Friday, November 03, 2006


March 1-10 RCMP commercial crime section interview deputy minister - BCRail process


Case of stray document adds intrigue to the raid-on-legislature case
Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun
Published: Friday, November 03, 2006

VICTORIA - Excerpt from Vaughn Palmer's column:

... The prosecution provided the court with a summary of the material that has been disclosed, including references to the aforementioned notes.

The summary indicates that the first note recounts how "investigators" from the commercial crime section had "interviewed Mr. Chris Trumpy, deputy minister responsible for the BC Rail privatization process."

The second has Trumpy providing investigators with a draft copy of the evaluation committee's report on the prospective sale.

A third indicates that "Mr. Trumpy had concerns with a document found in the possession of Bruce Clark. Mr. Clark is believed to be the brother of Deputy Premier."

The dating on the three notes places them between the first police visit to Trumpy on March 1 and the cancellation of the bidding process on Roberts Bank 10 days later.

That's all there was to the disclosure. But Bruce Clark is indeed the brother of the then-but-no-longer deputy premier of B.C.

Further, Bruce Clark's home office was searched by police on the same day as they raided the legislature. That appears to be when they obtained the document that caused Trumpy so much consternation.

One of those charged in the case, former political aide David Basi, is alleged to have "offered, delivered or caused to have been delivered" government documents to Clark.

But one should note that Clark, a fundraiser for the federal Liberals, is not accused of any wrong doing. Plus he maintained at the time of the raid that he was not involved in the BC Rail privatization deal.

Beyond that?

Well, Judge Bennett reserved judgment Thursday on the defence application for more extensive disclosure.

So like the rest of us, she'll have to wait for the next instalments to discover what it all means.


OK, so why was Dave Basi delivering government documents to Bruce Clark, brother of the Deputy Premier, Christy Clark?
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