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Raid queries from 2009

Raid queries re-visited

Vancouver Sun
Questions & Answers from 2009:


15. Does the fact so many individuals have connections to the BC Rail deal mean anything?

Yes -- the sale of BC Rail is at the heart of the influence-peddling charges against Basi and Virk. Specifically, the two are alleged to have given confidential government information to a lobbyist working for OmniTRAX, one of the unsuccessful bidders for BC Rail.

16. Has the investigation uncovered evidence that government policies or decisions may have been illegally or inappropriately affected?

The B.C. Liberal government has maintained that the $1-billion sale of BC Rail to CN was not tainted by the case. However, the government did cancel the proposed sale of BC Rail's 37-kilometre spur line at Roberts Bank after police raised concerns that the sale had been compromised.

17. Were phones at the legislature or politicians' private phone lines tapped?

Yes -- phones at the legislature were tapped and, in trying to listen in on Basi's conversations, police accidentally heard a conversation between then-finance minister Gary Collins and Premier Gordon Campbell. Once police realized who the parties were in the conversation, police stopped listening. It was also revealed in February that the RCMP had videotaped a meeting Collins had with U.S. railroad executives from OmniTRAX, which had unsuccessfully bid to buy BC Rail. Collins told reporters he had no objections to the videotape becoming public, saying there was nothing improper about the meeting.

18. Are there connections to Indo-Canadian gangs?

The criminal organization involved in the drug case was made up of people from several different ethnic backgrounds.

19. Other criminal groups?  {Snip} ...

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