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Pigs at the trough? or rats deserting a sinking ship?

Gordon Campbell's former advisors among top paid public sector executives

By Jonathan Fowlie,
Vancouver Sun - August 30, 2011

Martyn Brown, who was Gordon Campbell's longtime chief of staff, took home $653,175.92 last year, including $416,191 in severance.


VICTORIA -- British Columbia's top paid public sector executive is T.M. Bechard, managing director of Powerex, the government said Tuesday.

In its annual disclosure, the government said Bechard made $1.01 million in 2010-11, which included a $540,000 annual bonus.

Rounding out the top three on the list are members from former premier Gordon Campbell's senior staff, both of whom were let go after Campbell stepped down.

British Columbia's second highest paid public sector executive last year was Allan Seckel, Campbell's former deputy minister and former head of the public service. Seckel took home $923,907, including an almost $550,000 severance package.

Third on the list was Martyn Brown, who until just before Campbell stepped down had been Campbell's longtime chief of staff.

Brown was shuffled into another job before Campbell left, but was let go once Premier Christy Clark took office. Brown took home $653,175.92 last year, including $416,191 in severance.

Another executive who took home a sizeable severance last year is Kevin Mahoney, who had been president of BC Rail. Mahoney collected a $392,000 severance, bringing his annual income last year to $523,456.

Others on the list of top paid public sector executives include: University of B.C. president Stephen Toope, who made $579,332; Pavco CEO Warren Buckley, who made $563,707; and Insurance Corp. of British Columbia CEA Jon Schubert, who took home $522,178.

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From CBC:

.... Other big payouts went to Leslie du Toit, deputy minister of children and family development, who gets $337,000, and Ron Norman, who headed the Public Affiars Bureau, who receives $324,000.

Other severance recipients include:

Lara Dauphinee (Campbell's Deputy Chief of Staff) - $193,000.
Geoff Hanman - $118,000
Paul Taylor (Premier's Chief of Staff after Brown) - $114,000.
Dale Steeves (Premier's Communications Director) - $108,000.
Michael Harrison (ministerial assistant) - $76,000.
June Phillips - $73,000.
Christine Willows - $51,000.
Kathy Armstrong - $34,000.
Richard Davis - $33,000.
The total for the severance packages is $2,427,000.

The president of the B.C. Federation of Labour, Jim Sinclair, called the payouts "outrageous," and not in accordance with Clark's promises to B.C. families.

"I suppose when she said 'families first' she meant Allan Seckel's family and Martyn Brown's family," said Sinclair ...


Is that the same Martyn Brown with a memory the size of a pea?
Anon 3:01,

I do believe that's our oracle in this instance.
Anon kinda beat me to the punch, but who'd have thunk that having no memory at all of anything you did while in your job would be worth 653k? Guess that's on his resume - "have no memory for important matters".

Maybe he'll forget to cash the cheque too?
Most of us get paid for what we know, but apparently Martyn with a Y, got paid for what he didn't know, or couldn't remember.

I guess you can't charge a guy with perjury if he lies in reverse.

Of all the sleazeballs involved with Herr Campbell, and there are many, this guy is the one who makes you want to scratch.
Hi Mary, I was a little confused at Your Headline of the above, I know I sent the link To you yesterday,can anyone explain why Johnathon Fowlie wrote two stories with the same info basically, one titled
BC Rail execs paid $630,000 severance
Money paid to CEO, vice-president of real estate to leave company ‘a colossal waste,’ critic says
By Jonathan Fowlie, Vancouver Sun August 30, 2011

Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/Rail+execs+paid+severance/5330863/story.html#ixzz1WcYcgH00
Gordon Campbell's former advisors among top paid public sector executives
By Jonathan Fowlie, Vancouver Sun August 30, 2011

Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/Gordon+Campbell+former+advisors+among+paid+public+sector+executives/5328994/story.html#ixzz1WcZ5t6Oz
Do you mean, brain dead Martyn Brown? We feared he wouldn't know his way back home.

Speaking of Lara. Where is she these days? Hmmmm
Dear E.M.,

Here's what happened. When your comment came in, I went looking for the URL and got caught up in the reports so published them as best I could.

Thank you for the original tip.
NDP website
http://www.bcndp.ca/newsroom/bc-liberals-pay-top-execs-more-rest-bc-expected-tighten-beltB.C. LIBERALS PAY TOP EXECS MORE AS THE REST OF B.C. EXPECTED TO TIGHTEN BELT
August 30, 2011

VANCOUVER - As the B.C. Liberals expect hard-working British Columbians to tighten their belt this year, public sector executives are making more than ever, say the New Democrats

"Some of the wages for the top earning public sector executives are quite alarming," said New Democrat finance critic Bruce Ralston. "Number six on the list was Kevin Mahoney, the president and CEO of B.C. Rail, a company with no trains.

"Over $500,000 to watch over empty tracks."

Ralston was responding to today's release of the public sector executive compensation report.

"Three of the six highest-paid executives were paid between $390,000 and $514,000 in severance alone," said Ralston. "In a 2009 report, the Auditor General said indefinite-term contracts play a part in high executive salaries. Perhaps it's time government considers fixed-term contracts in order to reign in salaries and avoid outrageous severance payments."

Ralston also noted that B.C. Ferries CEO David Hahn would have been top of the list if his position was still considered part of the public sector.

"By privatizing B.C. Ferries, the Liberals have allowed the ferries CEO to be paid outrageous sums of money, including a retirement package of over $300,000," said Ralston. "After only ten years of service, Mr. Hahn will be paid more to not work than deputy ministers will be paid to work."

Ralston noted that government sends a mixed message to the thousands of hard-working public sector employees when it allows massive salary and benefit increases for those at the top while telling other workers that the cupboard is bare.
How come Dave Basi, Bobby Virk and Basi arnt listed? Didnt they each make over 1M per yr when the govt picked up their legal tab?

Wasnt that in respect of their employment?
re the Dauphinee severance package, did we ever figure out out if she was getting one salary, or two? i.e. is that a dual-salary severance, or for only one job (whichever)?

Any listing of expense accounts?
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