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With a view toward a Full Public Inquiry into the BC Rail fiasco ...

BC Mary comment: today Medium-Size Media has published an actual squeak from the church-mice in BC Opposition.

Note that Doug Routley's New Democratic Party credentials aren't mentioned in this article. Strange, eh? Is the Campbell/Clark government running scared already?

Since a change of government is apparently the only way BC will get a full Public Inquiry into the BC Rail fiasco, let's try to figure out when BC will have its next provincial election ...

Routley calls Clark’s decision to wait until 2013 for an election just another policy ‘surprise’

By Peter Rusland

Cowichan News Leader Pictorial
September 01, 2011

A two-year delay in B.C.’s next election is just another surprise from the Liberal majority government, Nanaimo-North Cowichan MLA Doug Routley says.

“The Liberals have governed by surprise for 10 years — surprise, we’re selling B.C. Rail; surprise, we’re friends with First Nations; surprise, we’ve adopted the HST.

“Now surprise, we’ll tell you the new election date.”

Routley was responding to Wednesday’s news from Premier Christy Clark that voters would next head to the polls under B.C.’s fixed election law stipulating a May 2013 ballot, not an earlier election date Clark previously suggested.

She has denied recent public defeat of the harmonized sales tax, or party polling changed her mind, in a report in the Vancouver Sun.

In various interviews, Clark emphasized instability of the world economy and the lack of a public appetite for another election this year delayed the next voting date.

Not so, Routley signalled.

“It’s more the numbers (Liberals) seeing in their own polling.

“They were focused on selling the HST to B.C. but people saw through (HST sales job) and now people will see through the reason for new a vote,” he told the News Leader Pictorial, explaining folks want job creation, not more Liberal talk.

“How many tens of thousands of jobs in core industries does this province need to lose?

B.C.’s election law specifies a provincial election every four years, but reserves government’s traditional right to deal with unusual circumstances such as a death or resignation, the Sun  indicated.

But to Routley, the Liberals are buying time after the recent HST referendum loss.

“The HST serves as a reminder that people will only take so much insult to their integrity in politics.

“It was the biggest non-confidence vote ever. The Liberals have run out of ideas.”

B.C.’s legislature holds two independent members, 34 NDP MLAs and, and 49 Liberals as the house heads back Oct. 4.

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Christy would not dare to call an election now. She would most certainly lose. She is forced to stall.

She has been contradicting herself, she flip flops all over the place. She seems disjointed and confused.

I think Christy is grasping at straws, saying whatever the occasion brings, and trying to pacify. She is begging for money. (Good article on Laila Yuile's site).

I agree Christy and her BC Liberals, are all out of ideas. They are actually floundering.

Campbell's BCR fiasco, Christy dares not to address. This will hang over the Liberals, like a very black cloud.

The BC citizens are, absolutely not going to forget Campbell's treachery. The BCR was ours, not Campbell's.
Clark also claimed that one reason she wasn't going to call an election was because elections bring about instability, and she didn't want to risk that while the world economy is in the tank.

Someone should tell Christy Clark that there are several other provincial elections scheduled for the fall/spring, elections called by seasoned premiers. How come they're not scared of holding an election but Christy Clark is? Does she know something she isn't telling the people of BC?
I agree with Clark though. The las thing this province needs is for DIX to cut his teeth.

Dix is not up to the task. Jack Layton? I would follow him anywhere.


I wouldnt follow him to the toilet even if I really needed to go!

Dix is not the answer. I like Clarke way more than Dix. More time as premier will add to her allure. I have no doubt Clarke will win the next election provided that DIX is at the helm.

That does not please me, but come on. With MLA's like Laura Popham, and MPs like Dennie Savoy appovingly nodding/followin Adrian Dix all the way, the NDP will fail.

Leonard Krog? Don Routley? Hedy Fry???

Come on NDP. Is this your best?

Thought so. Which is why the only option remains Liberal/Conservative.
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