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They didn't call it "News of the World" for nothing. So, OK: What's new?


BC Mary note: I don't know about you, but I think it's odd that suddenly there's almost no news in our Canadian media about Rupert Murdoch, nothing about his NEWS OF THE WORLD disgrace, no news of the alleged crimes perpetrated from within his enormous media empire. But ... as we have learned with BC Rail: sometimes the story is about what isn't being said.

Norway's tragedy did take full possession of the news media on July 22, 2011 but surely not to the exclusion of all else?

Britain is telling more of the media-corruption story; Australia is publishing the story of how media is corrupted; why isn't Canada? Especially BC?  Such as ... 

You couldn't make up latest shameful story of betrayal

The extraordinary drama that is Hackingate is still far from being played out.

The Independent (U.K.) - July 31, 2011.

Read about this HERE: 

If there are people (and I believe there are) walking around on this planet who can squeeze all news into shapes to suit their specific needs ... i.e., people who can even  suppress further mention of Rupert Murdoch, then we all have work to do. 

Harper immune from Murdoch-style scandal - Analysts
The Canadian Press - July 31, 2011

This is so misleading! Wrong, wrong, wrong!  See for yourself:

An example of heinous manipulation being enacted right before our eyes. Or should that be "hilarious" manipulation? Stephen Harper is not immune. 


BC Mary comment: And there are so many other ways for government to avoid providing the information we need:

MLA not impressed with Liberals' new information site

By Staff Writer
Nanaimo News Bulletin - August 1, 2011

For Nanaimo-North Cowichan NDP MLA Doug Routley, perusing the province’s new open data website is like discovering you’ve got 200 channels on your television, but nothing to watch.

The DataBC website was launched last week by the B.C. government.

It’s described as a citizen-focused government website that catalogues open datasets, freedom of information requests and government expenses.

Available information ranges from birth rates and carbon emissions statistics, to details about schools.

“We are changing our approach to governing by putting citizens at the centre of our web services and making government data and information more freely available,” said Premier Christy Clark, in a press release.

But Routley, the NDP’s open government critic, said pomp about the website is misleading.

“We’ve asked for proactive disclosure and this does not meet the task,” he said. “If you search for anything mildly controversial, such as B.C. Rail information, you’ll come up with zero (results). So far, it seems to be millions of pages of information that’s already on different government websites.”

Routley said the website is little more than “data dumping”.  “You throw reporters and the Opposition off course by dumping millions of pages of data that is mostly meaningless, but it allows them to say they’ve shared a huge volume of information,” he said. “But what really counts politically is being held back.”

Routley’s other concern is FOI requests, which will now be made available to the general public between 72 hours and five days after the applicant has received the information.

“This is a disincentive to making requests, which cost a lot of money,” he said. “Reporters doing investigative work will only have a few days to use the data before all their competitors have it as well, and that’s a disincentive to use the process. If they eliminated fees at the same time that might be a bit more reasonable, but the same obstacles to holding government accountable still exist.”

The DataBC website is at


If there ever was a case of news manipulation, the CONServatives are certainly the guilty party. What a hoax being played on the Canadian public. There is no "news?" department of any "news?"paper or TV network. What a joke they are!
Current TV is not available in Canada but can be viewed online. Kieth had quite a bit of stuff on poor Rupert before the US debt crisis and theater-of-the-absurd took over. I hear tonight they decided not to welsh so maybe he will get back on the old boy.
Commenters are revealing themselves as more and more vital in the search for information.

Commenters have been carrying the ball for me, the past while, as I work my way through some personal issues (health, moving, more health) ...

This piece -- recommended by watchingfromnextdoor -- is an example to be recommended and passed around. I'd say: don't miss reading it. I plan to post an excerpt with the URL ...

Like, I think we owe journalism something too. Feedback. Tell them plainly when their stuff stinks. But also tell them when they are precisely on track.

Me, I can vouch for the fact that well-thought-out comments make all the difference.

Major THANKS to all those who send in these wonderful contributions.
England is now hiring new staff, for the office of the new High Commissioner.

Harper did indeed, reward Gordon Campbell handsomely, for doing his dirty work for him.

Campbell who thieved an entire railroad and sold it. Campbell who thieved our rivers and sold them. Campbell and Harper the monsters who, forced the HST onto the BC people.

Campbell belongs in prison, for his theft and corrupt sale of the BCR. Shame on Harper.
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