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Ravinder Dosanjh has "vast property interests"

BC Revolution
January 12, 2004

Ravinder Dosanjh, 37, who was suspended with pay Dec. 15, 2003 is a 13-year veteran of the police force, and owns a vast number of properties in the Victoria area.

Dosanjh is director of Dosam Developments Ltd., which lists its address as 4487 Densmore Ave. in Victoria. Corrections officer Jarnail Samra is co-director of the business.

Dosanjh owns the Densmore property, with its two-storey home worth $260,000, according to the B.C. Assessment Authority.

He is also listed as owner of 2163 West Weiler Ave., in North Saanich assessed at $310,000. Mandeep S. Sandhu, a courier, is listed as an additional owner.

Dosanjh is listed as an additional owner of a single-family home at 1289 Walnut St. in Victoria, assessed at $167,900. Samra, a worker with the Children's and Family Ministry, is listed as the owner.

Victoria Police Chief Paul Battershill, who has been very reluctant to talk about the case, has now said there is an "indirect relationship" between Dosanjh and one of two ministerial assistants whose offices were raided at the legislature.

Dosanjh, he said, is being investigated on allegations of "obstruction of justice and breach of trust."

According to leaked information, the police investigation into the drugs aspect of the story has involved a suspected influential Victoria drug trafficker related to the Victoria Police Officers.

Meanwhile, Samra also has his name on a number of other properties, according to public documents. He is listed as:

- Owner of 1975 Grandview Dr. in Victoria, assessed at $303,600.

- Owner of 1190 Burnside Rd. West in Victoria, assessed at $329,000.

- Co-owner with Dosanjh of two Victoria strata properties, which were bought on Dec. 9, 2003.


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