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Remember when he was premier ...

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Premier's tax charts misleading, deceptive, experts say.

Made difference between B.C. and other provinces look greater than it is. 

By Chad Skelton
Vancouver Sun - Oct. 28, 2010

One of B.C.’s leading experts on tax policy says the charts Premier Gordon Campbell used in his TV address gave such a misleading picture of tax rates in this province that, had they been turned in by his students, he would make them do the assignment over again.

“If a student did this, I would say this is deceptive, maybe intentionally deceptive,” said Jon Kesselman, an economist with Simon Fraser University’s School of Public Policy. “I would say: ‘Fix this and resubmit.’”

James Brander, an economist with the University of B.C.’s Sauder School of Business, agreed.

“These graphs are misleading as presented,” said Brander, who, like Kesselman, has generally been supportive of the Liberals’ tax policies. “There’s this little book called How to Lie with Statistics and Chapter 1 says [to avoid lying] you shouldn’t do it this way.”

In his televised address Wednesday, Campbell announced a 15-per-cent provincial tax cut on all income up to $72,000.

To illustrate the impact of the cut, Campbell displayed two charts — one for those earning $45,000, another for those earning $75,000 — showing how much income tax someone would pay in B.C. compared to other provinces.

However, instead of using zero as the baseline, which is typical, Campbell’s chart began at the $1,000 point.

The result is that the chart makes it look like Ontario residents pay two to three times as much in taxes as those in B.C. and that Quebec residents pay a whopping six times more. In reality, while B.C.’s income taxes are significantly lower, the difference is nowhere near that big.

“This is a dreadful graph,” said Brander. “You have to be pretty sharp to figure out what’s going on here. This is a very misleading graph, absolutely.”

Kesselman said: “It looks like it was either sloppy or ... intended to exaggerate the difference, even if B.C. is the lowest.”

To make things even more confusing, the charts Campbell used in his address did not indicate he was using $1,000 as a baseline, leaving viewers with no way to measure the real difference between provinces.

Versions of the charts later uploaded to the government’s website did note $1,000 was being used as the base, but only in very tiny type.

B.C. Finance Minister Colin Hansen said in an interview Thursday his staff originally produced a series of charts that were very detailed, including the exact amount of income taxes paid in each province.

“We started with a graphic with a lot more information on it and the sense was, people aren’t going to have time to read that, so let’s unclutter the graphs and we did that,” he said.

“If you’re asking, did we deliberately put the baseline at $1,000 and then not put the number on it so we could create a false impression, that was not the intent,” he said. “The intent was to demonstrate graphically what the premier was saying verbally. And that’s that British Columbia has significantly lower income tax rates for those income brackets than other provinces.”

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Would we expect anything else from these liars?

Anyone can play with numbers to make it look good from their point of view.

They have stolen from us for too long, bring it on Christy and Co., we're waiting.

And Christy, if they get rid of you, we know the game now.

Bring it on.
And its not like Gordon Campbell is a liar, oh wait a minuet, if memory serves me right he did say "he wasn't going to rip up contracts with health workers" which he did, hhmm, "not going to sell BC Rail" which he did, hhhmm OK so Gordon Campbell is a proven liar but that doesn't mean he would deliberately mislead the people of BC, ah hold on a sec, he did say before the election that “The deficit for 2009-10 will be $495 million maximum" when it turned out to be after the election " $2.8 billion" and Gordon did say there is no plans for the HST which a few weeks after the election was hoisted onto the people of BC. aahh ok so he is a proven liar and has misled the people of BC numerous times but it doesn't mean that he would have to use phony charts to BS the folks of BC does it? Maybe I can get a job reporting for the Sun or maybe CKNW or Global
There are no reporters on the Sun or CKNW or global. What you see are PIGs at a liberal smorg, I can hear them grunting and snorting there tall tales every day. What happened to people like Jack Webster, they had some backbone and said it like it was. It reseamled the truth, what you get now is out right lies, Kieth Bradley what a joke. Kieth aren t you a little embarresed . You put a little bit of truth in your report, just enough to sell the liberal lies. Is it true that your wife works for one of the ministers. Ethics hahahahaha ROTFLMAO
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