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The Friday bad news dump: Former premier Gordon Campbell [BC Rail killer] and ex-Vancouver MP David Emerson are among the 14 latest recipients of the Order of B.C. announced by Lieut.-Gov. Steven Point on Friday.


By Staff reporter - The Province [Vancouver]September 2, 2011.

“The Order of British Columbia recognizes the excellence and achievements of our citizens,” said Point in a release, who noted the recipients have “contributed to the province in extraordinary ways. “It is the highest honour we can bestow on individuals in our province.”

Premier Christy Clark offered her congratulations in a statement.

“I want to offer my congratulations to all of this year’s Order of British Columbia recipients,” she said. “The one shared .trait amongst all of them is a passion for making British Columbia a better place.”

Also included in the list is Crystal Dunahee, the mother of Michael Dunahee, who went missing at age five, and Jim Robson “the voice of hockey in B.C.”

This year’s recipients also include:

* Luigi Aquilini of Vancouver – builder, entrepreneur, philanthropist.

* Peter Norman Baird of Vancouver – bridge-builder between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal British Columbians.

* Gordon M. Campbell of Vancouver – visionary, leader, proud British Columbian.

* Ken Dobell of Vancouver – dedicated public servant.

* Crystal Dunahee of Victoria – community leader and advocate for child safety.

* The Honourable David Emerson, P.C. of Vancouver – private and public sector leader.

* Yuri Fulmer of West Vancouver – dynamic entrepreneur and dedicated volunteer.

* Tim Jones of North Vancouver – dedicated search and rescue leader.

* Dr. Phil Muir of Hazelton – long-time northern doctor and innovator.

* J.C. (Jim) O’Rourke, P.Eng. of West Vancouver – builder of B.C.’s mining communities.

* Karen O’Shannacery of Vancouver – tireless advocate for homeless people.

* Jim Robson of Vancouver – the voice of hockey in B.C.

* Baljit Sethi of Prince George – advocate for immigrants and for equality.

* Ellen White of Nanaimo – native educator and activist.

The recipients were selected by an independent advisory committee from public nominations.

Sitting on the committee were: Lance S. G. Finch (chair), Chief Justice of B.C.; Bill Barisoff, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly and MLA for Penticton; Dr. Ralph Nilson, president and vice-chancellor, Vancouver Island University; Councillor Barbara Steele, president, Union of B.C. Municipalities; Pierrette Maranda, associate deputy minister, Intergovernmental Relations Secretariat; and previous Order recipients John Furlong and Barbara Ward-Burkitt.

The investiture ceremony is scheduled for Oct. 4. [First day of new Legislative session! - BCM.] Since the Order was first introduced in 1989, 301 people have received the honour.

For biographies of the recipients, go to the Order of B.C. at

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Brace, brace, brace! 
for October 4, 2011 
in British Columbia's legislative assembly.


Isn't Ken Dobell a discharged criminal? For that matter, wasn't Campbell convicted of what would be a criminal offence in BC>

I'm only surprised David Basi and Bobby Virk didn't get awards too.

Next year I guess...
Gordon Campbell, Mr. 9% Popularity?
Bill Tieleman "BC is out of Order! Ex-Premier Gordon Campbell gets Order of BC same year he quits! Ex-Campbell Deputy Minister Ken Dobell also gets Order! Liberal MLA on selection committee!

Ex-Premier Gordon Campbell's likely reaction to receiving Order of BC on Friday
The premier who misled British Columbia voters before the last 2009 election about the Harmonized Sales Tax and the size of BC's giant deficit. The premier who presided over seve straight years of the worst child poverty rates in Canada. The most unpopular premier in Canada when he quit. The only premier ever jailed in a foreign country. I could go further but won't.
And guess who else gets honoured the same day - Campbell's own former Deputy Minister Ken Dobell.

The Ken Dobell who pled guilty to being an unregistered provincial government lobbyist. And who was at the centre of some BC Rail/BC Legislature Raid issues - allegations raised by the defence in pre-trial hearings of David Basi and Bob Virk. And who admitted he regularly deleted his emails as DM to avoid them being disclosed by Freedom Of Information requests.
Thanks Bill
Campbell wasn't even eligible to be nominated.... he was still an MLA when the papers were filed.

mla and mp are not eligible
OH Ya and this Former finance minister Gary Collins is a senior vice president at parent company Belkorp Industries Inc., and Premier Gordon Campbell's former deputy premier, Ken Dobell, is registered to lobby for the company on solid waste management.

(It should be pointed out that waste-to-energy proponents reportedly include Francesco Aquilini, whose companies have made significant donations to the BC Liberals.)

As recently as August, according to a summary from the registrar of lobbyists, Dobell was lobbying the office of the premier and three ministries on Belkorp's behalf "to encourage the development of a policy to guarantee the continued operation of Cache Creek Landfill as a major regional disposal facility."

Landfill Lobby Trashed Waste-to-Energy Plan
Cache Creek owners argued to province that recycling garbage is more green than burning it, and saves jobs.

By Andrew MacLeod, 22 Sep 2010,
What the hell next?

Gordon Campbell with the dirtiest and most foul, corrupt political record in Canadian history, gets the OBC??

Campbell must have bought it. No-one in their right mind, would have awarded him that. I'm sure it was cheated, so Campbell wouldn't look so terrible for, his appointment as High Commissioner to England.

Well for sure, this has really dirtied the OBC. There is no more honor and prestige, in that order. To give rotten scum like Campbell the OBC, is the final evidence, of how corrupt and sick this province really is.

This is among one of the most, disgraceful things done in this province, I have ever heard of.
Ken Dobell??????

David Emerson? - the guy who betrayed the people who elected him before he was even sworn in?

Gordon Campbell, "visionary"......puh-leeze!

Like a bad comedy script with an unfunny ending.
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