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Potvin asks: Is Campbell a "made man"?

One of the most hard-hitting editorials from the past 3 years, takes the media to task for its arbitrary rules of engagement. The complete editorial is at: http://republic-news.org/archive/113-repub/113_potvin_media.htm

Is Campbell a “made man”?  

With enough rumours to end his career, how come the media leave him alone? 

by Kevin Potvin
The Republic of East Vancouver - May 12 - May 25, 2005
The media establishment in British Columbia is infamous for its vicious aim when it comes to public figures caught in the headlights of scandals. Or rather, it used to be. In the past, politics in BC was universally regarded as a blood sport, and that blood—usually that of whomever the sitting Premier of the day was—was largely spilled down the blades of grinning media hacks. But during the last four years, despite a thick odour of scandal wafting over the province, Gordon Campbell and the Liberals have miraculously escaped the slightest nick ......snip.......

... Campbell has as many scandals of the real and significant kind swirling around him as all the media-hyped ones his predecessors had thrown at them, combined. And yet, where the establishment media cut all his predecessors down at the knees, for some reason, none of them are touching this Premier. It almost looks like there’s a larger picture here coming into focus, and that Campbell, soaked in sex, booze, drugs, and party money, is some kind of “made man” with the owners of the establishment press. He does appear to be unaccountably untouchable in a media environment famous for exactly the opposite behaviour.

I'm no supporter of Gordo but you lump in a number of things with his drunk driving record. What is the connection to Sex, drugs. So what do you know about these subjects or are you just saying those things?
Hi, Anon:

Potvin says ... is the headline on the story.

The URL is provided so that you can read the whole story.

It's more about the media than about Premier Campbell but it does try to compare the different "rules of engagement" used by the media for various premiers and politicians.

I urge you to read the whole story ... and let's talk again later. Do you think the mainstream media is doing a good job? Or not?
The mainstream media is so biased it is unbelieveable. Why is Vaughn Palmer not writing about this trial of Basi-Basi-Virk? Is it because he is one of the liebral clan? Why isn;t Willcocks, Zaffe, not keeping the people informed. Yes, you bet, it smells bad
As Mary points out, the statements are what Potvin says, or should I say, said well over a year ago, without, significantly, being sued for libel as yet. This immunity to criticism enjoyed by this criminal cabal of a government is the main thing that has bothered me about the whole Leg Raid issue, and the longer it remains a non-issue, the more I am bothered by the lack of media interest.

I fear that the famous mug shot from Maui of our esteemed premier is but the public face of the tip of an iceberg of criminal activity that would make getting busted for a DUI out of province a minor personal peccadillo and distraction from the actual criminal activity going on inexorably with all British Columbians as the victims of these Crimes.
Don't you think, kootcoot, given the number of communications people and media monitors in the campbell plutocracy (I can't call it a government) that they know all about Kevin Potvin's article?

I think they haven't dropped a writ on him because there are a lot of things behind the corporate veil that they don't want to come out - and probably because Potvin is barking up precisely the right tree.

Do you know about a service available to the public for a fee at http://www.qplegaleze.ca/
Anon, I certainly wasn't implying that the Campbell Cabal was unaware of the accusations in Mr. Potvin's article. They would be all over him like sweat, or white on rice, except for two details. Ultimately truth is the best defense in libel suits, and the corporate veil or can of worms that certain people prefer to have squirming in the dark. Considering the burden on the publisher under Canadian law the fact that Potvin hasn't been slapped with any writs is tantamount to verification of the suggestions in his article to this observer.
Oh, I agree completely, just wanted to point out:
a) Potvin's paper is pretty low down on the visibility scale;
b) If the big papers had picked up some of his allegations there would likely be more reaction (maybe they have other reasons for keeping their lips tightly sealed); and
c) This kind of thing often (read almost always) happens when a matter is sub-judice. Everyone shies off and the potentially-involved parties use the silence to continue their business.

That subscription site is an interesting place to spend an afternoon - they have quite a good search function.
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