Saturday, August 20, 2011


RELIEF GRANTED: Oral reasons for judgment on Basi-Virk legal fees

Again, special thanks to "Secondlook" for searching out The Honourable Justice Greyell's order and Reasons for Judgment  dated August 10, 2011 in favour of the BC Auditor General ...

RELIEF GRANTED - British Columbia (Auditor General) v. Butler, application by Auditor General for access to and production of documents and records in the possession of Richard Butler and the Province concerning Basi and Virk pertaining to legal fees.


65]         As noted, Messrs. Virk and Basi are now unrepresented.

[66]         The privilege and arising confidentiality belongs to the client:  that is, the privilege belongs to Messrs. Basi and Virk.  It is only [the] client who can choose to waive such privilege.  Such waiver must be clear and unequivocal.

[67]         I am satisfied on a review of the background of this matter, and after reviewing the communications passing between Messrs. Virk and Basi and counsel for the Auditor General as set out above, that in this case both Messrs. Virk and Basi have chosen, with full knowledge of their rights, to waive such rights to any existing privilege and confidentiality they may have to documents in the possession of the Province as requested by the Auditor General for the expressed purpose of, and for no other purpose, than enabling the Auditor General to conduct his inquiry and examination pursuant to this Act ...


It's all HERE ...and Google has had it listed as such for 41 minutes last time I looked ... but when I try to get into this site I get the "Error" message. Best thing is to wait a while and try again ... or ... cut and paste the URL into your browser.


The BCR rot started with Campbell's election lie and deceit. It's just my own opinion...Campbell is the most corrupt s.o.b. ever, in all of Canada's history.

Campbell said, the BCR wasn't sold, it was leased. Does that mean, the valuable real estate that went with the BCR, also just leased? Where is all the money from the BCR land?
Campbell also stated that BC would continue to own the tracks that the railway runs on...that's a lie too. Big surprise!

Until there is a full and open public inquiry with ALL information on the one but Campbell and McLean know the truth. How sad is that?
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