Saturday, October 21, 2006


Steve's missing comment on 20 Oct 2006

Just received an intriguing email message:

Today, Sat., 21 Oct., Steve Dockeray's comment reached me by ordinary e.mail. He said:

hi i left a bunch of info yesterday that linked Asian , Indo & Mexican gangs to people involved in the ledge raid . could you please explain why you pulled the info from this post ?steve dockeray, Milner BC Canada

- Posted by Anonymous to The Legislature Raids at 10/21/2006

Needless to say, I did not pull the info ... and when I went to my blog to reply to Steve, I couldn't get on.

The whole thing was frozen. I was locked out.

I went to other blogs, frozen too.

I didn't want to think what I was thinking ... but was very relieved, after a couple of hours, when the whole system snapped back to normal.

So Steve ... I found your comments in the segment titled "Words to Remember" ... so it looks as if you were caught in the same technical problems. Thanks for writing ... I hope you comment again soon.

BC Mary.

was there something in the TC on Saturday???
Something about the Legislature raids? Nope.

If anybody sees anything, please tell us ... right here!
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