight into a few questions your readers may be asking themselves or should be asking themselves.

You may be able to get some answers…MR. Krog does not answer my hard questions.

Why would Krog and his lawyer go after the tainted, one-sided binder package only?

Why have the NDP and Krog not ask for the discloser material and transcripts of the trial?

So, you have a out of control corrupt government, what was going to be the biggest political corruption trial in BC’s history (and still may be) and the opposition would rather not look at the material that would shed some light on some questions they and the public have been asking for years???
What possible reason could the NDP have NOT to be combing over every nasty piece of material they can get their hands on… for the good of the public?

This revelation makes me uneasy….if the NDP will not look into the evidence in this political corruption trial...then how would one trust them to be interested in finding the truth via public inquiry?

The NDP seem to be curiously under whelming in their performance to dig out the truth or in this case not even bother to read damming material of your political enemy (at their leisure) that would help them win the next election. (And save us all from the corrupt basterds????)

This to me appears to be a scandal in its own right!!!

I’m I missing something here?

Also Alex, I’m wondering about the trial material that can be viewed…

Does this material include what associate chief justice Patrick Dohm redacted or is this material just a small fraction of the true evidence?

Thank you for your ongoing productive work.


I’m hoping that maybe some smart people that follow this treachery closely will add their thoughts ether here or there and hopefully both.
Parzone, as near as I can see, the NDP have been part of the problem all along. Especially Krog. Which makes me think the truth of the BC Rail matter will never be reached.

For one thing, the more I read...going back a very long time ago...the BC Rail sale actually started when Tellier privatized CN. The intent was there all along, to do exactly as they did...the only issue was getting the right player into the game.

Campbell upset the apple cart in '96 by stating he intended to sell it and lost the election. He lied next time around to win it. The ease and speed of the sale tells me that it had been in the works for years.

We need to go way, way back...and look at every player...including the seemingly inconsequential ones. Like those who come West to work in a constituency office...with a university degree?? Nah...someone with grade 12 could have done the job as easily, and as well.

Sadly, I think we could find out exactly what happened, when, how and why...and abolutely nothing will be done about it. Campbell has received his payment for "job well done"...and the NDP are too damn scared of the truth to even look for it. Well...scared, or too comfortable to rock the boat.

As I see it.
Oh well, then, you mean all we have to do is "accept"

and carry on with our hollow lives as if nothing had happened?

I totally disagree with Leah.

Doing nothing is giving the BC Liberals permission, to practice their treachery against the BC people, over and over again. I happen to resent the BC Liberals treachery.

Campbell pleaded with the BC people, to forgive his crime of drinking and driving. He then kicked those very citizens, in the face for doing so. I resent that too.

I resent Christy's lies and underhanded tactics. Christy's "family's first", is a big whopper. The HST comes first with Christy. And, to hell with the people.

Stealing or defacing the fight HST signs, is dead wrong, even if you are the Mayor. If he gets away with that. This gives the people, the right to steal and deface any of the BC Liberals signs too? Want to bet? Just you try it.
Anon, where in what I wrote did you see me say we should do nothing? I said..."Sadly, I think we could find out exactly what happened, when, how and why...and abolutely nothing will be done about it." There is nothing there that states we should do does say I believe nothing will be done about it.

If I had my druthers, Campbell, Brown, Dauphinee, Clark, Kieran, Clark, Bornmann, Kinsella, Dobell, Reid, Berardino et al...would be cooling their heels in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day - for the next 25 years minimum. After having lost every penny/property/investment and anything else I could find - worldwide.

Unfortunately, as I see it, the judiciary from the retired to the working are part of the problem - hence, nothing will be done about it.
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