Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Bob Virk had access to legislation before it was introduced into the House

Joy MacPhail speaking for the British Columbia Opposition, questions the Minister of Transportation, 26 April 2004:

... because of the important work Mr. Basi did, he had to be fired and Mr. Virk not. I thought that was interesting, because the ministerial assistant who briefed me on the B.C. Rail legislation was Bob Virk, not Dave Basi. He had a pretty important job, Mr. Virk did. He actually had access to the legislation before the legislation was introduced into the House. Bob Virk briefed me, Mr. Chair.  

Then we find out later that the B.C. Rail deal is under suspicion, or parts of it, as a result of those raids, yet Mr. Virk is innocent until proven guilty, and Mr. Dave Basi is fired. That's even after the Minister of Finance admits that Dave Basi never saw legislation, never saw Treasury Board documents, never saw anything as far as I could tell.

Mr. Virk saw all of those. Mr. Virk had access to the confidential Treasury Board information and access to the legislation far before it was tabled in the Legislature, and he's suspended with pay.

[To be continued ... ]

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