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Harper names new RCMP HQ after commish who abided illegal activities


By Glen McGregor - October 5, 2011

In an absolutely bizarre move, the Harper government today continued its building-naming spree by christening the Royal Canadian Mounted Police headquarters in Ottawa “The M.J. Nadon Government of Canada Building,” just a few weeks after naming a government building on Sussex Drive after former Prime Minister John Diefenbaker.

The Mounties’ new shop is named for former RCMP Commissioner Maurice Nadon.  Pop open any of three volumes of the McDonald Commission reports into the RCMP’s barn burning, mail opening and other illegal activities in the 1970s, and you’ll quickly come across Nadon’s name.

A sample, from this conclusion section on the physical surveillance techniques used by the Horsemen:

Commissioner Nadon was aware of the violation of provincial laws and municipal by-laws as a result of physical surveillance activities, including speeding, the use of fabricated identification documents and the use of false licence plates. Yet Mr. Nadon took no steps to stop those practices, which he knew to be illegal. He was also aware of the practices of registering in hotels under false names and entering garages in order to determine the presence of target vehicles, although he was uncertain as to the legality of those practices. We accept that he had no knowledge that documents or licence plates were being manufactured by the R .C.M.P. themselves. With respect to such practices he ought to have made the necessary inquiries to determine whether they were legal. Mr. Nadon’s failure to stop practices which he knew to be illegal and his failure to determine the legality of those practices as to which he was uncertain as to their legality were unacceptable. (bold type = mine).

And then there’s the allegation that Nadon kept then Solicitor General Francis Fox out of the loop on the dirty tricks. An 1972 operation called “Operation Bricole (Handyman)” saw RCMP security services members break-in and steal records from  Agence de Presse Libre du Québec (A.P.L.Q.). From the McDonald Commission report: 

Following the meeting of January 25, 1977, Mr . Fox asked Mr. (Roger) Tassé to prepare a letter for his signature, asking the R.C.M .P. for written assurances confirming what they had told him verbally. In that letter Mr. Fox pointed out that at the meeting Commissioner Nadon had assured him that the activities of the Security Service were carried out within the law and that members of the Security Service had received precise directions on the subject from the Director General in May 1975 .

Keep in mind that the RCMP’s insane behaviour documented by the McDonald Commission led to a cleavage of Canada’s national security apparatus from the federal police force ....

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Way to go Mary! That's calling it like it is.

Thanks for alerting us to this.

It's great to keep piling up the stuff of this Unlawful and Disorderly prime minister. Power corrupts, but I think Harper had all of this in mind well before he got power.

The Prince of Darkness is becoming a fitting moniker for Harper.
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