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For Tuesday Nov. 21: who is Gary Gibson?

Google: Law Society of Upper Canada,
then click on Current Hearings. Follow the list to ERIK BORNMANN,
then click on More Details. On pdf, it doesn't print or copy. So
BC Mary made a handwritten copy transcribed as follows:

L.S.U.C. Counsel: Naomi Overend
Student Member's Counsel: Bryan Finlay, Nikiforos Latrou

Erik Bornmann will make a motion to the Hearing Panel at the commencement of the Hearing on Tuesday November 21 at 10:00 AM "or as soon after that time as the motion can be heard", in a hearing room at the offices of the Law Society, east wing of Osgoode Hall, 130 Queen Street West, Toronto.


1. pursuant to Rule 3.01 that the hearing of this application herein [for admission to the bar] be heard in the absence of the public, or

2. pursuant to Rule 3.06 preventing the publication of information disclosed in the application herein until after the evidentiary portion of the trial of R.v. Udhe Singh (Dave) Basi et al (Supreme Court of British Columbia, Docket No. 23299) is completed.


(i) an order adjourning the hearing of this matter until such time as the Student Member testifies at the trial of R. v. Udhe Singh (Dave) Basi, et al (Supreme Court of British Columbia, Docket No. 23299) (R.V. Basi) or the criminal matter is withdrawn or otherwise concludes;

(ii) An order dispensing with the need to comply with the time requirements set out in Rules 7.03 and 7.06 of the Rules of Practice and Procedure, pursuant to Rule 1.05 of the Rules of Practice and Procedure;

(iii) an order receiving certain material from the Law Society's motion record, namely, paragraphs 8 and 9 of the Affadavit of Gary Gibson, and Exhibits A, B, H, I, J, and K to the Affadavit of Gary Gibson, in camera.


Questions, questions, questions, questions, questions and more questions.



Did you notice that the defence lawyers asked the exact same question in court? Why wasn't the main BC rail deal cancelled if the Roberts Bank deal was cancelled? This is what intrigues me about this case!
I think more attention needs to be paid to tracking down the people in, and out, of government who may have benefited from these deals or even prospective deals and stillborn deals – there are plenty of ways to reward your friends at the public’s expense.

We know what happened in the Doug Walls case.

Is it not conceivable that the guilty party(ies) simply honed their technique to make the dispersed benefits harder to track?

Who runs this government?

Certainly not the people.
Dear Anonymouse:

Also, the guilty party(ies) didn't promise to play nice during these 3 years of waiting ... and I'm not referring to Basi, Virk or Basi, either.

There's way more to this story than we've found out so far. So let's share what we know.
when the folks all get sworn in and in front of the judge, a lot of questions will be answered. It['s been a long time but consider this. A woman here in Victoria was charged with murder almost two years ago and her first court date is next spring, if all goes as scheduled. We want this thing to get into the court house ASAP but let's face it, not enough court houses, Judges et al. The scheduling is a real issue. One lawyer can't go because of conflict, or some witnesses can't and so on. I can wait and as the days get closer the interest will build. dl
But DL, the doggone A.G. himself has publicly spoken of the risk involved in letting too much time lapse between the charges and the trial.

So can we really afford to wait ... and wait ... and wait?
Mmary I do agree, the AG said a delay of justice may cause cases to be thown. But he is part of the government that closed courthouses, making delays longer. He also talked about Judges not starting till 10 AM among other little gems he raised. The top Judge wasn't amused and let everyone know about it.The Province had a good article about his ramblings a few days ago Mike Smythe wrote it. As a Appeals Court Judge he got used to peoples undivided attention.He even said so in public a number of times. But that's all over now Wally you are a politician. One who when questioned by Dix a few months ago, on children and family issues had to admit he was off base, not prepared.If we go the conspiracy route, we can all figure Wally was setting things up to fail. But I doubt it. As the AG he still have a pretty good job and some people actually listen to him sometimes. The case should start before long, the guy wanting to become a lawyer will be right there. His chance to be a lawyer will be part of the process. If he is considered or found to be a shifty character, maybe he can get a job doing a paper route.And the press will be reporting on the events as they unfold. We have to wait a few weeks longer, and must rememebr they are all inncocent until proven otehrwise( which of course upsets some who want to hang em first and have a trial later)and I still don't work for anyone. dl
Gary Gibson is the GVRD director for Electoral District A, which is UBC/point grey. He's one of Campbell's constituency hacks.
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