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One of the most powerful non-elected officials in the B.C. government: Dave Basi

How Big a Scandal
Barbara McLintock
The Tyee - 30 Dec. 2004

... The role that Ministerial Assistants play varies widely, depending on the talents, personalities and attitudes of both the various cabinet ministers and their aides. Some appear to be relatively low on the totem pole, doing little more than preparing briefing notes and meeting with disgruntled citizens that the minister has no time for.

Others come to occupy positions of significant power within their ministries, dealing with sensitive files and materials, and working closely with the minister in developing and implementing policy. That was the case with Basi. He was seen as [Finance Minister Gary] Collins's right-hand man, with a particular eye for the electoral implications of the financial decisions being made in government.

Because Collins also serves as Government House Leader during legislative sessions, Basi was also prominent in deciding the timing of legislation and the organization of the House's sitting days. He was widely considered one of the most powerful non-elected officials in the government.

Basi held extra sway because he was also one of the people who had influence over both the provincial and federal wings of the Liberal party.

A passionate supporter of Paul Martin, he'd been deeply involved in ensuring several B.C. ridings returned Martin delegates during the voting process as well as helping to organize events and fund-raise for the Martin campaign. He and his team of "Basi's Boys" were widely credited for engineering the takeover of former cabinet minister Herb Dhaliwal's riding by Martin supporters ...

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The list of interested people keeps getting larger. The two dates Bill T. mentioned are not that far away and the results will be interesting. These guys will sqeal loudly if tyhye figure it will help their cause one would think. DL
I think Basi-Virk-Basi will probably plead the 5th
Hey ... hey!!! ... like, you mean the "5th amendment to the United States Constitution?"
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