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Did we learn nothing from BC Rail? What they are planning ... would drain Canada of oil, gas, and hydro - all without any public involvement except that taxpayers are expected to foot the bill ...

BC Mary comment: It's becoming more clear, why Stephen Harper looked to the  devastated Province of British Columbia, liked what he saw, and decided to promote the despised, cast-off premier to be Canada's High Commissioner to the United Kingdom. Something doesn't sit right. Why aren't there permanent pickets around Gordon Campbell's posh new residence at Canada House on Trafalgar Square. And the picketers' signs should read, NO TO GORDO! and like Brigette DePape's, STOP HARPER!

It also becomes more clear why Gordo and his good pal David Emerson were pushed with an almost vulgar haste into their Order of British Columbia awards. How much of this can we take?  


... There is no real domestic need for the excessive electricity generation and "upgrades" being called for in Canada, but, under the radar, something much bigger is going on. It has to do with "energy convergence." We tend to think of the electricity sector as separate from the oil and gas sector. But increasingly, the same corporate players are involved in both.

What they are planning is literally continent-transforming and would drain Canada of oil, gas, and hydro  - all without any public involvement except that taxpayers are expected to foot the bill ...

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BC Mary comment: I received this on a ListServ with no by-line, source, or URL but it certainly looks good to me.  I'm posting it in full, hoping others agree that it sure as heck provides one big answer to "What can we do?"


PDAC workshop on Direct Action beneficial

Building on Friday’s successful town hall, attended by approximately 500 people and featuring Maude Barlow of the Council of Canadians and civil rights lawyer Leo M’Grady, the Peaceful Direct Action Coalition presented a workshop on direct Action at the Native Sons Hall in Courtenay on Saturday.

150 Comox Valley residents participated and learned their legal rights at demonstrations, direct action tactics and how to strategically employ those tactics.

As part of the hands-on credo of the Coalition, participants organized a colourful parade to the offices of MLA Don McRae and MP John Duncan. Accompanied by songs, drums and chants, participants put up hundreds of multi-coloured post-it notes on their windows, each bearing a message. Many had to do with the proposed Raven coal mine, such as “Welcome to the Coalmox Valley”, but dozens of other concerns were expressed ranging from “Unlimited growth is a cancer” to “Harper’s foreign policy is a betrayal of Canada’s tradition of peace and diplomacy.”

The parade was well received by passers-by and business owners. The post-it notes were taken down so that the messages can be documented and delivered to MLA Don McRae and MP John Duncan.

Kel Kelly, one of the organizers, stated that the goal of the workshop was “to inspire and to educate people that the streets and the commons belong to them. They need to speak up and act up. In fact it is their responsibility to do so and it is even more important in these times.”

The message clearly struck a chord with participants. One participant stated that she “keeps getting the feeling the government has lost its moral compass and they need to start listening not just to the CEO’s but to the people.” Another, who had recently moved back to the Comox Valley after a 30 year absence, commented that the changes he saw were not positive ones and he was quite concerned about deteriorating water quality. He further stated, “Politicians don’t lead; people do.”

Mike Bell, another of the organizers, stated, “What’s next? More training, growing the Coalition and helping plan strategies to increase activism. We are in this for the long haul.”

Both he and Kel Kelly stressed that the goal of the Peaceful Direct Action Coalition is not to organize direct actions but to provide education on peaceful direct action. However, as Gwyn Frayne pointed out, “With 13 local organizations already on board and more planning to join, all levels of government will sit up and take notice that so many people in the Comox Valley are coming to a townhall and a workshop about civil disobedience.”


Neither Harper and the Conservatives nor the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, have any morals or ethics, what-so-ever.

It was Campbell assisting Harper with the dismantling of BC. This province has vast natural resources. Harper wants to control them and exploit this province.

China owns a huge chunk of the dirty tar sands. Harper and Campbell have worked on, forcing the Enbridge pipeline and the dirty tankers on the province and the people.

There was also their plan to log the Rain Forests.

Harper and Campbell also planned on drilling oil and gas wells, off the coast of BC. So you damned right, Harper was upset about losing his partner in crime.

That's why Harper and Campbell worked so hard, to keep Campbell in office. Their dirty work wasn't quite done. Harper actually chastised the BC citizens for, forcing Campbell to resign.

I hope the Peaceful Direct Action Coalition, allows us in the rural areas, to submit our e-mail addresses for news letters and such.
Anonymous 1:12,

Thanks for your comment. I've tried, without success, to find the original statement you refer to here:

Harper actually chastised the BC citizens for, forcing Campbell to resign.

It's interesting to note, however, that Google can supply many references to Harper chastising BC citizens, but all are identifiable by that bothersome "comma error", which indicates that they're all coming from the same person ... from the comma-person. Not necessarily from Harper.

Do you, by any chance, have the original Harper statement chastizing BC citizens?

Thanks, if you can help.
When the roman scaptured high ranking adversaries they would give them high ranking jobs at far side of empire to keep them from causing trouble
Don't forget billion dollar contract to provide rural bcwith telus access which may be for smart meter wireless reading paid for by bc
No Mary.

There was just a quick blurb on TV. Harper chastised the BC people for forcing Campbell, the best premier for BC ever to resign.

I remember that very well. I was so pissed, I could have walked to the TV and slapped Harper's face. That still makes me furious, every time I think of it. No mention of what that s.o.b. did to the people and this province.
I believe the PDAC material may have come from a workshop that was being held this weekend in Courtenay to school people in the process of physically opposing the Raven Coal Mine, very much endorsed by the Premier, and which threatens Baynes Sound as well as a swathe of forest on the East Coast of Vancouver Island, several fish-bearing streams and the ecosystem of the Alberni Inlet, from which the proponent proposes to ship the coal, via 75 B-train trucks a day. Clark doesn't want to acknowledge that burning coal should be phased out as quickly as possible, or even that Vancouver Island is not the place for the mine. Submissions to the Draft Air recently totalled more than those for all other projects, and ran 95% negative. Christy still thinks it's a great scheme, Check out Coalwatch:http://www.coalwatch.ca/

What a great, useful comment! This makes my day. Many thanks indeed.

When readers like you, respond to this blog with good information, I know we're making real progress.

Thanks a million.
Mary, I remember Harper's comment that Anonymous is talking about, just not exactly where; somewhere in the bowels of the HuffPost is the CBC or CP or G&M article it was in, but I'm not gonna take the time to find it by wading through all the other nauseating stuff about Harper that's in that meta-rag.
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