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Basi-Virk witness faces Law Society hearing


November 3, 2006
Basi-Virk witness faces Society hearing

Erik Bornman, the Crown's key witness against former B.C. government aides David Basi and Bob Virk in the upcoming breach of trust case, will himself be the subject of a Law Society of Upper Canada hearing this month.

The hearing is on Bornman's application for admission to the Society, a requirement to practice law.

In August, 24 hours reported exclusively that Bornman, a former Paul Martin aide and lobbyist alleged in police documents to have provided bribes to Basi and Virk, had resigned July 6 from a law student position with Toronto law firm McCarthy Tetrault.

Bornman quit after a complaint was filed against him with the Society.

The Society has a "Good Character Requirement" that asks if the applicant has been involved in criminal proceedings, fraud or other misconduct.

One of Bornman's Toronto lawyers, Nikiforus Iatros, refused comment when contacted by 24 hours Thursday.

Bornman's hearing starts Nov. 21, according to the Society's website.


This should be interesting to say the least. I am eager to find out how somebody who has admitted to bribing public officials and who knows what else is able to practice law anywhere in the western world. The definition of "good character requirement" is going to be pushed to its limit.
My question is does it take this long for the Ontario Law Society to wake up?

Bornman is finished as a lobbyist and as a lawyer.

But Spiderman always has a way out....
On the web-site of Upper Canada Law Society (which, from the name alone, makes it certain they're the last word in accuracy), Erik's name is spelled "Bornmann" ... and doesn't that look better?

Erik Bornmann ... Spidermann ... and Colonel Klink ... the latter, in my humble opinion, being Wally Oppal the trial killer, blabbing his stupid opinions as he marches along the legislative corridors.

Sheesh. It's been a long, tense week, hasn't it?
And what of Sergeant 'I see nothing!' Schultz?

Who might he be?

Actually, Wally could be Sgt "I know nothing!" Schultz and Gordo could be Col. Klink.

Dang. This is too much fun. And I vowed that this would be a non-partison blog.
... as in "I know nothing but that never stops me from yelling a lot" Schultz. Damfool.
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