Thursday, October 12, 2006


"He's still technically a police officer."

Former Victoria police Constable Ravinder Singh Dosanjh awaits sentencing, after being found guilty of obstruction of justice.

... After hearing about the verdict yesterday, Victoria police Chief Paul Battershill said that members of the force "are sad for Rob and his family. He was well regarded here."

But, he added: "There's also some realization that the department was able to deal with it properly when it came to our attention."

Dosanjh, who was suspended without pay from the Victoria police department in January 2005, still faces a Police Act investigation, which will eventually be reviewed by the police complaint commissioner.

"The police act has to proceed because of his employment status," said Battershill. "He's still technically a police officer."

- from "Victoria cop obstructed justice" Times Colonist, 12 October 2006

You're right on this story, good work!
At least the MSM is starting to report (did word get around in BC media circles that an 'amateur' was showing them up? One wonders.).
Interesting that the trial was held in North Van, why the change of venue? Did Dosanjh plead guilty? It seems the matter was very quickly disposed of...
(And oh, I've bookmarked you!)
Gee, bookmarked am I ?? That's great !!

Newest posting about BC Courts' overload may explain the North Vancouver trial venue ... it's a very long article in Vancouver Sun, so CanWest obviously is thinking that British Columbia needs to be softened up for ... for what?? Surely not a dismissal of the charges against Basi, Virk, Basi, and others ... surely not.

The detailed story by Neal Hall is well worth reading, as is the rare interview given to Ian Mulgrew by retiring judge Mary Southin also in today's Vancouver Sun.

Don't you find, though, that the most difficult research is to detect and identify what ISN'T reported?
Luv you Mary, I'm resting cause I know you are on the case.
BTW, that "North" Vancouver venue must've been an error in the Vancouver newspaper ... other reports cite the trial as being in Vancouver.

Guess that's why A Real Journalist always checks two (2) sources ... but then, that would necessitate having TWO (2) sources to check ... and that's not so easy in B.C. when it's anything to do with The Legislature Raids.

Why is that, you ask?
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