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BC Rail 8 years later ...

                                     Shocking new story:
                              huge alleged heroin hotbed in
                            Afghanistan's Kandahar Airfield 
                                 The Tyee - Dec. 29, 2011

BC Mary comment: Bill Tieleman's latest Tyee posting reminds us of what B.C. has endured these past 8 years, since police with Search Warrants entered the B.C. Legislature searching for evidence of drug trafficking. The BCRail hanky-panky came into view, after this got under way. The funny thing is, the evidence was found, the perpetrator (Jasmohan Singh Bains) went to trial in Victoria, he (thought to be Mr Big) was found guilty, and was sentenced to 8 years plus a large fine ...  and not a word of it was published in West Coast or national media.

The story came to light only because of a citizen who attended BC Supreme Court almost every day, who overheard some courtroom conversation (not secret). He  looked around the courtroom and saw no big media journalists ... and decided to pass the tip to BC Mary.

Although grateful, I couldn't believe his report. I couldn't imagine Big Media letting that kind of story pass by unnoticed. So I did plenty of due diligence, even got the judge's Reasons for Judgment, and there was no doubt: Bains had been arrested, tried, convicted, fined, imprisoned ... under the full protection of secrecy. I will never rest until I find out why that information was kept from the public. [But what a co-incidence, to see this huge heroin centre revealed today, operating at a high level amongst our own troops in Afghanistan, cloaked in "wartime" secrecy.  - BC Mary.]

But ... getting back on track with Bill Tieleman ... here's the Basi, Virk, Basi story reviewed again ... with a flip! 

How BC Rail Was Made to Disappear

Eight years later, looking back at the BC legislature raid, and where we've arrived.
By Bill Tieleman, Yesterday,

Dec 28, 2003: Police seize documents related to BC Liberals' $1 billion privatization of BC Rail.

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Railgate, A to Z
Five years after the legislature raid, a who's who guide to BC's biggest political scandal.
Railgate? Asked and Answered, Says Clark
Premier calls me out as she rejects Basi-Virk inquiry. Yet questions do persist.
'I Want Everything Released': Basi
Convicted Railgate figure says 'Who's your daddy' wiretap comment was a joke, not about procuring sex.

What happened when an unprecedented police raid on British Columbia's legislature took place eight years ago Wednesday?

How did the BC Liberal government's $1 billion privatization of BC Rail spark the province's biggest political scandal in decades?

Why did the ministerial aides to then finance minister Gary Collins and then transportation minister Judith Reid -- David Basi and Bob Virk -- defend themselves against charges of breach of trust and fraud for six years only to make a surprise guilty plea bargain when their trial had heard just two of a likely 40 witnesses?

Who knew what and when?

And when, if ever, will we find the answers to these questions?


BC Mary response:

Hi Bill,

Your Tyee column today is terrific. Nice analogy too, the Princeton dirt-pile ... the image stays in the imagination.

I wanted to leave a comment on Tyee but couldn't get on (what a nerve! - I've been a member for 6 years and 39 weeks!). But wanted you to know how welcome your comments are ... for those of us who worry about the BC Rail story going stale.

One aspect I'd like to see you explore ... I've heard it said that any agreement reached by fraudulent means then itself becomes null and void. It makes sense to me!

Also: There are clauses, in all agreements (even including the BCR-CN agreement) which specify certain actions or conditions under which the deal becomes untenable, and ownership is revoked.   In this case, with BC Rail the tentative ownership would lapse and be re-possessed by the BC government under certain circumstances. As I recall (from memory) reasons for breaking the deal between BCRail and CN included CN failure to maintain certain rail-lines; or if CN fails to buy the promised 600 rail-cars, etc. And it's my understanding that both those sins had been committed by CN ... which is why I tried to institute a "Show Us The Deal" campaign for July 14, 2009 (5th anniversary of the deal, designated for review).

Q.  Why would the Campbell / Christy-Clark governments shrink from that question? Seems to me it would be a win-win for BC if, as a result of a Public Inquiry, the BCR-CN deal is shown and proven to be corrupted.  I'd love to see your analysis of this.

I'll try to post this on your Tyee review, if I can access it now.  Happy New Year!



And here's the URL to a column by Mark Hume at the time, which explains the inexplicable Ken Dobell as well as the imponderable BC Rail "trial".

Dobell defends his perusal of seized files in BC Rail probe.


Apparently the Tyee is not accepting comments on any story.
If that is their new style, they will lose a lot of their readership.
I for one go for the comments as much as the articles, although some of the obvious PAB plants are aggravations to my soul.
Anon 5:36,

It does seem a bit strange, but I understand that the comments are cut off just for the holidays.

Seems to me, a tiny note of explanation would be in order on The Tyee. You can still comment on Bill's own blog, though. And this is definitely a topic we need lots of input on.
I believe that the PAB is to blame in large part for their constant distortion of facts and truth.
A lot of readers get mad at this abuse and end up writing comments that go against the Tyee's code of conduct. The end result being that a lot of readers cannot submit comments through being banned - I know, I am one of them.

That being said, let us hope that the situation re posting is temporary.

I always leave any comments I may have for Bill at his own place. I refuse to degrade myself enough to comment at the Mr. Hops and Barley's joint, or the home of SewerMan, the king of bloggers.

Actually I'm embarrassed to admit I sometimes read stuff at either place, though the Tyee does publish some good stuff, like Bill, Mr. Niforuk and a few others. Too much of Tyee has become info-tainment over the years and their moderation policy as well as the default to "best" comments are jokes - equally ridiculous as the obvious PAB or PAB inspired commenters who waste pixels there.
I see by his website that Sun Media token Liberal(?)Warren Kinsella is in Vancouver. Is he related to our good friend Patrick by blood and/or ideology? BC Rail and other Liberal 'mistakes'are coming up in convesation.
Please note:

But we'll keep posting stories right into the new year. Oh, and here's what you liked in 2011.

This reference is shown on their main page. I recall this has been their practice for at least a couple of years.
Mary, i dare say you were onto something with that comment about heroin in your tiniest red font.

Surely it is no mere coincidence and has more to do with the fact that "it" is the single most valuable substance on the face of earth (measured by weight and volume). More than 60% of all poppy resin is made into morphine and sold legally as the painkiller modern medicine depends on most. And that's to say nothing of the huge world-wide street trade that continuously funnels billions into the those laundry machines known as the biggest banks in the world.

Not so long ago, the U.N. released a report that categorically stated that it was only the influx of narco-currencies that had kept the banking system afloat after the Lehman shock hit the system. Hmmm.

Oh, and let us not forget that unfortunate incident--read, massive cocaine seizure--on one of Paul Martin's ships. Seemed to send him scurrying off the stage rather too hastily afterwards, don't you think?

Oh, well, at least it's going to be an extraordinary new year for finding out what's up.
Chinese Sneakers, thank you most warmly for your ready understanding of the shocking co-incidences noted above.

Try as I might, I cannot even imagine any legitimate reason for suppressing all news of the successful apprehension and trial of the man RCMP thought was "Mr Big". An issue big enough to warrant breaching the sanctity of the people's elected Legislature. But clearly, the police, the government, and the media joined forces (I think they call this "collusion") to prevent this success from being shared with the general public.

I have heard (and have no way of verifying this) from an apparently reliable source (but in that evil world, is "reliable"?) that Bains was back on the street and living a happy life in Victoria quite some time ago. That, too, has to be a protected situation, wouldn't you say?

A tragically-abused province cries out for investigation and clean-up, and, like the original raids on the BC Legislature, it must start with the tracking of J. Bains which then led to his cousin, D. Basi, then to BC Rail.

Plus, yes I agree: I never felt comfortable with Paul Martin & Sons' ship-story either. I mean, why did the ship's crew -- once they saw that a contraband load of cocaine was expertly attached below water level to the exterior of the ship -- call the media and go blah blah "We know nothing" blah blah ... WHY??

... AND THEN (presumably after the culprits were warned off) the police were called! Why in blue blazes didn't the Martin ship's crew set up an air-tight surveilance to catch the culprits in the act of grabbing the illicit delivery of cocaine into a Canadian port??

I get very fed up with powerful people relying upon a dumbed-down population, to achieve their evil objectives.

Thank you, C.S., for taking a giant step toward improving that situation.
The headline in the Vancouver Sun of December 31, 2003 screamed that “Raid on Legislature was about illegal drugs”. It was accompanied by a picture of Gary “the ferret” Collins and his new worst friend Dave Basi.
The story went on to say that the raid was part of a 20 month drug and organized-crime probe.
In following stories it was suggested that the raid was about the laundering of drug money through the Provincial and Federal Liberal party membership and political donation funds.
The BC Rail debacle was a bonus side show that took the heat off the real story.

J S Bains aka Mr. Big appeared to know were all the bodies were buried and was afforded very special treatment.

Basi and Virk squeezed the Liberals balls untill they came up with a bundle of cash and a laughable sentence.

Our thoroughly corrupt Legal establishment with the help of an equally tainted MSM took care of the rest of the story.

Do you have a copy of that Dec. 31, 2003 story from Vancouver Sun?

There was also a Sun edition which had 27 or 32 or something questions they wanted answers to ... filled the whole front page ... and one of the questions was "Can we be certain that Organized Crime hasn't entered the corridors of Legislature?"

If you can recover that Dec. 31 story, I'll repost some of it.

Thanks a million.

You know, at first quick glance, I thought you were telling us that Vancouver Sun had reposted its own 10-years-ago report. Ha. Wouldn't that be somethin'?

Thanks again!

Yes, I have the newspaper.
Aside from the front page there are an addional two full pages on laundering money, a story on Basi, a half page write up on Paul Martin saying he won't suspend supporters hit by probe,a question and answer thing with Campbell, and finally, a headline that says"Questions linger as top Liberals stay out of the picture".

I kept it because ot thought, wrongly,that this would be the last of dirt bag Campbell and his sleaze bag government.
I will gladly foward you a copy, tell me how.


That would be great, if you could mail that newspaper ... seeing is believing, and it sounds as if Vancouver Sun was once a genuine newspaper. Sheesh.

Someone else who would appreciate seeing that old newspaper is Robin Mathews. So I'd be very pleased if you could send it to him:

Robin Mathews
520 Salsbury Drive
Vancouver V5L 3Z7

and he'll send it on to me. Would you like to have it returned to you, later?

Many, many thanks.

I will try and photo copy and foward if that is ok.


Photocopies are absolutely OK, whatever you're kind enough to forward.

Thanks again.

Thanks for your kind comments on my column Mary. While The Tyee is closed for comments over the holidays, my blog is open and the full column is there also at:

If anyone hasn't joined my Facebook group Basi-Virk Public Inquiry - please do: It's at:

Watch soon for a new item on Basi-Virk that will warm the cockles of all those whose heart wants a public inquiry.
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