Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Don't worry. Be happy.

It's raining again and I'm trying to figure out why it made me so doggone celebratory after hearing that Erik Bornman's conniving foot had slipped off the ladder of success. I guess it's because it was a sign that common justice may prevail in the case of Basi, Virk, and Basi.

I mean, was it only me, or was that a rotten lousy piece of work to arrest Dave Basi for allegedly accepting a bribe from Erik Bornman without also charging Bornman for allegedly offering the bribe? Like, wouldn't it have been Bornman -- presumably with his partner Brian Kierans at Pilothouse Public Affairs -- who most likely had thought up the whole caper? Like, isn't intent an important component of guilt?

I admit that I did think it was a bit thick that Basi should end up completely out of luck -- losing his job, arrested, charged, unemployed and perhaps even unemployable -- while life just got better and better for Bornman who, after slithering into a successful year at UBC Law School, was then accepted by one of the most prestigious law firms in the country to do his articling. I could almost see him at the Crown Prosecutor's table, bringing down insults upon his old friends; but no, f.c.s., he was the golden boy, rewarded for ratting them out. Uncroyable. Made me want to kick something.

And how come that high-powered McCarthy Tetreault never caught onto the radio-active issues surrounding Bornman until a formal complaint was filed with the Law Society? I want to know who filed that complaint. I want that person to become the next B.C. premier.

But right now, what's next? There are others leading the high life, as we speak, who are not yet outed or charged. They may succeed in never being charged. Cripes, even Erik Bornman has not been charged, but he's at least been embarrassed, and that was such a relief in a situation where, after more than 2-1/2 years, it had begun to seem as if nobody would be called to account and nothing would ever be put right again. The golden era, right? Where the public interest just gets pissed on regularly.

Right now, I wonder if Bornman will continue to be the Prosecution's key witness against Basi and Virk. Will Bornman be charged? Will Kierans be charged?

One day soon, I'm going to make a list of the ordinary everyday danger signals I've observed this summer, dreaded signals that criminal corruption has had enough time to get a strong grip on the province of British Columbia.

How long can we wait before we start bringing the Legislature charges out in the open, at trial, under oath, so as to understand what kind of a pickle this province is in?

i agree with you Mary. Bornmann should be charged and this whole investigation smells of racism.

what will happen next??
I dunno, but I think this more like your typical TV law and order type situation. The RCMP had nothing on Basi (or anyone else) until someone talked, so they cut a deal for testimony. No imunity, no witnesses. Pretty standard law enforcement stuff. As for racism, that doesn't make sense because Tony Young and Jim Duncan are both white and they have been charged. The RCMP probably focused Basi because of his drug dealing connections (which would also make it tough for him to cooperate).
When one compares the Gomery situation to this one, how can you say it is "standard law enforcement stuff" with the star witnesses in Gomery getting sentenced?

Do you honestly think that Brault et al receiving some form of punishment adds crediblility to that investigation? Whereas in this case you have a star witness going to become a Lawyer and allowed to keep lobbying government for 2 years?

Not my idea of justice for all.
Hi Anonymousi,

The "racism" idea isn't tenable in a situation where the Indo-Canadians have themselves apparently made use of their own ethnic group ... it's a convoluted analysis for them (or anyone) to cry "racism" when they're called to account for their actions. It would be an awful pity if the situation descended into that, rather than to base itself on the points of justice which could clear the air for one and all.

I don't want to start saying who is and who isn't Indo-Canadian, but like Young and Duncan, it's obvious that Erik Bornman isn't Indo-Canadian either.

Someday, though, somebody should say something about the use and abuse of the Indo-Canadian community itself ... for the benefit of persons or parties other than themselves. It's gonna be difficult. And I hope it doesn't get mixed into the Legislature Raids trials.
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