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Pickton case 'has all the familiar hallmarks of a police cover-up'


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Brian Hutchinson
National Post -- Feb 3, 2012

Cameron Ward, the lawyer for the families of 23 women who disappeared in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, no longer believes the commission probing the police investigation into their murders will produce answers. [Please visit the story to see a good photo of Ward. - BCMary.]

Cameron Ward once had faith in B.C.’s Missing Women Commission of Inquiry, called to examine how police investigated the disappearance of dozens of sex trade workers from Vancouver’s notorious Downtown Eastside. From 1997 to 2002, the period under review, prostitutes were murdered by pig farmer Robert “Willie” Pickton, all along a prime police suspect.

Mr. Ward is a lawyer who represents the families of 23 missing and murdered women at the inquiry. Five months into public hearings, his faith in the process has crumbled.

Certain police documents — including notes from their investigations — have not been disclosed. Pages from reports have mysteriously vanished. Police witnesses have offered conflicting accounts of key events. “This case has all the familiar hallmarks of a police cover-up,” says Mr. Ward, choosing his words carefully. “And I’m afraid the inquiry may be enabling it.

BC Mary comments: Read more of this excellent story HERE. You'll be thinking "BC Rail, BC Rail" every inch of the way. It's mp coincidence that these tactics come up twice in a lifetime (BCRail + BC's Missing Women Commission of Inquiry). This latest Missing Women inquiry, too, points a steady finger UP the food-chain, not so much DOWN.

Read this full, important report HERE:



one detective apperently has a unpublished book somewhere
Anon 7:48,

I think I've heard those rumours too.

But I don't want to know any more horrible details of the murders. Not here, not now.

What's important is the way police handled this.

And when the lawyer representing the 23 missing and presumed murdered women, stands up and says how bad the police investigation was -- and that it has (quote) "All the familiar hallmarks of a police-cover-up" end of quote ,

then we have to think of the BC Rail Political Corruption Trial and the way it was spun out and out and out for years

eventually ending up as a virtual train-wreck itself.

Then the pattern continued, taking with it BC Hydro and more.

That's what is important.
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