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When government decides to fight the media ...

Conservative Party of Canada appeals to party supporters to finance fight against media, pundits

by Elizabeth Thompson
ipolitics.ca - June 9, 2011


With a stable majority government for the next four years and the Liberal Party still reeling from the election results, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party is calling on supporters to dip into their wallets to help the party counter a new foe. [Wha-att?? Foe? - BC Mary.]

In a letter sent out in the past few days, Conservative Party President John Walsh is urging supporters to help the party counter a “hailstorm” of negative attacks from the media, pundits and the “opinion elite.”

Walsh says the party had to fight off attacks during the last election and expects them to continue.  [Wha-att? The Cons were doing the attacking! Before the federal election even started! - BC Mary.]

“During this election campaign, we faced an onslaught of negative attacks like never before from the media, from pundits and from anti-Conservative lobby groups and union executives,” Walsh wrote in a copy of the letter obtained by iPolitics.

The problem, said Walsh, is that a Conservative government jeopardizes their interests.

“The fear among the opinion establishment is that if our government is successful, and Canadians see the benefits of lower taxes, sensible and less-interventionist government and more personal freedom, the Conservative Party of Canada will continue to win future elections,” he wrote.

“Quite simply, smaller government means less power for the left-leaning, opinion establishment and they will fight every step of the way. We saw their tactics last time and they will be even nastier and more desperate next time.”

[O.m.g., o.m.g. ... ]

Walsh calls on supporters to become Conservative Party Partners so the party can promote Harper’s low tax, job creation plans and “educate Canadians on the benefits of less government and a stronger Canada.”

{Snip} ...


Mary, many thanks for calling the Cons out on their latest outrageous tactic, which - sadly - too many people will swallow, hook, line and sinker. Suckers.

In typical fashion, this "ipolitics.ca" media vehicle purports to be a balanced news source. However, like many of their articles, this one offers no counter perspective e.g. the attack ads that the Cons flooded the broadcast airways with months before calling an election (as you pointed out).

So this story amounts to little more than more advertising for the Cons newest fund-raising hoax on the idealogues who hate government in any form (except for the purposed of waging WAR). So thanks to you for calling out the article for being a tad oblivious to the obvious.

Shame on iPolitics. Who are they funded by anyway? I hear them being interviewed by CBC Radio a lot -- are they just an arm of the CBC in disguise? The subjects they report on, and the manner in which they do it looks awfully like the CBC. Even the look of the website has CBC written all over it.
Wow! How disgusting someone is actually questioning them, the nerve, and of course these poor people need our help to fend of these questioning monsters. Poor Steven of course I will help.
I can't even in my wildest imagination take this guy for real!
I will have nightmares now as when I try to think of what he looks like I always see Eric Bornman or those pesky flying ants that have made a home under my veranda.
Pathetic people!
Right wing parnoia matching the republican paranoia in the US. Both financed by big business and will try to bully anyone questioning them. FOX news anyone?
Walsh seems to be taking a page from the lunatic fringe South of the 49th. He's been drinking too much of their kool-aid, or is that tea?
Quite simply, this country is run by the most corrupt of the corrupt.

I've felt a lot of emotions when it comes to government over the past 10 years...but never have I felt like crying. Today, I do. I feel like I'm drowning in a pool of creeping black, oozing, evil.

And to think this creature warms the seat of a church every Sunday...and that the Pastor thinks he's the greatest thing since sliced bread. God, we are SO lost!
tthe anti-logical nature of conservative-think revealed in all its bizarre glory:

“educate Canadians on the benefits of less government and a stronger Canada.”

So a weaker Canadian government means a stronger Canada? A government with no power, no sovereignty, forged by a minority of the plurality wielding aboslute governmental power, increasing the powers of government (particularly the military and the criminal system and the fat paycheques of politicians) while claiming to do the opposite?

It's not like we expect them to make sense, which clearly they don't. But if there's less government, what is it in Canada that will become stronger?

oh yes, the wealthy, to do as they pleaes. THEY become more powerful. But they are not Canada, except in their own conceited minds.

Who are the real anarchists? Clearly the Conservatiives, because those who want to destroy government are, by definition, anarchists.....

Found a great little Newfoundland 'zine by a chance encounter the other day, http://www.theindependent.ca...in one of its current articles they quote wiktionary's definition of an anarchist:

One who believes in or advocates the absence of hierarchy and authority in most forms (compare anarchism), especially one who works toward the realization of such.
One who disregards laws and social norms as a form of rebellion against authority.
By extension from previous sense, one who promotes chaos and lawlessness; a nihilist.
One who resents outside control or influence on his or her life, in particular a government, and therefore desires the absence of political control.

apparently they teach this in business schools......a good case for their abolition, seems to me.

It's almost like they should include "neoliberal" as a synonym.....
FUnny how the COnservative PArty is at fault here, when it was MArtin's LIberals that BAsi was trying to infiltrate.

Skooks you are so off your rocker I just dont know where to start.
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