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The purpose of this blogspot

The purpose of this blogspot is to provide reports and information on the unfortunate events of 28 December 2003 when police entered the British Columbia Legislature with Search Warrants.

There has been little factual reporting of the raid and its implications despite the 27 Unanswered Questions published on the front page of the Vancouver Sun shortly after the raids. There have been few editorial or opinion pieces, little questioning of the shocking possibility that organized crime may have entered the corridors of government; or that crooks may have influenced government business. This unearthly silence in itself creates an ominous foreboding.

And so the topic came up for discussion on a thread recently. With the trial approaching and still nothing in the media, intelligent people were saying we're helpless to learn the facts, if the mainstream press wouldn't do it. Doomsday scenarios were described, in which British Columbians were left in the dark like mushrooms, knee-deep in doodoo. Then someone flared off (it was me, actually) and said, "Jeez, we can't just lie down and die. Can't we do something? What about a web-site?" In an instant, the commentors were up and running.

There is another blogspot available, for which I thank Tyee commentor rkewen, who got the ball rolling. He named his blogspot House of Infamy, where you'll find Coyote's Open Letter to Basi & Virk, as well as two of my stories, and some press clippings. I hope others join the project, as well, because this is a deadly serious issue. I hope commentors will leave their opinions often. And that this whole sorry affair has a happy ending.

I would like to be very clear that this is not a quest for revenge or anything of that sort. It's a citizens' effort to understand what happened -- what brought British Columbia to the critical point where the R.C.M.P. had to intervene on 28 December 2003.

The police did the nation a tremendous public service that day, and when Sgt. John Ward explained things (somewhat) the next day. Now -- the way I see it -- Dave Basi, Bob Virk, and Aneal Basi are the point men, who can make it clear exactly what went wrong and then it's up to the rest of us to put things right again. For now, the main thing is to understand what that trial brings to the surface, beginning on 5 June 2006.

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