Sunday, May 14, 2006


Whatever the dangers of exposing the truth, they must be less than the dangers of failing to expose it

BAILEY, commenting in The Tyee:

I don't think we should let the prospect of giving advantage to the Harper Conservatives deter up from pursuing this, however frightening the thought of a Conservative majority might be.

The reason Mr Harper is to be feared is the same as the reason Mr Basi and Mr Virk have to be brought into the light. Something is hidden there.

Since 2001 at least there's been this nasty little undercurrent in Canadian politics. Not just Federal, Provincial as well. Very suggestive things have happened all over the place, and with the mainstream press co-opted it's been damned difficult to get a handle on it.

But let's call a spade what it is for a minute here. There have been serious scandals. Huge financial misappropriations, procedural shenanigans, coverups that are suggestive of a dangerous change in the way things are done in this country.

This is no longer just 'business as usual'.

There were suggestions in the sponsorship investigation that there are now 'bosses' to answer to, to pay off in unmarked bills. There have been suggestions that BC Hydro was somehow involved in the huge Enron scam, and that was even before Campbell himself flew to the states to hire Accenture, so recently disgraced under the name Arthur Andersen Accounting.

Now from the RCMP, an honourable source, we hear the words fraud, money laundering, organized crime.

If even a few of these things have a basis in truth, the chance that they're unconnected is almost nil.

We have hold of the end of a thread here, in the Basi/Virk thing. If we follow it faithfully, it's quite likely to drag a whole lot of things out into view that fear the light.

I never really seriously objected to the 'practical' aspects of Canadian politics. It was always a pretty good way of getting things done, and we built a good country by it.

Now, money just goes away, while important things we thought we were paying for just shrivel up and are gone in the wind.

If there's even a chance we are being attacked by organized criminal interests, that must come to light.

Whatever the dangers of exposing the truth, they must be less than the dangers of failing to expose it.

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