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Campbell's caught

                                   Updates  Sept. 8, 2011

Order of B.C. panel stumbles

Times Colonist Editorial - Sept 5, 2011

Last October, as another 15 people were invested into the Order of British Columbia, Gordon Campbell was on hand, giving them a chance to shake hands with the premier.

Less than two weeks later, Campbell resigned, driven from office by the backlash over his government’s introduction of the harmonized sales tax.

Campbell still won’t miss this year’s investiture. This time, he will be there as a recipient.

The decision to honour Campbell is wrong.

For one thing, it gives the impression that a small inner circle is running the province, with the members looking out for each other at the expense of everyone else.

The recipients are picked by an advisory council of seven people, including the Chief Justice of B.C., the legislature’s Speaker and two past recipients.

Among the members this year are 2010 recipient John Furlong, the Olympic boss whose work depended on the support he received from Campbell, and Speaker Bill Barisoff, who worked under Campbell for years.

The people on the advisory council had reason to work with, or meet, the premier. It could be argued that gave Campbell an unfair advantage, and smacks of cronyism.

Timing is also a concern.

The honour was announced just a week after British Columbians killed the HST. The anger over the new tax was justified in many ways and, until the bitterness fades, it is not appropriate to honour the man who foisted it upon an unsuspecting province.

Campbell accomplished many things as premier, but his government was one of the most controversial and divisive in a province well known for polarized politics. It will take time for the resentment to heal, and time to determine whether, on balance, British Columbia is better off because of his time in charge.

The order has high standards. It was created in 1989 to “recognize those persons who have served with the greatest distinction and excelled in any field of endeavour benefitting the people of the province, or elsewhere.”

The first 26 inductees were named the following June. It was a remarkable list, including wheelchair athlete Rick Hansen, musician Bryan Adams, historian Margaret Ormsby, business legend Jimmy Pattison and gymnast Lori Fung.

The first group also included two politicians of note: Leslie Peterson, who served as a Social Credit cabinet minister under W.A.C. Bennett, and Grace MacInnis, who was Co-operative Commonwealth Federation MLA and then a New Democratic Party MP.

In the two decades since the order was created, more than 300 people have been honoured. Until Campbell’s honour, the list included only one former premier — Bill Bennett, the Socred premier from 1975 to 1986. He was named to the order in 2007, 21 years after he left office.

One obvious omission is Dave Barrett, the NDP premier from 1972 to 1975. He was controversial while in power, but many of his projects, such as the agricultural land reserve and the Insurance Corp. of B.C., are still with us. His time in office has survived the test of history.

Campbell’s honour is premature for another reason — quite simply, it breaks the rules.

A sitting politician cannot be nominated. The nomination deadline was March 10. Campbell resigned as MLA for Vancouver-Point Grey on March 15, five days after the nominations closed.

So a group of insiders honoured one of their own, ignoring the potential to inflame British Columbians, even though they had to break their own rules to do it.

All in all, this is a sad, embarrassing moment, one that cheapens an honour established for all the right reasons.

Read more HERE:

Gone entirely, without explanation ... tossed aside like an old shoe ... is an exceptional player in the Gordon Campbell saga: the long-serving Lara Dauphinee.  Read The Straight story HERE. 

Also Public Eye Online has reported Lara Dauphinee as joining the Board of Directors for Vancouver Board of Trade as well as being Vice President of Fiore Financial Corporation ... how does she achieve such an astonishing  level of secrecy? Especially when joining forces with such a colourful character as the president of Fiore Financial Corp, Frank Giustra. 

If interested, see also "Who is Frank Giustra?"


In addition to the @NoOrderForGordo Twitter account, there’s a “Gordon Campbell does not Deserve the Order of BC award” page on Facebook.

That’s right, not eligible. From another petition by Cheryl McNevin Baron:

According to the Government of BC’s own Order of BC website, nominations for the 2011 awards closed March 10, 2011, and “your nominee must not currently be an elected person with federal, provincial or municipal governments”.

Gordon Campbell did not step down as MLA, clearing the way for Christy Clark to run in his riding of Vancouver-Point Gray, until March 14th. Thus, at the close of nominations he was “currently an elected person”.
Why the rush is a great question.

Really we won't know everything about his leadership until the Libs are voted out on their ear. How else can anyone go in and see the state of things as Campbell and his government was a master of secrecy. It seems to continue to this day.
The OBC are not honorable themselves.

To pick Campbell, the lowest form of the human species for this award, speaks for it's self. The OBC is just as corrupt as the, Campbell/Clark BC Liberal Slime Family.

Naming the other members of ill repute, has solidified the OBC as a worthless award.

There is obvious disrespect among the OBC panel, for what the award is to represent. This now soiled and corrupt institution should be shut down.
Agree, Anon 4:02,

First we need a Full Public Inquiry into (at very least) the sale of BC Rail.

Anon 12:01, that seems a little harsh, doesn't it? Nothing wrong with rewarding excellence ... but everything wrong with pretending that evil deeds should be rewarded with our highest honour.

Someone just reminded me that these awards can be rescinded, recalling the unhappy stumbles taken by David Ahenakew, whose Order of Canada was taken from him on account of his racially dumb-ass proclamations.

Well, BC has suffered quite enough from our own brand of dumb-ass. It's Gordo who needs the boot. But let's not try to shut down the OBC panel.
John Horgan submitted a letter to the Speaker of the House re GC award. He did this Sept 6/11 stating nominations closed on March 10th and GC resigned March 15th.
From 12:01.

Sorry Mary, I always agree with everything you post, you are among the best.

However, I disagree with you, the OBC shouldn't be abolished. We BC citizens have allowed far too many events to slip by.

Campbell's theft and sale of the BCR. We let that pass. Campbell's begging of us to forgive his drunk charge. We did. And, we were kicked in the face, for doing so.

Campbell's second election lie, the HST wasn't on his and Hansen's radar, we are still paying for. We can throw in the small provincial deficit lie as well.

The OBC has shown a very flawed, very wrong judgment, to name Campbell for the OBC. The other three are also in that, very poor judgment arena.

Campbell did very evil things to this province and the people.

That s.o.b. Campbell, should be awarded a, damned good, hard kick where the sun doesn't shine. Certainly not the OBC.

That OBC institution has also, kicked every decent BC citizen right in the face as well. Campbell has, the dirtiest, disgusting, and the most corrupt political record in the recorded history of Canada.

The OBC has acted in, intolerable bad faith to the BC people. I find the OBC far too offensive to accept.

The OBC deserve to be abolished. Never will they be trusted again, as we would never trust the, Campbell/Clark BC Liberals again.

Shame on the OBC.
Thanks, 1:33, for those very encouraging words.

But I still think that the Order of B.C. should be cleaned up -- not thrown aside -- because there are good people who value the awards they were given.

The problem seems to be the unhealthy secrecy which surrounds Campbell while he slashes his way to glory ... he's the one who needs to take the blame for this.

B.C. has lost too much already. I think we'd be wise to kick Campbell, not the awards for O.B.C.
thanks for the great postings makes me wonder how much more can the public take in this open fawning all over them selves the stroking this greedy bunch needs is nothing short of astounding and kinda sick! god how needy are you liberals? if you read this blog get some help
I watch the sparce meager news clips of these well fed gas bags..I cant even express how angry i am, words fail me
I can think of so many people who are so deserving of this award, walk into any hospice or extended care ward, seniors center.. and have a look a what ordinary wonderful people give back to their community... and Ken Dobel.? what the hell did he ever do for B.C.?
each of these liberal elites with a string of questionable actions if not charges laid get an award! its an insult , how low can they go!
they should be serving time for what they have done to bc
I'm going to make a prediction.

Stephen Harper will win one more majority, after this one.

Gordon Campbell will be Prime Minister come the election after that.

The Kingmakers are behind him, behind this. Blessings have been given by the highest judicial authority in BC, and the country's highest elected official. Pay attention to Bilderberg - those they bless become Presidents, and Prime Ministers...the past proves that beyond doubt.

Gordon Campbell will be Prime Minister two elections hence.

Always interesting to hear from you,

but jeez,

today's dark prediction is hard to bear.


by sheer serendipitous coincidence, I came upon this thing and thought of you, when I was looking for something on the Power of Positive Thinking.


Virgo: Positive Thinking Will Do Wonders

You have an opportunity to impact your physical well-being now by simply changing your attitude. The Moon's current visit to innovative Aquarius and your 6th House of Health helps you focus your energy toward self-improvement. The powerful effect that positive thinking can have on your life today should not be underestimated. In fact, it just may be the key to a happier and healthier you.

Horoscope by Rick Levine,

End of quote.

Not all, but some parts of this power I do understand. But I call it "Positive Imagery" and this added awareness of what I'm working/hoping for, helps me to visualize it, helps me work toward it.

I get scared too. And what scares me today is the very clear picture of Hell you just painted, with Gordo as Prime Minister after Stevo cruises to another majority.

Know what I mean?
@ Leah: Gaaaaaaaah!!!!
LMAO! I'm only going by history when it comes to his pals...sorry. Oh yeah...I'm a Libra/Scorpio this negativity is hard on me too. *hanging head*

Truly though...I honestly believe this is only the beginning for him...he has more than proven his worth to those behind the curtain, and will be justly rewarded for future efforts.

The After-life however; is another story entirely...
Yeah. Ignore history and we have to repeat it until we get the lesson firmly fixed in our minds.

Still, those two words:


can light our way out of the swamp. Somehow or other, we shoulda been able to interrupt Gordo's trajectory long before this ... like when CPR and omniTRAX made formal complaint, in writing, that the bidding on BC Rail was tainted -- even providing the evidence -- and ... Krog, for example, did nothing. And when the corruption was so obvious that it caused even the Campbell Government to shrink back from selling the Roberts Bank treasure too as a "consolation prize". Or Bornmann ...

Positive Imagery allows me to think of BCRail as the subject of a full public inquiry. Especially, it finally allows me to see Campbell the BCRail-killer with a new number being photographed for the historic police record ...
Who should have weighed in when CP and OmniTRAX (and BNSF) made their comments about the bidding process being tainted was the federal Competition Bureau. Similarly when the CIBC World Markets and Charles River Associates reports were shown to be "flawed" (rigged). Likewise when testimony and cross-examination of Brian Kenning showed the rigging of BC Rail's financial status with pre-arrived-at conclusions provided by a contrived terms of reference for his work.

The feds should have weighed in on this LONG ago. Wasn't gonna happen under a Martin government, because of the Kinsella/Marissen connection (never mind the Basi-Martin connection), and of course Harper is not gonna take action against anything that's going to get in the way of his own dismantling of the Canadian state into a US satrapy.

This was, I'll repeat again, all set in motion when the US took umbrage at Glen Clark and decided to find ways to take over BC's infrastructure and place it under US control. Not just infrastructure like transportation and highways and power, but actual government infrastructure. and control of the political system.

And I still think some investigative digging into Lara Dauphinee's past might turn up some very interesting US links.....a control under deep cover, now being laundered into a mini-celebrity in business and BC high society.....

"They" don't want a full public inquiry because it would reveal too much about "them". And I don't mean the immediately guilty.....
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