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In that Supreme Court room on Oct. 20 ...

Procedural issues plague corruption case
Lawyers for B.C. aids want to question cops
CanWest News Service
Published: Sunday, October 22, 2006

VANCOUVER -- A lawyer for David Basi is concerned about the "integrity or wholeness" of the disclosure process in the government's corruption case against his client and wants the RCMP to attend court for possible questioning.

Basi and Bobby Virk, both former provincial government ministerial assistants, were charged in December 2004 with accepting a bribe, influence peddling, breach of trust and two counts of fraud over $5,000.

Michael Bolton says he and the other defence lawyers are asking that Cpl. Chun Ma, a member of the commercial crime section responsible for the disclosure of electronic materials, be available.

"We may seek to cross-examine him regarding certain aspects," Bolton told B.C. Supreme Court Madam Justice Elizabeth Bennett.

Special prosecutor Bill Berardino said he would take the request "under advisement" but pointed out if there are any "substantive issues" to be raised, they should be identified in advance.

The judge told Berardino "it may be useful" to have the officer present during a week of pre-trial motions starting Oct. 30, but that "doesn't mean there'll be a free-for-all cross-examination.

"Bolton told the court that he and the other defence lawyers, also intend to address the question of vetting or editing of material disclosed for the case.

Aneal Basi, a former communications worker in the transportation ministry, also faces two counts of laundering money.

The charges relate to the $1-billion sale of B.C. Rail.

Things seem to be moving along. The defendants lawyer is doing what defence lawyers do. Try to make thing go away. Interest obviously is building or we wouldn't be reading this story.The folks trying to get a handle on this thing hopefully will finally see a court case occuring. Let's not forget if a person is convicted the next step is an attempt for a appeal. So judges are pretty careful not to have any slip ups in their courts. And we must always remember the persons are innocent till proven otherwise. dl
"And we must always remember the persons are innocent till proven otherwise."

Unless you are accused of shady deck construction!
Hey kootcoot. Clarke was railroaded by the so called "accidental occurance of the TV crew just sitting in the alley behind his house" when the cops showed up. Did the public demand that the news team get censured? Not really and Glenn Clark walked the plank. as did Mike Harcourt ealier for something he had nothing to do with but as leader, it's your position to eat it.

The reason I mentioned that "innocent till proved otherwise" is part of the judicial system. The judges arn't dumb or on someones payroll. I figure that if some group railroads someone else the judge might use that as part of her/his reasoning. But we lower ourselves by falling into the trap of thinking at the lowe level some of these characters are doing. The cop got stung finally and in due course will be a ex cop. Le'ts wait and see the court decision
The trial will happen and maybe some government heads will be less secure, althouhg the cops said nobody in governemtn was involved. Time will tell, and its getting closer to that time. dl

I wasn't saying people shouldn't be considered innocent until proven guilty, just pointing out the different interpretations of the law (by the media) according to the polictical affiliation of the accused.

Concerning your comment, to wit:
The judges arn't dumb or on someones payroll.

My feeling about that without saying anything about any particular judges in B.C. or former sitting judges in B.C. who may be currently wearing different hats these days is this. They aren't always (your statement here).

How's about that Antonin Scalia guy on the Supreme Court of the fascist state to our south. He was co-operative enough to rush back from his duck hunting trip with Dick "Secret Energy Meetings" Cheney so he could hear a case involving who.......Deadeye Dick hisself. I guess otherwise he may have had an experience like the lawyer in Texas who was so apologetic for being in the way of Dick's shotgun pellets.

That must be a tough job, having to select preznits and passing judgement on your hunting buddies.

Canada's justice system has a sterling reputation world wide, other than a bit of a problem with access for anyone other than the rich, I would like to see it stay that way!

it was DL who was responding to you, not me. I've been off-line all day with an Internet problem.
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