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Stephen Harper agrees to protect China in Canada ...

BC Mary comment: Merv Ritchie of Terrace has done a lot of work on the budding relationship between Stephen Harper and the leadership of China. Read  Merv's report HERE


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Let Merv ... or Steve ... know how you feel about this, eh?


Thanks, B.C. Mary; for this link to at least one editor who cares about the common good of the people.It is going to take courage and solidarity to stand up for our longstanding Canadian values that are being ripped away from us.
(Your link,by the way, does not have the .ca to make the connection)
Now we know that even if the Gateway Inquiry has just begun; Mr. Harper has signed a G20-like "police protected" guarantee that no so called foreign radicals or environmentalists will bother the China-Gateway shove and thrust.

I'm in the middle of letter-responding to a very recent FOI document obtained by the Canadian Press where Mr. Toews instructs CSIS to use information extracted under torture. That is very troubling along with the recent statements about providing ropes in prison cells and likening the gun registry to a hitler-type document.I see this government is brutish and nasty but wish it were also short-lived.Too bad voters must wait 3 more years.
I'm suspicious about all the new prisons that Mr. Harper wanted built at the provincial taxpayer's expense???
I am not surprized about Harper signing such an agreement. China's companies are obviously concerned about the fate of their "investments" and want to have an insurance policy in case of civil unrest in Canada. China knows the government will have difficulties using the army against protestors but they want to ensure they will get their money back.

I suspect this is also a case where in if there is some sort of problem with their operations, if they can blame it on protesters, the Canadian government will be on the hook for payment.

I personally object to this agreement. My tax dollars are meant to pay for services to Canadian, not foreign corporations.

This agreement would also hold Canada responsible if another nation targeted Chinese investments. i.e. Syria becomes upset with china for changing a vote of support for them and decides to blow up some of China's investments in Canada. Who pays? Canadian taxpayers.

3 more yrs and we can get rid of Harper.
Isn't there any way to get rid of a dictator in a democratic society?
Maybe the only thing left is OUR STRENGTH IN NUMBERS!
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